The Power of Yoda…I mean, Yoga…

I was tempted to put a picture of the great Yoda in homage to the Sharon entry in Calm Before the Storm blogspot, where he placed a picture of Sharon Cuneta first instead of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who is the main feature of the blog. Witty and priceless…just priceless…

okay, what the hell, let’s do it! This blog is not about…


…it’s about Yooooooo-gaaaaa, Yoga!
There you go. Yo-ga’t it! (pushing too far, right?)

Anyway, as part of laying down the foundation for a new improved, vitamin-enriched me, I am now on a no-carb, no-sugar diet. Yes. I had a Bridget Jones epiphany when I saw my ass which is, as my guru has classily and most eloquently described, “the size of Brazil.” Uh-huh. In the spirit of the United Nations and the Philippines’ Millenium Development Goals, I too have set very important goals for improvement of the self. (My God, the achievement of these goals will greatly contribute to the MDG’s, so please don’t trivialize my efforts! *haughtily turns away*). I mean, I ended the year by dyeing my hair a brown color (actually its a mixture of medium brown and mocha. fabulous!), and getting sick with acute tonsilitis which forced me to go on a diet (I just love the benefits of being sick? hurrah to disease and illness! *claps*). Anyway, as part of the things to be done to achieve my personal MDG to lose 35 pounds by the end of January 2006, I am complementing the diet with regular yoga sessions in my room. uuuuh! i so look forward to my yoga sessions which usually takes me 2 hours. Here are some of the poses that I can now do.

(Top to bottom): virabhadrasana (warrior position), parsvottanasana, trikonasana, parsvakonasana, ardha chandrasana (half-moon position), setu bandhadandasana (variation of bridge position), supta parivrttasana, sarvangasana, and halasana.

As the fundamental pose and what I use to begin my yoga session, the picture found in the beginning of this blog is the basic pose called, tadasana (mountain pose). To cool down, I use another variation of the upavishta parivrttasana position. I can’t wait to do more of the poses. I’m no yoga expert but I feel great and relaxed after each round of these poses. We often hear the phrase in yoga, “find your center”, I sure have, my loves… 🙂

Acknowledgment: Thank you to for the pics. Please visit the website for more of the poses.

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1 Response to The Power of Yoda…I mean, Yoga…

  1. Jher says:

    Nice! I believe I just performed one position just this afternoon… with help of course… *wink*

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