An Open Letter to the Silent Readers of…

Dear Silent Reader/s,

I am intrigued.  Why, you may ask?  Everyday, when I check my blog stats, I am constantly surprised that my entry, DIFFERENT WAYS TO MOAN DURING SEX, is always on the top 3 of the most viewed list.  I have unanswered questions.  The counter only measures the number of views but not who viewed the entry.  So, I would want to hear from you why this seems to be a very interesting topic to you.  Let’s call this, a social experiment–a study.  Feel free to drop me a line and comment.

Love lots,

Jerome aka Bridget Jones

P.S. to Everyone…

I am flying to Cebu tomorrow for a week-long stint. Ugh.  I am going to miss everyone again.  Especially my Mark Darcy.  (pouts)  Love you all! Group hug!  Hoy, mga silent readers, join in the group hug.  Kisses!


Wait for my next entry.  I have to compose myself.  My sister’s boyfriend asked for my blessing to marry her! (forces back tears) ….now you know why I need a moment….

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12 Responses to An Open Letter to the Silent Readers of…

  1. atticus says:

    hmmmm…ako hindi ko na binalikan ang pahinang iyon. wala akong ka-praktis kasi. punyemas.

  2. Moaning for bears is just a GRRRRRHHH.

    But one of the interesting types of moan ever was the one I saw in the French Film Amelie where this woman only whispered a short “oh” as she placed her left pinky at a corner of her open mouth while she was continually pounded by her mate.

    Of course for me, a short “oh” is never enough. Better still to GRRRRRRHHH than to utter “oh”!

    You’re flying here tomorrow???? For how many days??? Zut alors… I’l be flying to Caticlan tomorrow and meet my Bro Bear in Boracay. Enjoy!!!

  3. duke says:

    naku. bakit kaya.

    may bago na ako post.

  4. group huuuuggggg! boy antagal na since i was last here. mwah to bridge! hehehe….

  5. kalories says:

    hi bridget! how have you been??? just passing by…

  6. melai says:

    patay tayu dyan! nabuko na ba ko mare? lol!

  7. Madalas siguro nase-search ang entry na ‘yan. It also happens sa akin.

  8. Fredda says:

    testing lng if this will be published….i wrote a long comment about this yesterday but it went kaput!

  9. ate sienna says:

    does your counter tell you the source of the hit? kung google ang referrer or source mo (or any other search engine), that means may mga taong naghahanap ng tungkol sa moaning at sex and yours might be one of the top results.

    I’m not surprised. ikanga sa “Avenue Q”, the “the internet is for porn”. hehehehe

  10. Paeng says:

    ang dami kasing maghihit sa iyo pag may nagsearch sa Google ng word na sex.

    kaya ang style para dumami ang hits. type the word sex in every post. LOL

  11. junanteola says:

    i had figured this out earlier. i made a few entries before na sexual ang nature, hayun… pinakamadaming hits! at pabalik-balik sa top posts box ko. 🙂
    ewan. it seems most people just use the internet for sex, if not Friendster.

  12. karen says:

    hi there, i haven’t read the mentioned post yet… though now i plan to =)

    just want to drop you a line and admit i’m one of the silent lurkers in your blog. i just find it engaging and amusing.

    keep it up!

    btw, i joined the group hug!


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