LP # 12: Itay (Dad)

I have a sad father story (click this).  So, I had a hard time thinking of this week’s Litratong Pinoy project.  Then I remembered these two pictures taken by husband during our pre-photography days and his post-National Geographic Windows to Asia win (click this to view his glory):

Husband and I were having coffee at San Francisco Coffee at Robinson’s Place Manila when this child approached me and started “talking” to me.  It was a Kodak moment and this rippled to a lot of things:  (1)  I made a video about fathers and babies, (2)  I tried to visualize myself with a child–a failed attempt to introspection, I tell you, and (3) I asked Husband about us having kids–I shall not comment on the outcomes of that conversation. Hehehehe! Peace, babe!  Here’s another pic of husband and I with my best friend’s daughter, Reese Cameron…(yes, I killed him for being so pinoy with the two names and combining the names of his favorite actresses)

Whatcha think? :-p

Anyhoo, here’s the video I’m talking about.  I think people need to give men a break sometimes with the slew of accusations of being sexists and chauvinists.  Enjoy!  I love the pictures I found…Hugs to everyone!

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8 Responses to LP # 12: Itay (Dad)

  1. binasa ko ang sad father story mo. speechlless ako. i wish you good things. 🙂

    favorite ko ang first picture. 😀

    Bagong Ama
    Magkalaro, Magkaibigan, Mag-ama

  2. ces says:

    ayos ito ah, mag-ama photo galore!

  3. Lizeth says:

    interesado ako sa sagot ni husband about having kids!Lol teasing lang!Ü

    happy friday!Ü

  4. julie says:

    OK ang video 🙂

  5. ner says:

    i read your sad story, too. thanks for sharing it. hope you’re ok na. 🙂

    i like the first pic as well.

    maligayang paglilitrato! 🙂

  6. teys says:

    salamat sa pag-share, uzi din ako sa sagot ni mister he he

    happy LP!

  7. toni says:

    Awwwwww love the vid Bridget. Kaka-touch!

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