My Award-winning Husband

This entry celebrates the extraordinary talent of a great man, Jerome Primavera Trinona. I am have a husband who has experienced extensive media mileage! Imagine, National Geographic Website, Phil. Star, and now, the Phil. Daily Inquirer. All of this because he is the 2nd Place Winner for the National Geographic Windows to Asia Photo Contest – Philippines. It is so amazing how his photo is always being featured considering he is the 2nd placer and no mention about the winner! (swoons over husband)

Here is the article from Phil. Daily Inquirer, Lifestlye Section D2 (half-page ang asawa ko grabeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!) Click for full size view.


That’s my husband’s photo (lower left): WAITING IN THE CITY. (strokes my long, shiny hair) I am so lucky to have a partner like him.

Visit my husband’s blog: Calm Before the Storm (the banner is his winning photo)

Visit the winners of the NGC-Sony Ericsson Windows to Asia Photo Contest by clicking this. Of course, go to the Philippines section to view the other winners in our country.

I love you, hubby wuvvy! (makes baby noises) Note to everyone: Bakit ko sya ipagpapalit, davah? 🙂

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13 Responses to My Award-winning Husband

  1. Kuya Bear says:

    Galing talaga ni papa Jher!!!! Super-talented. You are lucky Bridget!!!

  2. jher says:

    Thanks babe, grabe. Na shy naman ako. 😛

  3. atticus says:

    grabe. akala ko talaga nag-away kayo ni jher. nalongkot ako. buti na lang hindi totoo.

  4. toni says:

    Awww proud wifey si Bridget!

  5. Binati ko na jowa mo. Galing ever huh!

  6. ate sienna says:

    mother, ang ganda-ganda naman ng picture ni fafa. super beauteous talaga! (hmmmm… kung wala pang dslr si fafa, dapat ata yun ang regalo mo sa kanya.. ching!)

    congrats kay fafa ha.. pupuntahan ko din ang site nya. 🙂

  7. ate sienna says:

    .. actually, idadagdag ko lang, pinakamaganda ang kuha nyang pic sa lahat. 🙂

  8. curacha says:

    i already congratulate jher on his site, but congrats din syo for having a much talented partner. may you live happily ever after….

  9. ade says:

    Congrats! 🙂

  10. snglguy says:

    Hey, I know that contest! Galeeeeng! So what if it’s second place? Sa dami ba namng entry all across Asia… congrats Jher. 🙂

  11. Lyka Bergen says:

    At ang Misis? Anong nagawa? Ching!

    Congrats Jher!

  12. liz says:

    congratulations to your husband! i’ve seen his blog before and i am pleasantly surprised that he won. he deserves it, along with his stunning pictures. 😉

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