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A Tribute to All of You…

Thanks to all of your comments. My hearing’s back to normal. I felt your love and caring, dearests!. Dinna and I have been talking about the downside of technology when I commented on her brave choice to write letters long-hand … Continue reading

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Losing my Sense of Hearing

I have been sick these past few days, remnants of the nasty cold, cough, and fever.  What I have been keeping from everyone is that I have lost almost 70% of my hearing.  I took the flight back to Manila … Continue reading

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My Modeling Stint in Davao

This is how I release tension from the chaotic yet glamorous world of social development work. (rolls in laughter) But seriously, thanks to my fag hag for taking good pictures of me in Samal Island. Hindi halatang prepared with the … Continue reading

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a post that needs no title…

i’m still in cebu… and i have a cold, a nasty cough, and fever… and no one is taking care of me… (sniff)

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About Flying to Cebu, Missing Everyone and Husband, and the Pretty Side of “Milenyo”

Hi, everyone. I’ll be leaving for Cebu this afternoon. Thank God after four days of living in the 18th century due to the–as the wimax announcement said–POWER OUTRAGE (di ba aliw? nagalit ang power), we have electricity! I was able … Continue reading

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