My Manila Post Office Romance

Sitting in front of the post office by the fountain at the heart of Liwasang Bonifacio waiting for loved one, Jerome. So romantic. (Wanted to wait on the bench where Richard Gomez and Regine Velasquez shot most of their scenes in the movie, Hanggang Ngayon, however there was this group of young kids who were just clowning around. Hmph.) Determined to have a perfect romantic evening, I concentrated on the thought of romance in a park (in Manila for that matter where parks are synonymous to “acts of lasciviousness” and “hada”) and reminisced the time we celebrated our 7th month together as a couple at the Japanese garden in Luneta. Armed with a picnic blanket and basket filled with lasagna (which I baked), cheese, and wine (in truth it’s just 1.5-L of Zesto Dalandan), we enjoyed the night and each other, satisfying our gastronomic and romantic whims.

This makes me think of how important creating romantic moments is in nurturing intimacy. It is more about the accumulation of small yet perfect things rather than the big things that usually happen sporadically. The sweet and naughty smiles, the stolen kisses while walking, dining out on squid balls, strolls by the seawall, these are the things that make me appreciate being with someone. It makes me feel alive—every minute, every second of everyday. I just love being in love…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hay. Kakainlab naman ng post!

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