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My Naomi Campbell Moment

I am on a roll, dahlins!  Thank you for your comments in my previous entry on my kagagahans.  And due to my dear friend, Atticus’s request, I am giving you my Naomi Campbell moment:  The Famous Fall…caught on camera: Here’s … Continue reading

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Surgeon General’s Warning: Cute Guys Can Be Dangerous to Your Health…and Life

Ugh.  I know!  Starting off with the cutest and the fairest of them all:  my Mark Darcy!  He’s bad for my health…in a good way (naughtily smiles).  Anyway, I just came home from Bohol and something happened that made me … Continue reading

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I talked to Julie Vega and Ninoy Aquino…

For people (young ones specifically) who do not know Julie Vega, she was this very popular child actress back in the early 80’s who starred in the hit TV series, Annaliza, competition of another hit TV series, Flordeluna, top-billed by … Continue reading

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