Better Late Than Never – A Proposal to End this Squabble Over “What’s Best for the Philippines”

I just read the open letter of my dear blog friend in his blogspot, “Out of My Mind” (click on my links). In fairness, he is now famous and a lot of people have admired and lambasted his now [in]famous entry. I salute you, my friend, for speaking up. I also salute those people who have spoken up to express whatever they feel about the Philippines. But I guess, the real question is: HAVE WE REALLY DONE ANYTHING TO MAKE THE PHILIPPINES BETTER AND GREAT AGAIN, ASIDE FROM EXERCISING OUR FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION AND ASSEMBLY? I guess that’s where the real problem lies. All talk and no action. Blahblahblah. That’s what’s tiring. I want RESULTS, you sons of Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey in “Beaches”!!!

I am not a fan of current events eversince…much so nowadays. I don’t even watch or read the news (I actually go for the Entertainment and Lifestyle Sections and segments). Its depressing and it derails me from my focus, which is do what I have to do to fill in the gap of implementation in programs and services that the government should have been providing in the first place, via my work. But then, I felt it got out of hand, when I heard from Jher that PGMA declared 1017. I was so nervous that day I wasnt able to eat and thoughts of tanks and machine guns polluted my highly creative imagination. I almost puked from anxiety. When I got home, I got to watch lots of “intelligent” people dissecting the constitutionality of the declaration, business people expressing confidence and disgust about how the situation was handled, leftists shouting “foul”, senators and former political figures shouting “is this what we want??? another dictator???” , then the next day, there was an influx of articles and entries from the very powerful blogging nation. Then, Jher told me about the open letter in “Out of My Mind”. Then…i sat down…processed everything…and came to a conclusion…


Even before this highly celebrated coup attempt, I always had the fantasy of PGMA making a surprise visit in the House and Senate and just saying, “you have a problem with me? let’s get it over with, and then let’s discuss how we can make the Philippines great again.” Just like how Kevin Kline’s characted did in the movie, DAVE. I always believe that anything is possible. So, taking off from my inference that there are lots of smart and intelligent Filipinos out there who have brilliant ideas to “save” the Philippines, I have come up with a proposal…

Here’s what I propose to do. Why not have a 5-day workshop with representatives from all these smart and intelligent people with brilliant ideas. Someone just needs to harness these talents and brilliant ideas to make it matter. (Daldal nang daldal kasi, wala namang pinatutunguhan, mga leche talaga.) Who’s this powerful person who can put these minds together? Well, I would love to volunteer (ALONG WITH 9 other brave souls with the talent and skill of objective facilitation). It’s what I do, after all. I would love to get my hands on these smart and intelligent people with brilliant ideas and just…FACILITATE. I envision it to be attended by party representatives from the senate and the house (opposition and administration), the executive dept. (sana umupo si PGMA, it would be my dream to facilitate with her in the audience), leftists, representatives from the poor, from the farmers, students, medical field, business sector…MULTI-SECTORAL and MULTI-STAKEHOLDER in approach. Let’s just finally discuss the issues face-to-face, and come up with A WORKABLE AND REALISTIC PLAN OF ACTION. Middle ground for everyone. Hmm…i like this idea. I hope it could happen.
THE CHALLENGE: Take this proposal seriously. Name the time and place. Enough of the provocation of thoughts by creating noise. IT IS NOW TIME FOR US TO GRAB OUR BALLS AND FOR SOME SERIOUS ACTION AND RESULTS. If we keep on just engaging on a barrage of shouts and cries, we’ll just end up with no results, no progress, with a nasty sore throat and a very serious ear problem.
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  1. Mimay says:

    I second that motion!

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