Off to Waterfront in Cebu…

Haay…flysung na naman ako to Cebu. It’s the 2nd National Conference on Population, Health, and Environment (PHE) with the theme, Creating the Future. See you on Saturday, guys! Mwah!

If you want information about the conference, please visit


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5 Responses to Off to Waterfront in Cebu…

  1. jher says:

    umalis ka na naman! waaahhhhhh!!!!

  2. toni says:

    grabe jerome ha! you are like the jetsetter of the year! everytime i visit your blog you’re always flying off somewhere else. *L*

  3. melai says:

    waahhhh! sarap naman nyan. kunin mo ko PA jerome pag uwi ko pinas ha lol!

  4. Wala bang piktyurs na we’re supposed to drool over?!

  5. toni – susme, mare. i am so harassed and tensed here at the conference! at least, i was able to make lamon at AA’s. Kesehodang high cholesterol, ma at pa talaga.

    melai – hoy, babae! PA ka dyan. gusto mo AM na lang. hindi asst manager, ARAWANG MANGGAGAWA. HAHAHAHA!

    D – hay naku. wala talaga. ni wala pa akong nakikitang pic na ako ay nagpafacilitate ng session, pic pa na to drool over. haaaay.

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