The One I Love (…and Our Theme Song)

I’m so excited with this entry coz finally I will put to rest my most controversial entry ever:   The One That Got Away.   This has generated a lot of discussions between Jher and I which boiled down to difference in perspectives.   So to move forward, I want my next entry to celebrate the NOW.   The last entry was a celebration of the joys of liberating ourselves from our past.   This entry is to recognize and honor my present, my current northern star, my east where the sun shines, and my west where the sun sets.   So, to my Jher, eventhough you will never have the title of, The One Who Got Away, what’s important is you have the most important title now:  you are THE ONE I LOVE…


bus-ride.jpgSo, in celebration of my happiness, let me share with you, our theme song (which I unilaterally decided for both of us–but later he concurred.   Hahahahaha!).   I give you, ALL OF MY LIFE :  


By Barbara Streisand

(Sung In the Melody of “I Finally Found Someone” )  


I was alone You were alone

Parallel lines that touched one another

Just feeling our way

Lost in the dark

Drawn to each other.  

So much to say and so much to do

So much of you for me to discover

Like what makes you laugh

And what makes you cry

How does a friend become a lover too?  


I’ve waited all of my life to find

Someone who’ll need my heart and read my mind

To light my days and warm my nights

Someone I know I could call My “someone” for all my life.


Looking at you, looking at me

Lovin’ the look of love that I see there

I find when I look deep in your heart

Reflections of me there…  

(Repeat Chorus except last three lines)  


And now that I’m in your arms

Everything’s new

All that I feel tells me its true

All that I ask is all of my life

With you…


If I know how to podcast, I would have sung this for all of you and dedicate it to my luvah…

Kayo?   You have a theme song?   Kahit yung dati pa ha?    

P.S.(Damn! Kailangan talaga sumipsip nang husto para makabawi. Hahahahaha!)

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16 Responses to The One I Love (…and Our Theme Song)

  1. owen says:

    kinda burn my ear hearing those words “i give you all my life” binigay ba? hindi stars oo.. hehehe (suntok pala) btw its really sweet when some tells you.. “i’ll give my all”

    yup meron din ako… tagalog fave ko
    “Sa Aking Puso..” kinakanta ko ito pag nag vivideoke hehhe kinda corny pero masaya..

  2. snglguy says:

    My theme song is “What Kind of Fool Am I” by Anthony Newly and Leslie Bricusse from the play “Stop the World, I Wanna Get Off” and popularized my my favorite showman, Sammy Davis Jr.

    Here’s a the short version…

    What kind of fool am I?
    Who never fell in love?
    It seems that I’m the only one…
    That I have been thinking of.

    What kind of man is this?
    An empty shell…
    A lonely cell in which,
    An empty heart must dwell.

    What kind of lips are these?
    That lie with every kiss…
    That whispered empty words of love,
    That left me alone like this?

    Why can’t I fall in love?
    Like any other man?
    And maybe then, I’ll know…
    What kind of fool I am.

    Man, those are pretty powerful lyrics. They don’t write em like they use to. 🙂

  3. curacha says:

    I hope your Now and Present, would be forever too. Good luck to both of you.

    Hey snglguy, di mo pa lang nami-meet magpapatibok ng puso mo!

  4. atticus says:

    ang sweet niyo naman. 🙂 langgam!

  5. jher says:

    Babe I introduced this song to you remember? And it is not a unilateral decision naman. LOL. Bumabawi ka ha. Hahahahahaha. Wabyu!

  6. Mauie says:

    Uy, na-inspire ako to write about our theme song, too!

    Sige nga, alam niyo ba yung “Anyone at All” by Carole King? That’s part of the OST of You’ve Got Mail.


  7. duke says:

    hmm…parang mas pinaghirapan yung “the one that got away” entry. pinaglamayan at pinagisipang mabuti. eto…lyrics ng kanta, cut and paste. nilagyan ng spaces sa gitna para humaba.

    buwahahaahahaha! lagot ka.

    kidding. >;)

  8. jher says:

    intrigero! hahahahahah… come to think of it… oo nga no? LOL 😛

  9. Dylan Gozum says:

    I once was introduced to the boyfriend of our kasambahay, who said, “Koya, si Dodong, ka-theme song ko po.”


