I talked to Julie Vega and Ninoy Aquino…

For people (young ones specifically) who do not know Julie Vega, she was this very popular child actress back in the early 80’s who starred in the hit TV series, Annaliza, competition of another hit TV series, Flordeluna, top-billed by then child actress, Janice de Belen.  Julie Vega also starred in one of the episodes of “Lovingly Yours, Helen” the Movie where she scared the hell out of movie-goers playing a demon-possessed girl.  After that movie, she died of broncho-pneumonia.  However, media played up her death as the work of engkantos from shooting in a remote location.  I will never forget that front page photo of her in full demonic possession make-up in People’s Journal.I got to remember her because of the movie I watched with husband.  We watched Ouija which is a version of the popular game called spirit of the glass.  I will not review the film.  What I want to share with you (as I shared it with Mark Darcy) is my experience.  At this point, I ask you to keep an open mind…

(cue haunting music, dissolve to flashback) 

Circa 1986.  My friends were cheering for me to climb over the fence of our school since the main gate was being locked at 1:00 p.m. since our school believes in discipline. Yup, as early as high school, I already realized that public school education is the best when it comes to discipline.  Therefore, I looked at the fence, hauled my ass over and as my feet landed on the ground, my tropa cheered–it was my first time to cut classes. (What can I say?  I lived dangerously back in high school. Hahahaha!)  What was this urgent situation that made me–consistent honor student-slash-editor in chief of our school paper-slash-role model to the entire student body–to cut classes?  Well…I could not resist the opportunity to play SPIRIT OF THE GLASS…Still in our uniforms, we arrived at our house (Our circle was composed of 5 boys and 4 girls and we called ourselves Rated K.  Hey, give us a break!  It’s  high school for crying out loud. Hmph).  Four of our girl-friends who were veterans in spirit of the glass gave specific instructions that only they have to open the portals bridging the worlds of the living and the dead.  (To reader:  stop the eye-rolling, I saw you.)  So, the 5 boys left our girl-friends in my room for them to open the portals.  For those interested, these are the materials you need:

  • A mock ouija board made out of simple paper.  Before, we used the back of a large calendar–you know?  New year giveaways of hardware stores?  Hahahaha!
  • In the center of the paper, trace the glass rim (preferably the thick one used in carinderias or anything small) to draw a circle.  Label it with HOME.  This is the spirit’s “home base.”
  • On left and right sides of HOME and with an inch of space, draw two circles and label them with YES and NO.
  • On the top and bottom of HOME, draw two circles and label it with GOOD and BAD.
  • Around the perimeter of the paper, eyeballing a half-inch border and even distribution, draw 26 circles using the same glass and label each circle with the letters of the alphabet.
  • Below the alphabet circles, draw 10 circles and label each circle with numbers from 0-9.

To start the game:

  • Place the inverted glass over the HOME base.
  • Players should place their index and middle fingers on the glass, just enough to touch it.  DON’T PRESS.
  • Players would then close their eyes and pause for a minute of silence, concentrating on the glass.
  • Start praying one “I Believe in God”, one “Our Father”, one “Hail Mary”, and one “Glory Be”…WITHOUT “AMEN”…
  • After the amen-less prayers, leader should ask, “Spirit of the Glass, are you there?”  If you are effective, the glass will move to YES.  (Except kung pilosopo ang spirit, pupunta sya sa NO. Hahahahaha!)
  • Ask the spirit if the is a good or a bad spirit, if it says it is a bad spirit, press on the glass to stop it from moving, order it to leave.

So, the Magic Four did all that.  One by one, us boys were given permission by the spirit to enter my room and talk to them.  I was the fourth one to be called in.  I walked in my room, 3 of my friends were like a pinwheel while they were touching the glass.  It was moving.  The scientist in me ordered me not to jump in excitement.  I told them with utmost skepticism, “Are you sure you are not just pushing the glass?”  The lead told me to sit down and just touch the glass myself and ask the spirit a question.  Slowly, just like how the Red Sea parted, my 3 friends cleared the board to allow me to prove the authenticity of the phenomenon.  Everyone fell quiet as I sat down and I placed my forefinger on the tip of the inverted glass, barely touching it, and asked my first question:  “What’s your name?”  And blogfriends I swear on my life…the glass moved and spelled a name:  JULIE VEGA.  Oh my dear!  Goosebumps!!!  But of course, I wanted proof.  I asked again:  “If you are Julie Vega, what is the title of your hit single?”  Glass moved again and spelled:  SOMEWHERE IN MY PAST.  Yaikks!!!  I was in to it.  I was saying something to my friend when the glass moved again and spelled what later turned out to be a request:  CAN YOU SING MY SONG?  My friend Noemi heeded her request and began singing her song.  And guys, you would not believe this but while my friend was singing, the glass slowly glided the entire perimeter of the board as if it was Julie Vega dancing!  Ugh.  I was barely touching it, blogfriends, promise!  When it returned to home base, we continued our conversation for another 2 hours asking lots of questions.  After 2 hours of relentless conversing, Julie said she wanted to rest.  I asked the lead what we can do next.  She said we can still call for other spirits.  Apparently, the scariest moment in the session is the first spirit who is an unknown—it can be a good or a bad spirit.  Tip is, if it is a bad spirit, you just have to order it to leave and it will.  But if it is a good spirit, you can go ahead and talk to it and ask for someone specific afterwards.  Before Julie Vega, my friends informed me they were able to talk to one of my friends’ father, one’s grandma (they said the glass kept on misspelling.  Apparently, grandma can’t see well so they took the extra mile and “oriented” grandma on placement of letters on the board.  To the reader:  there you go again with the eye-rolling. Hmph).


