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The Hickey Theory

My friends were talking about that thing called hickey or “chikinini” and I remembered posting an entry about it after ending a 16-month “drought” and getting a hickey from it…well, lots of it, in fact.  Hahahahaha!  My golly, Jher’s gonna kill me for bringing this up … Continue reading

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Bridget Jones Goes to Philippine Idol…plus something about the final 3

I am glad I was able to watch Philippine Idol live last Sunday night with my Mark Darcy! Thanks to dear, sweet Noemi and the Philippine Idol of the news world, Jove.  Naks!  Autograph naman jan!  Hehehe!  But seriously, thanks to … Continue reading

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My Pampanga Escapade – On Food, People, Motels, and Feeling Like A Star

ALLOW ME FIRST TO THANK EVERYONE WHO CELEBRATED WITH US OUR 2ND ANNIVERSARY.  HEARTFELT THANKS TO ALL.  GAVE YOU INDIVIDUAL MESSAGES HERE.  Okay…on with the show.    My new favorite place is Pampanga.  Why only now considering that I have been to … Continue reading

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Part 2: Bridget Jones Sings to Mark Darcy

Click here for Part 1…  Thank you for two years of love, caring, arguments, adventures, and misadventures (who can ever forget our date movies comprising of LAND OF THE DEAD, THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE, PAMAHIIN, SUKOB, and WAG KANG … Continue reading

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Bridget Jones Sings to Mark Darcy – A Love Story Told in Songs

Surgeon General’s Warning:  Think of the singing as a gift…it’s the thought that counts.  So forget the sometime’s pitchy performance and just enjoy the message.    November 12 will always be a special date for me and Jher.  It is … Continue reading

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The Beauty and Realities of Philippine Idol

I love how people react to the supposed “disappointing” ouster of the good singers and the seeming resilience of those who have not been booted out of Philippine Idol.  As much as both healthy and ugly exchange of opinions are … Continue reading

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Bridget’s Advice to the Philippine Idol Hopefuls

COMMERCIAL:   Don’t forget to read my most recent post on the different ways to moan during sex before reading this, blogfriends!!! Okay, now back to our program.  Welcome to my first blog ever on Philippine Idol.  I am a huge … Continue reading

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