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TODAY’S MENU – A Serving of Bridget’s Feelings and Emotions

UPATED March 26=The internet shop I’m in rocks!  It’s called, JOINUS.COM.  Smoking is allowed!  I love it…(blows rings of smoke) Friday Afternoon (March 23).  FURIOUS My day was not going well especially when I wanted to get off work earlier to … Continue reading

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THE END OF AN ERA – Jher is Mark Darcy No More…

My love life these past few days has been in “art imitates life” mode.  Yes, blogfriends.  My life and Bridget Jones’s life are parallel lines.  What you do not know is that I was having problems with my Mark Darcy these past few … Continue reading

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My Shake, Rattle, and Roll Experience

Hello, blogfriends!!!  My golly, I missed you all!  Okay, my pace at work is gonna be slower now.  I am on my day off (jumps and skips and hops in glee while clapping) and I am enjoying every minute of … Continue reading

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My High School Pics

Oh…my…god!!! I had a blast rummaging through my memory box for pictures of me in high school!  Excited at the same time (for all of you) because I was an 80’s adolescent! You know what that means. (rolls in laughter)  So, … Continue reading

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Dreamgirls Schmeamgurls

Yeah, yeah.  So J-Hud won the Oscar for Best Female Actor in a Supporting Role.  (yawns) Who needs the Dreamgirls?   When the Philippines has…

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