I Shot my Mom…Finally

It is every son’s dream…(rolls in laughter)

Last Friday was photo shoot day with my mom and sister, Gilda.  You can visit my multiply site, Bridget Jones is a Photography Virgin, for more photos but here’s a sampler!  Continue after jump.


This picture taken before we left for Intramuros.  And this…


Aaaaaaww……I just love them….

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8 Responses to I Shot my Mom…Finally

  1. Paeng says:

    naks. 🙂 i like the INtramuros pic. 🙂

  2. Atticus says:

    i can tell your mom is a fun person. gaganda ng mga kuha!

  3. Ade says:

    Awesome shots. I suck at photography.

  4. duke says:

    aba aba aba. putograper ka na.

  5. manilenya says:

    ganda ng composition mare tsk tsk tsk…galing 🙂

  6. chase says:

    Oh my those are nice shots dahling!

  7. kalories says:

    ang cute ng shots!!! 🙂 how are you bridget? 🙂

  8. amikus says:

    beautiful. parang pang post cards 🙂

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