How Do You Keep the Music Playing?

Important question to all my “involved and attached” blog friends out there: have you ever felt like your relationship with your husband/wife/lover/BF/GF has reached its saturation point? That it has gone from “wow” to “ho-hum”? If so, what keeps you together?

Well, Jher and I have tackled this question a number of times, openly discussing about our relationship “plateau-ing”. We’ve been together for 16 months now and I guess we’ve managed to get through this period of stagnation. (interstellar pause and naughtily stares at everyone)

So, the 64-million dollar question is: HOW we’ve done it? Well, spicing things up takes a lot of creativity and I will leave it to your imagination to simmer, brew, and cook something up. (giggles)

But do you know what’s the most interesting thing that keeps the proverbial flame burning that does not require leather straps, whips, edible underwear, and/or costumes for role-playing like construction worker, cop, or French maid? (oh, BTDT…been there, done that. Charoz! LOL!) Seriously, it’s discovering something new about your partner no matter how long you have been together. It’s that moment where you would say in amazement, “I didn’t know that!” that makes things a lot fluffier and rosier in your relationship…”The Moment”. For my babe, I thought I knew him well. However, he gave me The Moment when I discovered that he can DRAW! Samples are embedded in this entry. I was really surprised that I missed this very basic detail of him. I know he’s artistic (which is an understatement given the fact that he’s gay. LOL) but I did not know he could do sketches. Very Regine Velasquez my pangga!

Okay. Let me give you The Moment, as well. Did you know that my babe, Jher, is one hell of a SINGER? He can belt out “Half-Crazy” and James Ingram songs without effort and can do one hell of a rendition of “Bukas na Lang Kita Mamahalin” ala Lani Misalucha (of which he’s very famous for)! Moreover, if you could only hear him sing Patti Austin’s part in “How Do You Keep the Music Playing”, it will freak you out how uncanny the similarity of his voice to Patti Austin.

I guess mention of the song “How Do You Keep the Music Playing” segues to a synthesis of this entry. But more importantly, it is consistently discovering a new facet of each other that makes us anticipate each day for us to experience The Moment…which consequently keeps the music playing. (kilig)

Feel free to share your experiencing The Moment ha? Can’t wait…

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15 Responses to How Do You Keep the Music Playing?

  1. jher says:

    The Moment for me was when we planned to do “the activity” together, which dragged on for months, was forgotten, then bam, instant schedule. But ended up so so. This was The Moment for me not because we finally did it, but because it made us realize how much we are so entwined with each other, physically, physiologically and emotionally. Some extras are needed, but some are totally unnecessary. Got my drift? heheheh

  2. tintin says:

    hi jerome! how true, how true! dapat nga talaga we should keep on re-discovering our partners. hmmm, ano nga ba na discover ko sa hubby ko lately? have to think about that! but thanks for giving me something to think about! 🙂

  3. jher – babe, may The Moment ka with me? i thought i was so transparent na.

    tintin – i cant wait for what you will discover. a new mole maybe? that would be very interesting…lol!

  4. ade says:

    Sometimes I feel that me and my girlfriend feel that we’re plateuing. And then something happens and BAM! the music is back.

  5. jher says:

    from james ingram to patty austin, baka mapagkamalan akong impersonator nyan. Nyah! 🙂

  6. Toni says:

    Nakakakilig naman itoooooooooooo! So Jher, magaling ka pala kumanta ha! Magpodcast ka naman with a sample of your singing prowess!

    I love your insight on continually discovering new things about each other helps keep the passion going. Kaya naman even if you’ve been together for a long time, it helps to travel to new places, see new things, do new activities.

    Hmmm, let me think if I’ve had a MOMENT with my husband recently…

  7. annabanana says:

    been married for almost 7 years, and so far, going strong pa rin kami. the secret is in the little things that we do for each other. of course grand gestures are encouraged, but those small seemingly unimportant gestures, yun ang sikreto!
    dh knows that i enjoy reading in bed before sleeping, so he’d make it a point to wipe my glasses clean and place them where i can easily reach them. i know that he likes playing with my hair before he sleeps, so every night, i make it a point to wash and dry my hair properly, para naman di lang sweet smelling ang buhok ko, di pa giginawin ang kamay niya, di ba?
    haaaay…ang dami, pero dapat siguro i-blog ko na lang. 😀
    jher, is a good singer kamo? wow…sample naman jan! (podcast!podcast!)

