Perception Exercise

Hi, guys! Thanks for your comments in my previous entry. I have received lots of slaps from Jher for announcing his singing prowess in the whole of blog nation! Break na kami. Joke! Sige, let’s try something. This is a perception exercise which I use in my trainings on gender awareness, family planning, reproductive health, and HIV-AIDS. This entry was also made possible by Toni (Wifely Steps) who is a keen observer of life (thanks, toni! mwah!)

Instructions: Just describe the person on the picture in terms of: AGE, OCCUPATION, CIVIL STATUS, HOW MANY CHILDREN THEY HAVE, PERSONALITY (WHAT THEY ARE LIKE), SEXUAL ORIENTATION, and take it as far as WHAT STATE ARE THEY IN (ARE THEY SAD, HAPPY, ETC.) and WHY (story na ito). I’m gonna run this entry for 5 days, I’m gonna get back and process all your comments. You can be serious or as outrageous as you can be. Number your comments by number according to how the pictures are arranged, okay? Enjoy the experiment and have fun!

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15 Responses to Perception Exercise

  1. Toni says:

    Thanks for the special mention, sweet boy. At parang kilala ko ang isang nasa pic ha.

    Person #1: His name is Mark. He’s in his early 30s, a Brand Manager, single and dating, no kids, quiet but matinik, straight. He’s not that happy with his life now only because he knows he still has a lot to achieve, a ladder to climb at work. Very goal-oriented ang lolo mo.

    Person #2: Her name is Fon (which means rain in Thai, if I’m not mistaken). She’s in her mid-20s, an Account Manager for an advertising agency, single and searching, no kids. She’s very creative but hasn’t discovered it yet. She’s still trapped by practicalities and rules so she’s stuck with Account Management. She blogs a lot at midnight. She’s straight. She’s happy with partying, hanging out with friends, going on trips and getting the perks of her work life, but she’s still searching for a lot: her ideal man, how to balance time for herself and family, and a safe secure place she can call home.

    Person #3: His name is Jon. He’s in his early 30s, a salesman, single, no kids. He’s reserved when you first meet him but once you get to know him better he’s pretty funny and a good storyteller. No kids. He’s gay but not a lot of people know that. His college barkada knows about his orientation but his family doesn’t. He’s pretty happy with his career because he just got promoted but the struggle to keep his secret from his family bothers him.

    Person #4: Her name is Maggie. She’s a 50-year-old lady, married with 3 kids. She’s a housewife who likes to do scrapbooks in her free time. She’s very proper and keeps her home spotless, but once you peek into the closets you’d see all the stuff crammed inside. She’s strict with her children and husband. Happy with her life? No, because she feels like she lost the love of her life during a summer vacation in Hawaii. He will always be the one who got away from her.


  2. tintin says:

    Hi Jerome! I want to try this out. This is a lot like the Thematic Apperception Test (a personality test). Here goes:

    1. This guy is in his late 30’s. He works in a multinational company as a Finance Officer. He’s married with two kids, a boy and a girl who are aged 4 and 2. He’s been married for 5 years and he seems dissatisfied with his life. He wants to go up the corporate ladder but his boss, a woman, is not supportive of him. He’s thinking of quitting his job but he’s also worried about his family. He has asked his wife not to work to take care of his kids, so he can’t just leave his job on a whim.

    2. This lady is in her late 20s. She is still single and has left her family to work in Singapore. She works as a programmer/analyst in a software development company. She supports her parents and younger siblings back home. she misses them, but she has no choice because her parents are old, her siblings are still in school, and she is the breadwinner of the family. She’s not really happy with her situation, though, because she wants to get married already and start a family. She is also worried that her boyfriend back home will get tired of waiting for her and will marry someone else.

