Continuation of…”Away from Jerome…and Flirting…”

Hi, blogfriends! I’m baaaaaccckkk…in the office. Yes, straight from Cagayan de Oro, I went back to the office, to prepare for my departure for Cebu on Tuesday (yes, ah-gain…) Sus ginoo talaga! Para akong si Curacha, ang babaeng walang pahinga…

Anyway, I just wanted to continue why my previous blog elicits an illicit tone. It was meant to be that way, kasi I WAS FLIRTING on the net…pero with Jher pa rin (bakit may “pa rin”, I sounded disappointed. hahahahaha!). Kidding aside, I was flirting with him on the webcam. Making faces, kissing the webcam, licking it, showing my penis (gasps)…of course not. (in a British accent) I am so appalled and flabbergasted that you’d thought of me as someone who would expose my privates. Horrible. Hahahaha! Anyway, I loved flirting with him over the webcam…made me thought of naughty things that would be realized this weekend (hopefully).

Have a weekend everyone! Mmmmmwaaah!


Jher, I saw the blog about the university jokes. Taga-lasalle ako ha. (long pause with eyes glaring) But since the jokes are obviously about lasalle taft, its okay coz I’m from lasalle-dasmarinas. (rolls in laughter)

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2 Responses to Continuation of…”Away from Jerome…and Flirting…”

  1. annabanana says:

    eh ayun naman pala with jher rin pala, kaya okay lang!

  2. karol says:

    hehehe…ang cute2x nyo talaga. 😀 kakapagod naman ng work mo. pero ang saya!

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