Bridget Jones Experiences the Center for Culinary Arts’ Kitchen Discovery Class – A Lomo Essay

Last May 10, 2008, we attended the Kitchen Discovery Class of the Center for Culinary Arts (CCA) in Katipunan Ave. QC.  Personally, I had so much fun despite the fact that when I said yes to the event, I was under the assumption that I’ll be meeting Chef Tristan!  But we were treated with a better replacement, the master himself, the mentor of Chef Tristan and one of the founders of CCA, Chef Menoi!  Cutie alert!

Okay, the Kitchen Discovery Class is a one-day class, which is an avenue for aspiring chefs to discover if cooking is really for them before taking the plunge towards chefhood greatness.  When I came in, I already have the skills but I got very excited because I get to do it in a chef’s kitchen, in full-battle chef gear with the apron, cap, side towels, and shirt.  And the whole ensemble came free with the class!!!!  Ruby blushed on my behalf when I shouted in jubilation about the free apron.  I brought my fisheye with me that day so here’s a lomo essay for you:

Me, excited with the free apron and cap and side towel and shirt.  Kidding aside, I was excited with the large stove and the heavy pans!  We were to prepare Caramelized Salmon in Orange-Shoyu Sauce with Mixed Vegetables and Soba Noodles.

Ruby with husband, Jher, and Penny looking over, while wrestling with the vegetables.  Ruby peeled her finger while peeling the ginger.  (Nalito sya kasi walang pinagkaiba…hahahahaha!)

The group was broken into 3 teams of 5.  Team 2 was struggling a little bit.

Ruby, after a heavy nosebleed from listening to Chef Menoi’s lecture, smiled at my fisheye.

And this is the finished product:  Caramelized Salmon in Orange-Shoyu Sauce and Mixed Vegetables with Soba Noodles.  This part I loved!  In the Kitchen Discovery Class, you will also be taught how to plate your food.

The brown sauce is the Shoyu Sauce (reduced balsamic vinegar and soy sauce) and the yellow sauce was made from reduced white wine, lemongrass stock, and butter.  Yummo!

Our team (L-R): Rian, Penny, Ruby, Jher, and I with Chef Menoi and our plate.  We were declared as the best team since we cleaned as we went and the sauce reduction was close to perfection.

At the end of the class, Jher and I took our cooking skills to the next level.  And we have the certificates to prove it!  Yehey!

So, if you want to experience the Kitchen Discovery Class and be like Chef Menoi here in action, visit the Center for Culinary Arts Manila, 287 Katipunan Ave. Loyola Heights, Q.C. right across the Ateneo Gym.  Or you can contact them at (632) 4264840 to 41 or email them at or visit their website: for more information about their courses.

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  1. chi says:

    Hi, saw you in the article featured today in the lifestyle section of Inquirer written by Ruby, all smiles with your apron…. La lang…=)

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