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To Julia, Goodbye; To those who kidnapped her…

Last Sunday morning, I woke up with the news that two men in a tricycle kidnapped my dog, Julia. My heart broke seeing mom cry from losing Julia. This is the second time that she has lost her best friend. … Continue reading

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“I have a fear of….” – (A Blog About Phobias)

There has been a lax use of the term “phobia”. Clinically, a phobia is characterized by an irrational fear of something, associated with shortness of breath, dizziness, palpitation, sweating, and trembling of the muscles. Therefore, when you are just plain … Continue reading

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The Great Reveal (Results of the Perception Exercise)

Hello, my loves! A galactic explosion of gratitude to everyone who took time to participate in this perception exercise. (kneels on one knee and bows head) …I shall forever be grateful, kind Sires and Mesdames. Okay, now that the drama … Continue reading

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