Wish I May, Wish I Might


We have forgotten how to wish. We may make wishes on birthdays or holidays, but adulthood steals our grand dreams of a better world. An excess of reason tempers our thoughts and our deeds.

But only those who believe can move mountains and only the visionary can change the world. We ought to have the courage and spirit to wish and to dream and not sink into the humdrum routine of everyday life.

….Shooting stars are there to help us. They seem no bigger than your fingertip, yet their power is great. Whatever we wish the moment we see them fall will surely come to pass. It’s easy–all you have to do is think of the right thing to wish under a star-filled sky.


This is an excerpt from the foreword of the book Wish I May, Wish I Might, a compilation of all kinds of wishes of people from around the world, of all ages and walks of life, as compiled by Florian and Gabriele Langenscheidt. I bought this book in February 14, 1998 as a gift for my sister on Valentine’s Day. I was worried that she’s stressed out with her studies that she has forgotten the simple things that give us joy and hope–like making a wish. Some of my favorites are:

  • I wish that people can have a little time for each other
  • that everyone learns to read and write
  • that I always don’t have to be superman
  • to have a horse with a beautiful western saddle
  • (in the picture) to turn into a mermaid and frolic with the fish
  • (in the picture) to be a child again
  • to find the fountain of youth
  • (in the picture) never to leave home

The book has a space at the back where my sister can write her wishes. Let me share some:

June 15, 1998

That when I get rich, I will be able to buy a huge coaster to transport my friends from YFC to and from recollections and retreats.

July 21, 1998

That I will have a wonderful and happy family and be blessed with two (or at least one kid)

September 2, 1998

That I will get a job with Infopage (jusko Infopage pa talaga) this coming October to help me in my studies.

September 5, 1998

That I will get become a successful flight stewardess or businesswoman/owner of a boutique.

My sister now is 25 years old. Happily single and a member of Singles for Christ, waiting for her “suitor” to come over from Chicago. Not a flight stewardess, but a frequent flyer going to Hongkong, China, and Thailand. My sister and I agreed 3 nights ago after revisiting this book: SOMETIMES, IT’S NICE TO KNOW THAT WE DON’T GET WHAT WE EXACTLY WISHED FOR.

I dedicate this entry to my sister, Gilda C. Chan. And to my blog friend, Toni of Wifely Steps, who always reminds me the importance of going back to the simple joys of life….

So, what is your wish? πŸ™‚

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15 Responses to Wish I May, Wish I Might

  1. atticus says:

    ako una! gusto kong…

    1. maakusahan ng unexplained wealth
    2. yumaman at makabili ng isla kahit bawal na
    3. makabiyahe sa lahat ng panig ng mundo
    4. manalo ng pulitzer, nobel at peabody. (huwag sa iisang araw kasi baka di kayanin ng puso ko. puwedeng taun-taon na lang)
    5. manalo sa US lotto ng first prize tatlong beses isang taon.
    6. mabili lahat ng librong gusto ko at magkaroon ng panahon para basahin ang mga ito
    7. maging super yaman para mag-volunteer work na lang ako at magturong bumasa at sumulat
    8. maging healthy lagi
    9. save the whales
    10. huwag akong maging kasinglaki ng balyena ever

  2. karol says:

    i wish that my nanay will get well(be able to walk and talk na, she had 2 strokes last year, kasi) when i get married.

    i wish i would be able to save enough to raise my own family comfortably

    i wish i could go to bali or paris or venice sometime…

    hi bridget! ingat always. =D

  3. Dinna says:

    Just to paraphrase what you said: “Sometimes, it’s nice to know that we don’t get what we exactly wished for.” — Sometimes, it’s nice to realize that our wishes were granted even if we didn’t get exactly what we wished for. It just happens that we get so focused on what we asked for that we fail to see we have been blessed with so much more than that. My wish? I want to win the lotto so I can buy a big house and you and Jerome can stay when you visit New York. O di ba? Depending on how much I win in the lotto, the invitation might come with airfare, too. LOL..

