The Dessert Factory and Larsian Nights – Two of My Best Memories of Cebu

Conference over, my documentation team kicked ass, me commended as session moderator…all’s well that ends well! And my reward for the anxiety attacks and migraine events brought about by incompetent people and other behind-the-scenes harassment? A night of gluttony and pigging out at Larsian and The Dessert Factory.

Larsian – BBQ Haven

After a long search for and aborted purchase of shoes for Jher at Metro Gaisano in Ayala Mall, Nilda, Chellow, and I treated ourselves to grilled meat at Larsian. Imagine this: perfectly marinated wedges of pork and chicken legs grilled to perfection sealing its natural juices in…then put this mouth-watering thought side by side with a location…Imagine eating this sumptuous dinner–20 meters from the emergency room of a hospital, cars and jeepneys passing you by where you will actually ask, “which will kill me first: cholesterol from grilled pork or carbon monoxide from cars?”

I may sound aristocratic but let me assure you that the bliss you will encounter with that first bite of chicken or pork BBQ after anticipatingly waiting for your order to be served, is going to be forever etched in your mind…(pauses, mouth waters at the thought of yummy BBQ)

The Dessert Factory

I died and have gone to dessert heaven!!! After a hearty (euphemism for “construction worker appetite”) meal at Larsian, we went back to Ayala and had dessert at THE DESSERT FACTORY. Our order:

Nilda’s Order: Pistachio Ice Cream Cake
My Order: Peanut Butter and Banana Ice Cream Cake…(no words to describe this, you just have to try it)

My trip to THE DESSERT FACTORY actually reminded me of CALEA’s, famous cafe and pastry shop in Bacolod (yuuuummm!)

With moments like these…I thank God for giving me the opportunity to travel. Be back tomorrow, guys. Haylabyu!

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6 Responses to The Dessert Factory and Larsian Nights – Two of My Best Memories of Cebu

  1. Mimay says:

    please…stop with the descriptions…nagugutom na ako…T_T

  2. The idea of setting up Larsian beside the road and near a hospital is just pure irony but if I were to die tomorrow, or any day for that matter from whatever cause, I’d wish to spend my time in Larsian eating kalami dyud!-bbq and puso rice with my hands.

  3. karol says:

    hindi lumabas first comment ko. anyway, i’m going home to bacolod in two weeks and i’m going to stuff my tummy with calea’s yummy treats!!! yay!!! =D hi jerome. =D

  4. mimay – that’s the point. come home to the philippines and let’s pig out, sis! mishu!

    d – how many puso can you devour in one sitting? hehehe

    karol – inggit akooooo! grabe, i need to schedule a training in bacolod so i can go back to calea’s. take care, gang! mwah!

  5. mimay says:

    mishu din po!^_^ promise yan ha! when I get back there we’re gonna pig out somewhere!:p as if I need more fat on me to keep me warm…:D

  6. Heh!

    By the way, Stephen and I will be in Bacolod and Iloilo in September.

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