The Curse of Being a Februarian-slash-Aquarian

May sumpong…

May toyo…

May topak…


Moody/Mood swings…

These are some of the words that are associated with the curse of being an Aquarian and worse, a Februarian….

I am currently in a crappy state.  Poor husband is terrified of my version of PMS.  Poor mom, sis, and colleagues clear away when they see me.  Well…it’s THAT time of the month for me.


Sorry, guys! No cheerful, giddy, sunshine stories.  If you happen to know of or are friends with an Aquarian-slash-Februarian, you know what I mean.   Don’t worry.  Once the moon passes its being full, I’m on the up side of my bipolar personality…

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14 Responses to The Curse of Being a Februarian-slash-Aquarian

  1. atticus says:

    ay, baka ako ang mapagbalingan. takot ako.

    *scampers away*

  2. Lani says:

    Ngiiiii… katakot ka sistah. Pero don’t worry ganyan din ako kapag bilog ang buwan pero Gemini ako 🙂

  3. hi dear! i’m an arian but my ascendant sign is also aquarius so yes, i know about that curse too! hahaha

    actually we haven’t met before but i came upon one of your entry “i am miguel hernandez”. well, i was sooooo touched, and i’m so happy recoged production inspired you a lot! at least the play successfully conveyed miguel’s poetry and personally touched each individual inside the theatre. i was one of the actors in recoged and you have no idea how honored am i to be able to express and share his poems onstage. and as far as i could remember, that was the time i fell sooooo in love! i fell in love, not only with his poems, but with miguel himself as well! (fine, also with one actor who portrayed him hahahaha!) glad to know you were somewhat comforted by that experience. thank you so much! 😉


  4. jher says:

    babe excuse me im not terrified of your version, what i’m wary is the result of my reaction to your topak, which may result to world war III. hahahahah. kaya nga dapat talaga pag mainit ang ulo ng isa, yung isa cool lang at mag pasensya. okay lang yan. mwah wabyu!

  5. baktin says:

    jer, virgo ako. (at kung sa food chain pa, nasa itaas kami sa triangle… but i wouldn’t elaborate on that of course. baka world war 3 na naman)

    i have friends that are born in February too. they also exhibit the so called ‘werewolf tendencies’. anyway, i hope you have already vent out your emotions by this time. ravage a pillow. break a glass. rearrange your living room five times. tae bo. swim. have a retreat near mayon.

    basta may outlet ka lang. and everything will be just fine pare.

    ako? pag galit ako isa lang—> food trip.

  6. ice says:

    libra me… split personality, sometime good sometimes bad… kaya u bacareful… hehehe

  7. jcdaclison says:

    atticus – running away den? hahahaha! si mudra din hindi na kumikibo. ewan ko ba.

    lani – sistah! pareho kayo ng mudra ko. gemini din ang lola. june 18. kaya pala ang gaan din ng loob ko sa yo, mare… 🙂

    adrienne – my dear, i was really moved by Miguel Hernandez. nice of you to have dropped by. saw your photos in your gallery. looks like you had a great time in disneyworld! and where is Miguel Hernandez there? is he the hottie who’s with you in the picture (the one who looks cute and straight, of course. hahahaha!)? thanks for dropping by.

    jher – talaga. subukan mo lang patulan ako kung hindi…

    baktin – pare koi! laughed out loud at “arrange the living room five times”! i have done that and lots of other things: arranged my files, re-arranged my bedroom, painted the walls, turned a cement pvc pipe into a lamp, re-designed boring polos and pants, wrote a story about an abused son killing his mother and himself afterwards (was it obvious that I disliked my mom when I wrote that? hahahahaha!)

    ice – tol, libra si jher. kaya i make sure na hindi ko din sya patulan. pero mas malakas ang powers ng pebrero kaya mas naggi-give way ang mokong. hahahahaha!

  8. atticus says:

    alam mo, alisin natin ang gender limitations imposed by so-called (fuck*ng) society… si jher at ikaw, ideal couple.

    bigayan. na di ko nakikita sa ibang married couples na kilala ko.

    kaya kung me magpapakasal, sana kayo na iyon.

  9. K says:

    I’m an Aquarian but never had these “PMS” you’re experiencing. Maybe you need a good rest, locking all the doors, cellphones off & just keep things easy.

    Call me!

    ps. If the no one’s answering, maybe I’m out looking for something to cheer you up! Take it easy hunk!

  10. Lani says:

    Nakupo, baka ganyan din ang feeling ng aking only son kapag may topak ako. Sabi mo nga Gemini din si mudra mo 🙂 Matindi rin kasi ang tililing ko, hehehe.

  11. jher says:

    Babe omg anong libra ang pinagsasasabi mo jan? Cancer kaya ako. Talangka. Hmph. And I thought you already know me. Panget.

    K – What the?

  12. Dinna says:

    Jerome, you’ve been tagged.. hope you’ll indulge me.. If you want, you can post your response to the book meme as a comment on my site. Take your time!

  13. nrsl says:

    Another Aquarian-slash-Februarian agrees with you..

  14. Oliver says:

    i like this topic here. i feel like i belong… which i really do. lol one thing i also notice about us, Aquarian-slash-Februarian (i agree with the term), we love sad songs too! listen to this and please tell me if i’m wrong. please leave a comment.

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