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Christmas Tree 2011 Concept – Autumn Pink Christmas!!!

Last year, it was gold. This year, it is autumn pink! A little back story of how the tree turned out.  I was gunning for fluorescent pink. But when I sprayed my tree–which was pine green–the tree turned out to … Continue reading

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Relationship 101: The Rules about Movie Selection

Husband and I have these rules about what movies to watch during weekends: (1)  If either of us does not like a certain movie or is not so sure whether he likes it or not, it should be parked for the meantime and decide on … Continue reading

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Unleashing the Bitch Within

“Sometimes, being a high-riding bitch is all that a woman can hang on to…” – Vera Donovan, Judy Parfitt’s character in Dolores Claiborne “Hwat are beaches for but to beach around weeth fellow beaches.” – Jennifer Cortez in “Temptation Island” … Continue reading

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Yup.  That’s me…tomorrow…Feb. 6…Ash Wednesday…my birthday…I am 34 years old…

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An Open Letter to The Other Man in My Life

To my dearest Duke: I do not have the words to express my gratitude and appreciation over the gift that I have received from you.  I was overwhelmed by your warmth, kindness, and sweetness that I could not stop talking … Continue reading

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Bridget Jones’s Dance with Dengue

Yes, dear blogfriends! I just came home from a 3-day confinement in the hospital for Dengue!  (cries)  I know!  It’s so third world public health! (wails and sobs) I was not able to go to office on Friday because of … Continue reading

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Mario’s Restaurant – A Tradition of Love and Romance

My Mark Darcy and I were in our honeymoon in Davao when we received an invitation to the launching of Mario’s Restaurant’s Holiday Treats and Buffet.  Bloggers were invited to the launching for the establishment to have web presence, as … Continue reading

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