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Perception Exercise

Hi, guys! Thanks for your comments in my previous entry. I have received lots of slaps from Jher for announcing his singing prowess in the whole of blog nation! Break na kami. Joke! Sige, let’s try something. This is a … Continue reading

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How Do You Keep the Music Playing?

Important question to all my “involved and attached” blog friends out there: have you ever felt like your relationship with your husband/wife/lover/BF/GF has reached its saturation point? That it has gone from “wow” to “ho-hum”? If so, what keeps you … Continue reading

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The Dessert Factory and Larsian Nights – Two of My Best Memories of Cebu

Conference over, my documentation team kicked ass, me commended as session moderator…all’s well that ends well! And my reward for the anxiety attacks and migraine events brought about by incompetent people and other behind-the-scenes harassment? A night of gluttony and … Continue reading

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Today’s Highs and Lows

Ever watched “The Story of Us” starring Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfeiffer directed by Rob Reiner? Anyway, there’s this day-ender-slash-ritual that their characters undergo to review the day and they call it “highs and lows”. I thought of doing it. … Continue reading

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Off to Waterfront in Cebu…

Haay…flysung na naman ako to Cebu. It’s the 2nd National Conference on Population, Health, and Environment (PHE) with the theme, Creating the Future. See you on Saturday, guys! Mwah! If you want information about the conference, please visit 🙂

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