    3. (Hmm, mukhang kilala ko to!) The man in the picture is in his early 20s. He is a fresh graduate of Electronics and Communications Engineering. He recently passed the board exams and has been accepted in a multinational company. He is in the States right now for a 1-month training. He is excited and scared at the same time about being in another country. He is proud of his accomplishments and wants to prove to his parents and siblings that he is not the worthless son they all think he is. He’s straight, doesn’t have a girlfriend yet, but has his eye on one of his co-trainees.

    4. This lady is 55 years old. She is an executive in a telecommunications company. She is married with 3 kids, all grown up but still single. She can’t wait to retire. She’s already stressed out from the pressure she receives from her bosses. She’s been working for most of her life and she’s thinking of opting for early retirment. She wants to go on a Caribbean cruise with her husband when she finally retires. She also can’t wait for her kids to get married and have children; she wants to be a grandmother already.

    Can’t wait to hear the results! 🙂

  3. annabanana says:

    okay, heto ang hirit ko:

    1. his name is raoul. he is in his 30s, he has a girlfriend, but tonight he will break up with her. he is thinking of the best way to break the news to her, and how to get his stuff from her apartment with very little damage. he works as a sports psychologist, and is a closet gay.

    2. her name is cynthia. she’s 32. she used to be in an abusive relationship, but found the courage to leave the man and start finding herself and her happiness. she is a very succesful public relations officer of a well known multi-national company. she loves to read, paint and play the cello in her spare time. she doesn’t know it yet, but a few minutes after this picture was taken, she will meet the man of her dreams.

    3. his name is drake. he is a bisexual. he works as a computer graphic designer, and is bored to bits with his job. he is in his early 30s, he has one daughter from a college girlfriend, who now lives in the USA. he doesn’t get to see them, since he gave up any claim to her daughter. he is looking for the perfect partner, but he is still confused if that person would be a female or a male. he is addicted to porn and cigarettes.

    4. this lady’s name is sarah, but she makes everybody call her aunt sarah. she is in her 50s, and is a homemaker. she used to be a librarian in a public highschool, but gave up her job when she got married at the age of 45. they have 2 adopted sons, a cat, a dog and a fish named winona. she loves gardening, baking and gambling. right now she is very worried because she just got off the phone with her bank manager informing her that she is once again late in paying their mortagage. her husband knows nothing of their financial problems, and she tries to cover everything with lies, lies and more lies.

    jerome dear, i used to do this kind of exercise in college. would you believe that i based my answers from real life people that i know?

  4. Ganns says:

    Helping you out, Jerome. 🙂

    1. This is 29-year-old Lito. An engineer by profession, this married father of two is having an affair with his secretary. Not accustomed to waiting and no stranger to getting what he wants, Lito occasionally feels twinges of guilt for his infidelity, but continues to pursue it for lack of a better way out. Deep inside his heart, he wishes he had pursued his first love instead: culinary arts, and imagines himself to be the next Ming Tsai, only darker and more brooding.

    2. 26-year-old Mei Ling is a software developer based in Singapore. Her strict and traditional Chinese parents do not approve of her Sri Lankan boyfriend of six years, but she continues to date him because she recently gave up her virginity to him and she cannot see herself living a life without him. She continues to expect a proposal, not knowing that he has no plans to marry her because his parents do not approve of her Chinese heritage. Her condominium is home to two former members of Taiwanese boyband F4.

    3. David is a 31-year-old call center agent living the good life in Manila. Recently promoted to the upper tiers of the multinational call center agency for whom he works, he lives in with his boyfriend of three years. They have a cat, two dogs, and a goldfish named Homer.

    4. Susan’s third appearance on the Oprah Show featured an update on the former president of the Girl Scouts of America. The 50-year-old mother of four featured prominently in the 2005 Girl Scouts scandal that found the chocolate thin mints lite actually contained even more calories than the regular thin mints. As a result, Susan was forced to resign as president of the GSA. Three of her neighbors are trying to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with her.

