My Naomi Campbell Moment

I am on a roll, dahlins!  Thank you for your comments in my previous entry on my kagagahans.  And due to my dear friend, Atticus’s request, I am giving you my Naomi Campbell moment:  The Famous Fall…caught on camera:


Here’s Naomi Campbell who stumbled and fell in a 1993 Vivien Westwood show.  This is me…


See the tree stumps?  My friends and I decided to have a photo shoot so I picked the tree stumps as my spot.  I did an H-pose when I twirled, that’s when I realized that it was not rooted!  So, I fell.  (My friend was so sweet!  Instead of helping me, he photographed my misfortune!)  But as Carrie Bradshaw said, “In real life, when you fall, you just have to get up and continue walking.”  Me?  Before I got up, I decided to strike a pose….


I may have fallen…but who says that I should stop being a star, right? (I said that with an arched brow)

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16 Responses to My Naomi Campbell Moment

  1. gorjess says:

    one of the greates fall in fashion world evah

  2. Atticus says:

    poised pa rin kahit nadapa. kumusta naman diyan, miriam quiambao?

  3. ate bridget! gravity can bring down our physical self, but never, ever, our glamorous self!

  4. K says:

    Hahaha “after the jump” naka pose pa rin. I once told Mirriam Q (yes I did up close and personal) during her time with Claudio in HK, sabi nya, “masakit daw talaga yung pagkadapa” nya nun.

    And she’s really beautiful… like you in that picture.

  5. ladybug says:

    Wow! Kahit na nahulog ka beauty ka pa rin at poised. Hahahaha. 😀

  6. Atticus says:

    nga pala, wadahek is an “H pose?”

  7. Lani says:

    well, stariray pa rin kahit bumagsak, very classy.

  8. Rachel Smith, ikaw ba ‘yan?

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  10. toni says:

    Graceful pa rin kahit pagkatapos madapa!

  11. snglguy says:

    Eh ano naman ang isinigaw mo nung nahulog ka? “AY P**E!!!”?? 😀

  12. Lyka Bergen says:

    Oh yes…. Dont worry dahling! Even the stars fall down sometimes….. and its amazing to see one!

    You still look Viva! I mean….. Regal!

  13. chase says:

    well at least your poise and beauty is still intact! Bongga!

  14. lutchi says:

    blog hopin’…nice blog u have. TC and visit me if u have time

  15. Pearl says:

    *BRAVO!* That was such a graceful fall..hehehe….Mr. Bridget, coooolll site you got here. Bisita ulit ako ha 🙂

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