I am Photographer!

I wish!  Okay, back story…

When we moved to our previous house, we found this box full of crap.  We asked the owner what we should do with it.  They said, I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU DO WITH IT.  Fine.  So, before throwing it out, my mom and I decided to rummage through the pile of sh…things. (hehehe)  What did I find?

Two cameras!


Vivitar V3000s (which sells at $400 on eBay. Yup.  To generate funds was my initial instinct. hahahahaha)

…and a Konica C35 (which sells at 375 pounds on eBay.  Talagang gustong ibenta na lang??? hahahahaha)


Anyway, so we found two cameras. So what.  We did not really care maybe more because they are film cameras.  What will I do with those right?  Enter Redjeulle

Ah, yes.  Redjeulle the fag hag with Down Syndrome.  Hahahahahaha!  Peace, gurl!  Oh, she is my dear, dear muse!  Aside from my husband who is Finalist in Windows to Asia Photo Contest and 2nd placer in the Philippines!  Well, Redjeulle is the one who inspired me to explore the camera’s capabilities.  Plus given the fact that she is a photographer and a lomographer.  So, I explored!  People are laughing at me when they discover that I am using a film camera with the digital age and all.  But honey, when I had the pictures developed (they call it printing to CD), it’s a feeling of orgasm….hahahahahaha!  Ugh!  Patience is not my virtue so you could just imagine my excitement, not to mention the gratification when I finally saw the pictures.  They are not perfect but I am more than satisfied.  I only read a photography book for the principles yet I was able to produce nice pictures!

Thanks to my award-winning husband and my muse, Redjeulle.  Luv yu both!  This is me now…taken by my husband of course.


Nice effect!  Love it!  If you want to take a look at my photows, visit my multiply account by clicking here!  Hugs to everyone!

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9 Responses to I am Photographer!

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  2. SUPERPASYAL says:

    it really is nice to go back to film. Napaka exciting kasi and it requires so much skill, too! Congratulations on your find! Parang treasure trove! I can only imagine how excited you gays were.

  3. Atticus says:

    susme. sarap mag-hunting ng valuables sa bahay niyo.

    ganda ng mga camera na iyan. kapag may lomo ka, sabihin mo sa akin. akin na lang.

  4. redjeulle says:

    Down’s syndrome? I prefer schizoprenic.

  5. nastypen says:

    Mas maganda pa rin ang quality ng film photographs as opposed to digital photos. I LOVE your newfound old cameras!!!! Ingatan mo yan!

  6. Lani says:

    Very nice naman ang mga picture, mukang malaki ang iyong kinabukasan sa photography, galing!!!

  7. toni says:

    Oh my! Ang ganda ng picture!!! More more! Ay may Multiply nga pala. Punta na ako don ngayon din!!

    Great finds ha! Swerte naman! Ang iba nakikita lang dustballs and old magazines, pero ikaw, cameras!!!

  8. chase says:

    Yeah you are lucky gurl to find those cams. In my case, I think I dont have the patience with film cameras and since I usually developed most of my pictures digitally.

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