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The One That Got Away

The ONE THAT GOT AWAY…aaah, yes. Everyone has that person in the past who got away. That person whom we thought back then we would grow old with. As Kris Aquino’s character in the movie “Happy Together” said: BAKLA, THIS … Continue reading

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Bukidnon, Here I Come!

Yep!  I’m going on a tour of Bukidnon…from North Skyland to South Skyland.  This is going to be interesting…and tiring of course.  So, I will leave all of you in peace for a little while.  My flight back to Manila … Continue reading

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Wish I May, Wish I Might

We have forgotten how to wish. We may make wishes on birthdays or holidays, but adulthood steals our grand dreams of a better world. An excess of reason tempers our thoughts and our deeds. But only those who believe can … Continue reading

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Rapunzel – A Fairy Tale (?)

Hello, blog friends!  Allow me first to thank all of you for your comments in my “Lake House” and “Tragedy of My Father’s Death” entries.  It is a privilege to move you to laughter and tears with my adventures and … Continue reading

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Our Version of “The Lake House” – A Screenplay

BLACK SCREEN SUPERS – “Starring” Jerome (Academy Award Winner, Bridget Jones is a Man) Jher (Academy Award Winner, Calm Before the Storm) DISSOLVE INT.PRISM OFFICE, ORTIGAS.DAY JEROME prepares for materials for next session on how to run education sessions on family planning. … Continue reading

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