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THANK YOU FOR SMOKING – Confessions and Rantings of A Smoker

I am back in Manila after a week-long training. I was soooooo tired but fortunately, I got to rest last weekend with husband. Thanks to everyone who kept me company and gave me hugs. I love you all… (blows butterfly … Continue reading

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Bridget Stars in “Cebu”

I’m here in Cebu right now to run a training.  Be back on Saturday.  Missing everyone especially husband.  Gayahin ko si Duke… i need a hug…(sniffs and cutely pouts) -oOo-

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Bridget Needs Your Support (Your Gift to Me and Jher on Our 21st Month as Partners)

I guess most of you have heard of former Supreme Court Justice Isagani Cruz’s homophobic column that’s full of hate and disgust against gay people. I cried over the fact that bigotry does exist. Gay people were reduced to a … Continue reading

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The Curse of Being a Februarian-slash-Aquarian

May sumpong… May toyo… May topak… Kulang-kulang… Moody/Mood swings… These are some of the words that are associated with the curse of being an Aquarian and worse, a Februarian…. I am currently in a crappy state.  Poor husband is terrified of … Continue reading

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The One I Love (…and Our Theme Song)

I’m so excited with this entry coz finally I will put to rest my most controversial entry ever:   The One That Got Away.   This has generated a lot of discussions between Jher and I which boiled down to … Continue reading

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