  5. ajay says:

    Hi Jerome. Thanks for leaving a comment and enlightening me about this exercise..sorry if my answers will not be as extensive as the others,lol

    1. I think this guy is gay. wala lang, i just smell it, hehe.He works in business.

    2. City girl ito..obvious ba dahil sa background,eheh? I woul think she has one kid, in marketing or travel.a hard worker, no-nonsense type of girl.

    3. Guy from the IT industry ata ito. married with two kids.mukhang me indian blood.serious type.

    4. this woman is 49 or 50 with about three grown-up children. she looks here likes she’s an expert on something because she’s being interviewed. probably works in the field of education or training.

  6. quotidian says:

    Hi Jerome!
    Eto ang tumatakbo sa utak ko:


    AGE: Mid-30s
    OCCUPATION: Manager
    CIVIL STATUS: Single (he has no ring)
    SEXUAL ORIENTATION: could be straight or gay
    WHAT STATE ARE THEY IN: tired but intently listening/thinking
    WHY: mukhang nasa hotel for a meeting

    AGE: Early 30s
    OCCUPATION: in the financial industry (nagsa-scarf dahil malamig?)
    CIVIL STATUS: married
    PERSONALITY (WHAT THEY ARE LIKE): aggressive but fair manager
    WHY: siympre – nagpo-pose, e

    Hmmm….the picture looks strange – was her profile superimposed on the city skyline?

    AGE: late 20s
    OCCUPATION: assistant manager level
    CIVIL STATUS: married
    WHAT STATE ARE THEY IN: anxious and stressed
    WHY: wants to have lunch

    AGE: late 40s
    CIVIL STATUS: married
    WHY: she’s being put on the defensive


    Jerome, you might want to read Malcolm Gladwell’s BLINK – if you haven’t. It’s a great book on intuition and people’s innate prejudices.


  7. My float says:

    1. He’s 19, a lawyer and single. he has no children and is fairly outgoing when he needs to be. He’s gay. He’s in a reflective move because he’s watching tv in his hotel room after a long day at a conference.

    2. She’s 22 and a business student. She’s married with no kids and is fairly shy. She’s straight, would never consider anything else, or an affair. She’s fairly happy because she’s watching her ship come in!

    3. He’s 32 and working in IT. He’s married with one new baby. he’s fairly intense, is straight and at this point is bored and annoyed with whoever is taking up his time during his lunch break

    4. She is 57, gay, single and a mother of two. She’s a teacher and is fairly concerned and sad because she’s talking about a serious issue on some talk show

  8. My float says:

    PS. Here from Michele’s.

  9. karol says:

    Hi jerome. I’m trying this out, though medyo drained na ang aking brain…but i’ll do my best! =D

    Person 1 is Manuel. He is 31 years old and is the eldest among 4 children. He works for a Multinational Company, as a Sales and Marketing Officer. He is single, attached, and straight. He has been with his girlfriend for 3 years and they are considering marriage in a year or two. Manuel is intelligent and charming. He has no difficulty with his job and sometimes feels bored with what he’s doing. He’s been looking forward to a promotion for a year now but the bosses seem to think that he is not ready. He feels disappointed about this, but he does not let in get in the way of his performance at work.

    Person 2 is Eula. She is an OFW at Hongkong. She’s 27 years old. She started working there at the age of 25. She’s a front desk officer/receptionist at one of the 5star hotels in Hongkong. She went to Hongkong to be independent as her parents are strict, traditional Chinese. She is currently single (just broke up with her boyfriend of 2 years). She is a fun and friendly person, very transparent and frank. She always has trouble with her relationships, probably because she asks for too much. She is still hurting from her previous relationship, although she tries to hide it.

    Person 3 is an IT Officer for one of the largest IT firms in Manila. He is 29 years. He is bisexual, although he finds it hard to admit it as he still likes to do manly stuff (sports, techie stuff, etc.). He is currently single but he wishes to find “the one”. He is very witty, street-smart, and loving. He was brought up well and is very close to his family (being the youngest in a brood of 6), which is why he has difficulty accepting who his sexuality. Right now, he’s taking things one day at a time, trying to discover himself and accept himself. He is neither happy nor sad.

