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Positive for TB, Positively Cured, Positively Happy!

Hello, blogfriends!  I just came from a 4-day training stint in Bustos, Bulacan.  And I am so happy to share this with you, my dear blogfriends. As you may know, I am into development work, particularly in the area of … Continue reading

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I Am Officially An Asshole…

I made my Mark Darcy cry… 😦

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A Day of Petting with Husband

It’s our 30th month together so what is more appropriate than a day of petting, right? And we have pictures!  (smiles naughtily) You may now view them, brave blogfriends…

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Movies I Watched During the Holy Week

Since my husband beat me to the punch (pahiram din, babe. hihihihi!) in posting our holy week experience about babies, let me just return to talking about me.  Hahahahaha!  Hoy, in fairness, I will share with you some of the … Continue reading

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Can one be gay and still be spiritual? If technology’s original aim is to make things convenient and for us to save more time, what happened to the time we saved?  Why are there people who still choose to be … Continue reading

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