Bukidnon, Here I Come!

Yep!  I’m going on a tour of Bukidnon…from North Skyland to South Skyland.  This is going to be interesting…and tiring of course.  So, I will leave all of you in peace for a little while.  My flight back to Manila is on Saturday.  What I promise you is a juicy entry this weekend.  Watch out for…


Ugh…I can almost feel the excitement.  (blows butterfly kisses to everyone)

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7 Responses to Bukidnon, Here I Come!

  1. jher says:

    siguraduhin lang na hindi pagmumulan ng gulo to. LOL. Ingat ka dyan my love.

  2. karol says:

    have fun!!! =D

  3. atticus says:

    awww. ang sweet niyo talagang dalawa.

  4. _ice_ says:

    wow bukidnon??? been there malapit lng yan sa amin… punta ka na rin ng cagyan malapit lng yon.. hehehhe


  5. Joy says:

    how was your trip? Hope it was fun. I miss Bukidnon’s pineapples!

  6. tom says:

    well, ingatz bro! nice to meet ya! linked u up as well.

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