Happy and Blondie – My Lesbian Dogs

Hahahahahahahaha!  I think they are just REALLY close. (rolls in laughter)

Okay, after that melodramatic post about me blabbing about hatred and bigotry, and after all the loving comments from dearest friends and people who I do not even know who expressed their love for me, it’s time to bring a smile to all of your faces.  Because it is the responsibility of a Miss Universe title holder to bring joy and happiness to the world through beautiful things.  Hahahahaha!  So, meet my two dogs:  Blondie and Happy.

This is BLONDIE!  I think she’s a CHIHUAKAL (chihuahuang askal. hahahaha!)  But she is the sweetest!


…and knows how to work the camera! (Just like her mistress. Hahahaha!)


And this is HAPPY.  She’s a chocolate labrador.  She was an engagement gift for my sister.  Oh my!  Only now have I realized that both of us are engaged!  Hopefully, hindi sukob ang kasal namin.  (rolls in laughter).  Isn’t she adorable????


I am also fascinated with the fact that she loves water!  Her doctor (yes, she has a doctor.) informed us that labradors feel hot, hence…instant beach partners.  Case in point:


She goes to the planggana to submerge herself in water!  (cue mother screaming, “Happy!!!!  Ang mga labahan ko!!!!”)  But just like Blondie and her fabulous mistress, she is a supermodel…


Isn’t this a fabulous shot????  Aaaaaw! How cute, right?  I hope my dogs brightened up your day.  You could just imagine how they make me happy on a day-to-day basis.

Till next time, blogfriends!  Hugs and Kisses from me…Jerome…aka Bridget Jones….

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10 Responses to Happy and Blondie – My Lesbian Dogs

  1. jher says:

    I love them! Two of the most sweetest dogs I know, oh make that three coz my own askal Winona is so sweet too. Too bad she’s not as pretty. Hahahaha!

  2. chi says:

    I love dogs too. We have 7 in all, 2 of them died already…Mas marami pa sila kaysa samin naninirahan sa bahay. hehe..Cute dogs!

  3. SUPERPASYAL says:

    OH MY GOD!!!! So adorable! I love dogs (both real ones and those with dog-like tendencies).

  4. Lani says:

    they are really cute, at talagang nakakaaliw ang may aso sa buhay. minsan nga mas ok pa na aso ang laging kasama kesa ang mga walang kwentang tao, hehehe.

  5. Atticus says:

    omg. i don’t always like dogs (hindi ko nga maalagaan sarili ko, aso pa?) but the planggana-hugging lab is so cute. gusto ko na yatang magka-aso.

    saka na boyfriend. mas may pakinabang ang aso. hehehe.

  6. reyna elena says:

    Hello Bridget,

    I ran across your blog through the Empress. I love your dog especially na mega swim ever sya sa pool (planggannita pala) hahaha, never really knew about this one sa mga kagaya nya!

  7. Maita says:

    Yes, totally brightened up my day! Thank yo for posting this!

  8. toni says:

    They do look the sweetest!!! I particularly like that last shot. So cute!

  9. duke says:

    FYI: the DUKE is back. 🙂

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