  4. lani6366 says:

    1. I wish I could travel around the Philippines.

    2. I wish I could visit Europe.

    3. I wish that my son will finish his studies.

    Dami pa, sa dami di ko na matandaan. Sistah kumareng Lani mo ito. Nag-create ako ng blog dito sa wordpress. Akala ko maiimport ko iyong nasa blog.com dahil di ako makapag-upload ng photo doon kaso hindi pala. Pero itinuloy ko pa rin, another blog again (halata bang walang magawa?)

  5. snglguy says:

    My wish? Err, get lots of moolah! Isn’t that what everyone secretly or not so secretly wish for?

  6. ice says:

    wish? i’ve been wishing since i was a kid pero nothing has change lahat ng wish ko d nagkatotoo
    heheheh musta?

  7. atticus says:

    wish ko sana di nabura iyong ten wishes ko. 😦

  8. annabanana says:

    ako wish ko lang lumigaya…life is too short, dapat laging happy di ba? cant wait to see you, dear! ihanda ang mega chika ok?

  9. toni says:

    Before I share my wishes, I’d like to say THANK YOU. You made my day, Bridget sweetie. Teary-eyed ang lola mo ngayon.

    I wish for peace of mind. I worry too much about things and jumping to conclusions is becoming a favorite sport. I wish I could learn to live more, worry less.

    I wish for children.

    I wish my credit card debt to be erased.

    I wish I do become committed to this home/charity I plan on visiting next weekend.

    And I wish for a million more wishes, for with wishes comes hope and even faith.

    So Jerome dear, here’s to good wishes, hope and faith. Let’s not forget to wish upon those stars. Thanks for that beautiful reminder.

  10. Lani says:

    I wish for world peace (o deva pang Miss U ang sagot ko) pero trulili lang sistah, daming kawawang tao, nadadamay sa gulo.

    Siempre, good health for my family and friends (kasama ka doon pati si Jher, Toni, Anna, lahat kayo).

    I want to add, I wish I have so much money to share with others and also to buy all the things we want.

  11. jher says:

    ay bat di ako naka reak agad dito? hahaha. anyway. later ang wish ko. pagisipan kong mabuti for maximum impact. chos!

    in fairness ang gaganda ng wish nila. wish ko lang ganun din ang akin. πŸ˜›

  12. jcdaclison says:

    atticus – gurl, dapat hindi na i-save ang whales para wala nang point of comparison pag lumaki ka. hahahahaha!

    karol – naku, all of you naman are always in my prayers, mare. keep the faith! πŸ™‚

    dinna – now that’s something to pray for! LOL to go to new york to watch “Avenue Q” is actually one of my wishes.

    snglguy – opkors!!! parang yun nga noh?

    ice – hindi naman. baka hindi pa time. eto, mabutete…

    anna – maaasahan mo ako sa chika. kung animated ako sa mga entries ko, wait till you see me…

    toni – aaawww! it’s true naman na you are sooooo sweet kasi. kaya na-inspire mo ako. ayan, one of my wishes yan that has come true a number of times: THAT I WOULD INSPIRE SOMEONE…

    lani – mare, miss congeniality talaga ang sagot na iyan. i hope i can see you when anna comes home.

    jher – you are one wish that came true…that i find the real thing…my northern star and my east where the sun rises…mwah! luv u, babe!

  13. jher says:

    awwwwww…. *blushes*

    parang di ko na kelangang magwish. nagkatotoo na rin naman sya eh. πŸ™‚

  14. Lani says:

    Ano ba iyan, sobrang sweet, nilalanggam ako dito. I’m really happy for you and Jher.

  15. tintin says:

    hi bridget! what a nice post. i agree, sometimes we get too caught up making a living that we forget to make wishes. i wish i would have more time to spend with my kids (with the sked I have now, I spend too much time working). I also wish my mom would get better soon. And I wish that my dad would stop worrying about my mom so that he won’t get sick, too.

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