My High School Pics

Oh…my…god!!! I had a blast rummaging through my memory box for pictures of me in high school!  Excited at the same time (for all of you) because I was an 80’s adolescent! You know what that means. (rolls in laughter)  So, enjoy this.  I hope everyone participates in this wonderful and fun idea of my husband, Jher.  The Diva, Nastypen, gets the “early bird” award.  (enjoy the bird, dahlin. hahahahahaha!)

Okay, let’s start with…


…my college graduation picture!  Very Rico Suave the hairstyle! Hahahaha!  Of course before I got to be so modern with the Hispanic from da hood hairstyle, I also went through some styling challenges:


This is me and my sister, Gilda. With my dog, Boomer, and our two puppies, Serena and (no not Venus, bitches)…now I forgot the other puppy’s name.  I knew I already had a sense of color coordination with the shirt with violet, yellow, and dark green stripes paired with an olive green pair of shorts.  And the necklace outside the shirt!  Very Brylle Mondejar and Mon Alvir!  Hahahahahaha! Obviously, I dressed up my sister.  (rolls in laughter)

Here’s another picture taken during my post-high school graduation party.  Look at the mustard and beige khakis! With matching Guess watch with the gold and brown strap, the logo etched on it! (my gosh, the memories!  Hahahahaha!)  Ang mudra, di ba?  Marilou Bendigo na itetch.  Hahahahahaha!  That WAS my stepfather. (crickets chirp)


Now comes the set of pictures that husband has been bugging me about!    Remember:  DO NOT FULLY SCROLL DOWN.   You have to view them one by one.

Okay.  Back in October 23, 1002 (the camera had a date-setter, whatever it is called), I was designated carosa driver of my sister who represented the beautiful country of BULGARIA!!! (raises cape)  It was their school’s commeration of UN Week.  So, the school administration organized a parade of nations around our subdivision (where her school is located).  I found the idea to be fabulous despite me struggling with finding a profound reason why my sister was dressed up in a white long sleeved polo with a hideous vest aaaaaaaaannnd…get this…A PAIR OF MAJORETTE BOOTS! (rolls on the floor laughing.  tummy ache na)  So, off we went! This first picture, I was beaming with glee and pride!


9 blocks after, I started to feel the Greek sun God, Helios…


30 minutes later…well, as the saying goes, a picture says a thousand words…take your pick…


Balloons and crepe paper on dilapidated bicycle with side car:  200 pesos

Hideous vest:  90 pesos

Silly Majorette Boots:  350 pesos

My wrath caught on film while wearing a Company B t-shirt…with a HOOD:  priceless


I hope you had fun.  And I guarantee that you will as well!  So, off to your photo albums and memory boxes, dahlins!  Hugs.

I leave you this post because I am leaving…again.  (sniff) Cebu-bound tomorrow.  (sighs)  Love you all!  (gives everyone a big hug)

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20 Responses to My High School Pics

  1. bugsybee says:

    Hi. This isn’t the first time I’ve been reading your posts … and finally, I couldn’t keep myself from commenting. I especially enjoyed the comments you made about the photos you shared with us … priceless! Thanks a lot!

  2. atticus says:

    hmmm….ang pogi mo. haaaaayyyyyy….

  3. Dylan Gozum says:

    *laughs like crazeeee!* This is SO much fun!!! Batang bata ka pa dito, Jerome. Yung tipong mabilis pang labasan.

    Ng sipon, I mean.

  4. toni says:

    Hahahhaahaha kakaloka ka talaga Bridget. Lovvvvvvved the pics. 😀 Loved the stories.

  5. Jennie says:

    Ay, ang taray ng pics mo! Hahaha! Brings back memories, doesn’t it? The good ol’ 80s! 😀

  6. curacha says:

    hahaha, those were the days!!! kakatuwa side comments mo. i always enjoy reading your posts.

  7. brennan says:

    parang gusto kong mag hooded shirts ulit. 😀

  8. snglguy says:

    Hahaha, parang galit ka nga sa pag-bi bisekleta mo, bro… 😀

  9. Jerome, I commend you for your immense courage in posting those photos. Hahahahahahaha!

  10. atticus says:

    ayan, i-click mo ako. binago ko na ang address ko. address nga ba ang tawag dun?

  11. duke says:

    hahahaa. natawa ako. ako lang ata sa hiskul namin yung walang shirt with hood. Lahat ng sikat may suot na beverly hills 90210 shirt with hood. hahahahaha! syet, usong uso nga yun dati.

  12. Buti ka nga may Company B na shirt. Ako nga may Attitudes na long-sleeve shirt at akala ko ang cool ko noon. And then came Bench, haha!

  13. Lyka Bergen says:

    Maganda ang sisterette mo lolah!

    I remember yung hood shirt ha. Meron din ako nun dati. Wacky ata ang brand. Kalokah!

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  15. chase says:

    Hahaha i guess the title should have been ” Those were the days of innocence” You look nice dear and even until now!

  16. kalories says:

    hahahaha!!! ang kulit ng pictures!!! 😀 hi bridget!

  17. br0wn_c0w says:

    OHMYGAD!!!! Ahahahhaha!!! Kamusta naman ang hood talaga?!?!?! At ang brushed up hair do ahahhaha!! Ibang era ito, ateh!!! Aahhaha!

  18. br0wn_c0w says:

    Ay ahahhaha!!! Kamusta naman ang hood at ang brushed up do!!! Nakakaloka!! Ibang era ito, ateh!!!

  19. br0wn_c0w says:

    Baket ‘di lumalabas comments ko?!?!! WAAAAH!

  20. Bridget's sister says:

    OMG! I was laughing so hard reading through it and seeing all our photos!!! I love all the 80s hairstyle and outfit (including the shoulder pads!) lol! Thanks Kuya for sharing this photos! I hope Kuya jher enjoyed the photos! Haha

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