    Person 4 is Marie, a 57 year-old widow, with 3 grown-up successful kids. She used to teach Microbiology at the state university. She recently had her early retirement because her husband died of heart attack and she felt she couldn’t do her job well because of loneliness. She spends her days reading and trying to write a book on Food Microbiology. She is slowly beginning to accept her loss and is currently dating one of her previous colleages in the university.

    There. =D Ang saya nito ah. Hehe.
    To answer your question in my blog, btw, yep, i’m going home…actually, sa thurs na! yahoo!!!!

  10. lani says:

    Person #1 is Jay. He is 26 years old, an account executive. Jay is single, but a closet-queen. He is confused right now because he wants to tell his loved ones who he is and be true with his own identity. But he is not sure if his family (especially his father) will accept that he’s a gay.

    Person #2 is Cha. She is 23 years old, single. She is a flight stewardess who works hard to support her family. She doesn’t have a boyfriend right now because her priority is her family and career. She is an ambitious young lady. She is happy with her life.

    Person #3 is Ben. He is a marketing director, 29 years old and married. Ben has a 1-yr-old daughter and she is his source of strength. He is not satisfied with his present salary and wants to look for a greener pasture.

    Person #4 is Marga. She is 57 years old, divorced, with 2 kids. Her son is 25 years old and her daughter is 21 years old. She has 2 grandchildren. She is a retired college professor. She has her own ups and downs in life that’s why she is sharing it with everybody watching the TV while she is being interviewed by Oprah. She is happy with her life.

  11. tintin says:

    hi jerome! kelan mo ilalabas ang results nito? excited ako! haha! i love exercises like this. 🙂

  12. HELLO, GUYS! Wow! A huge and stellar thank you for all who took time to comment on my entry. I’m still in Nasugbu right now, running a training for in-plant fp motivators. Be back by Saturday. Expect results of this exercise. Thanks. You have helped me a lot (now i have a lot of work to do in processing your comments. lol)

    Love you all! (blows kisses to everyone)

  13. Holy C***!!! There’s no way you will be allowed to process the results of THAT photo, Jerome, ha ha ha!

  14. jher says:

    hahahahahah ayan na may nag reak na ang may ari ng picture! LOL

  15. melai says:

    ayan na daw ang isang me-ari ng litrato pano ko pa siya itsitsismis?
    anyways dahil labs kita
    tsitsismis ko pa rin siya 🙂

    1.siya si citizen of the world, mid 30’s, me balak mag-artista pero nadismaya sa palakasan system sa showbiz kaya nagtrabaho na lang bouncer sa club, may asawa at dalawang anak. Sobrang mahal niya asawa niya, kaya kahit na marami siyang nakikitang babae sa club di niya pinapansin ang mga to .. madalas naiisip niya na hindi na kakayanin ng trabaho niya bilang bouncer ang pamilya nya …lalo nat mukhang materyosa asawa niya…mas malaki daw ang kita ng dancer baka mag macho dancer na lang siya.(lagot ako!!!joke lang po citizen :))

    2. Li lin is 26 years old, working as a flight attendant sa SIA, Single but currently pregnant courtesy ng Malaysian bf, but since ang focous nila pareho ay ang mga career nila ….. specially the guy na me bagong tayong IT company with some filipino IT geek,wala silang planong magsettle down … Iniisip niya ngayon kung itutuloy niya ang bata o hindi ..dahil pag nalaman ng SIA na preggy siya … chuk chak chenes siya sa work ..bawal buntis kasi me asawa man o wala e.

    3. THis guy ….. is working with Li lin’s boyfriend ..isa siya sa mga pinoy IT geek ,in his 30’s, single and looking …. hinahanap niya ko …pero di ako papakita …never…..

    4. This lady is 55 years old married with 3 kids ..wala lang ..wala akong masabi sa kaniya.


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