  8. jher says:

    juice ko! marunong ako kumanta, yes, pero ang mas magaling kumanta ay yang si bridget no! sya ang hingan nyo ng podcast! kaloka. baka masira ang computer nyo sa boses ko. LOL

  9. karol says:

    been with bf for 8 years going 9. people who find out about it either freak out or congratulate me. don’t get me wrong, we’ve had our own share of soap opera break-ups, but i think, the fact remains that we really, truly love each other. and we are really in-love with each other. in the long run, you get to appreciate your better half’s weird and irritating habits. we’ve had our own share of “moments” and i’m hope this lasts pa. i believe that kilig is very important, but there are some things deeper than that – trust, fidelity, honesty, acceptance, forgiveness, and understanding. sometimes we don’t really know why, but we just can’t stop loving a certain person. =D

  10. ade – “bam” is good!

    babe – hoy, wag galing-galing mo nga eh. kareer-in natin yan para marinig ng blog world ang iyong voice

    anna – how sweet naman ur husbandry! hay, naku. if i know, its just a ploy to play nookie. lol!

    karol – ay, naku. i can totally relate with what you’re saying. ring-side seats ako with my sister’s relationship with her bf for 10 years…na ex na ngayon. i remember her tipping point was when she heard the song “Neither One of Us” so she decided to call it quits. maybe due to the scarcity of Moments? i dunno… hey, pero good for you and bf ha? Keep the faith, pangga.

    d – maybe with your trip to bacolod and iloilo, you’ll have The Moment with steph. 🙂

  11. Joy says:

    Hey, ang tagal kong hindi nakadalaw sa bahay mo. Busy beauty ni manay eh. I-link kita ha para hindi na ako mahirapang hanapin ang blog mo. I hope you don’t mind. 🙂

    Wow, Jher seems so talented. I can’t wait to see more of his sketches and hear his voice! Sample naman diyan. 🙂 I’ll go visit his blog in a while.

    Keep the fire burnin’, you got it right. And sometimes it’s those neglected ordinary little things and gestures that make the relationship special. Cheers!

  12. Your love story is a continuing inspiration to me.. and it only makes me believe all the more in what the hubby always says — happiness is what you make it. While we have our own peaks and valleys, and sometimes I so want to bop Alan in the head, something that has kept our love growing is that we continue to do things together, even if it’s only taking the bus ride home together at least once a week — or trying out a new restaurant or bar, or going out for ice cream on a weekend afternoon. Tonight we’re going out on a date, dinner then the movies. Even if having Angel has put a dampener on other things (more so because he sleeps with us.. get my drift?) — we try to find other ways to show each other we’re still so in love with each other.. You two, I think, will go far.. together.

  13. dinna – i agree. a friend said: happiness is a choice that people oftentimes do not make. di ba? i am so happy that you and Alan make that choice…just like everybody who commented on this blog. jher and i also tried ice cream in the afternoon while walking around in intramuros…well, it was more like devouring squid balls and kwekwek with sago’t gulaman on hand (definitely one of those “close-to-payday” dates where finances are reaching depletion. hahahaha!) but, whether its dinner in a restaurant or eating fishballs without fear of contracting hepatitis A, we enjoy every moment with each other…coz as you and Alan say, HAPPINESS IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT. have a great weekend! 🙂

  14. lani says:

    We’re married for more than 16 years already and you know what, lagi pa rin kaming kinikilig sa isa’t isa 🙂 Kailangan ang sense of humor sa pagsasama para hindi boring. You also have to be your partner’s bestfriend, lahat nasasabi mo sa kaniya.

    But always remember na sa isang relationship you have to let your partner grow individually. Hindi kailangan sinasakal, kailangan ding may time tayo para sa sarili natin.

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