  10. ice says:

    Sa aking puso by ariel rivera

    Uulit-ulitin ko sa `yo
    Ang nadarama ng aking puso
    Ang damdamin ko’y para lang sa `yo
    Kahit kailanma’y hindi magbabago

    Ikaw ang laging hanap hanap sa gabi’t araw
    Ikaw ang nais kong sa tuwina ay natatanaw
    Ikaw ang buhay at pag-ibig
    Wala na ngang iba
    Sa `king puso’y tunay kang nag-iisa

    `Di ko nais na mawalay ka
    Kahit sandali sa aking piling
    Kahit buksan pa ang dibdib ko
    Matatagpua’y larawan mo

    (Repeat Chorus)

    Kahit buksan pa ang dibdib ko
    Matatagpua’y larawan mo

    love this song so much gusto ko lng i share a inyo… hehehe

  11. yuri says:

    ang landi… hahaha.. so sweet. ako din one day. i think i better suit that term “the one who got away”. hahaha

  12. karol says:

    ang sweeeeeeet. 🙂 go bridget, go! 😀 can’t think of any theme song??? gawd. do we need to have one? hehe…

  13. Dinna says:

    Kilig to death naman ako sa inyo talaga.. Alan’s and my theme song which we danced to during are wedding are Jaya’s IKAW LAMANG and the classic OUR LOVE IS HERE TO STAY. Sniff, Sniff..

  14. Lani says:

    How sweet ng bawi mo, sistah. Jher, sigurado ako kilig ka niyan. Well, kami ni hubby ay iyong Something New in My Life at saka I love You More than You’ll Ever know.

  15. jcdaclison says:

    owen – aba, videoke champion yata ito. challenge? hehehehe.

    snglguy – oh, i love the old songs! i love singing this song too. i agree, nobody makes lyrics that are as witty, funny, sweet, and loving all at the same time. Take Billie Holiday’s “These Foolish Things” for example:

    A cigarette that bears a lipstick’s traces
    An airline ticket to romantic places
    And still my heart has wings
    These foolish things remind me of you

    A tinkling piano in the next apartment
    Those stumbling words I told you what my heart meant
    A fair ground’s painted swings
    These foolish things remind me of you

    You came, you saw, you conquered me
    When you did that to me
    I knew somehow this had to be…

    The winds of march would make my heart a dancer
    The telephone that rings but who’s to answer
    Oh how the goats tell you, “pleeeaaase”
    These foolish things remind me of you….

    Ugh. I just sang it while typing it (imagining that I was leaning over the piano, of course. hahahaha)

    curacha – thanks! i hope so too.

    atticus – syempre, mare. dapat kasi bumawi talaga. hahahahaha!

    mauie – mare!!! salamat at ni-link mo ako sa iyong entry. cute nung theme song. downloaded it. 🙂

    duke – hoy. langya ka talaga. miss na kita, doc!

    dylan – hindi ko kinaya, gurl…

    yuri – mare, just keep the faith. sabi nga ng ating dyosang si Cher: The right one will come but it doesn’t mean we cannot have fun with the wrong ones. taray talaga ng lola mez, devah? hahahaha!

    karol – mare, cute na meron syempre. miss na kita, gang! pati si tintin…

    dinna – i love OUR LOVE IS HERE TO STAY!!! sniff, sniff talaga, mare…

    Lani – kurak. my golly! kinanta ko yan sa isang acoustic show na inorganize ng mga estudyante. (memories ito)

  16. Toni says:

    Hindi siya bawi hanggang magpodcast ka. Hehehe.

    Tweet niyo talaga! 🙂

    Kami ni H, wala atang theme song. Pero when we hear Blue’s “Best in Me” nasesenti kami, so siguro yun. You bring out the best in me, like no one else can do… that’s why I’m by your side, that’s why I love you…

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