Anyway, after Julie Vega, we asked her if we can talk to…NINOY AQUINO.  And when she left, Ninoy Aquino was there.  He gave proof by stating his birthday, the title of Kris Aquino’s TV show back when she was still a teeny bopper (sige nga?  Anong title? Hehehe.), the date of his death, etc.  Naturally, questions revolved around his unsolved death.  He said it was the Marcoses who had him killed and that there is only one person who has evidence that can prove it.  The Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys in us asked the million dollar question:  WHO HAS EVIDENCE TO PROVE YOUR DEATH?  Glass slid…C-O-C-O-Y-L-A-U-R-E-L then back to home.  Of course since I was the only gay guy in the group, I gasped, while my other friends were confused as to who the hell Cocoy Laurel was.  I said, “He’s a stage actor.” (friends still have no idea) “He’s Nora Aunor’s current boyfriend.”  Then they exclaimed, “Aaaaah.  The one with the weird, fake eye!”  (rolls in laughter)  Anyway, we got impatient with the spelling so one of my friends asked Ninoy:  CAN WE TALK TO YOU?  I said, “Wait, wait!  What the hell are you doing?”  The glass slid to YES.  We were alarmed at that moment. My friend continued asking:  DO YOU WANT TO USE ONE OF US AS A MEDIUM?  It slid to YES.  Internally, most of us were panicking.  So I just said to Ninoy, CAN YOU JUST USE SOMETHING ELSE?  LIKE THE TV, FOR EXAMPLE?  Glass did not move.  We looked at each other.  Minutes passed, no movement.  We were asking each other, “Do you think he already left?  Then the glass moved and spelled:  GO TO CHANNEL 6.  I said, “But it’s a dead channel”  The glass moved and spelled again:  GO TO CHANNEL 6.  COUNT TO 10.  We were excited and afraid!  I turned on the TV and turned the dial to channel 6.  All of us stood by the door, some carrying their shoes.  We counted:









9-(everyone paused)-



only the TV noise accompanied by that rainy texture on TV signifying the lack of feed.  We could hear our hearts beating.  I asked, “Ninoy, are you there?”  TV noise continues.  Everyone was silent for another 5 minutes, all of us staring at the TV screen for any sign of communication.  One of my friends went to the TV to adjust the volume then the joker in our group just let out a growl!  Everyone friggin’ screamed!!!!  We pummeled on the jerk while one of the girls sobbed and cried from fright.  We returned to the board and asked if Ninoy was still there.  Glass slid and spelled:  I TRIED.  I’M SORRY.  I’M TIRED.  We thanked Ninoy and promised we would do everything to solve his crime.  After that, we bid goodbye to him…he was gone.  After everyone recovered from the fright, we went on discussing and farming out tasks to reach Cocoy Laurel.  Of course, to date, Ninoy’s case remains unsolved.  But that night, I got to think:  WAS THERE ANY TRUTH TO EVERYTHING THAT HAS HAPPENED?  Since we used my room, are they still here?  I prayed hard that night. 



It was nice to remember my encounter with the supernatural.  It has reminded me that in keeping an open mind, one can discover more things. J

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25 Responses to I talked to Julie Vega and Ninoy Aquino…

  1. jher says:

    Nakita ko ang nakita ko!

    Hahahahahah! Di ko kinaya eto.

  2. duke says:

    i remember julie vega. the last time i saw her on tv alive was when she was singing “can this be true~~ could i be wrong~~ on GMA supershow . of course yung lyrics ko eh mali mali na naman “can this be true, good afterall~~~”. panalo.

    I think she died the next day. my sister and I were enrolled at speech power that summer and we saw the headlines in the the tabloids beside the building. Days later they were showing her past films on TV and there’s this movie where she is riding a jeepney and by some freak accident the metal rods from the truck in front of them goes through the windshield and pierce Julie Vega’s chest. and she gives her eyes (note, eyes, not corneas) to her blind leading man.

    and i thought she really died like that.

    and my sister couldn’t care less because the Menudos were in town and she had a big crush on Ricky Martin. D.U.H.

  3. ganns says:

    Wow, Bridget. That sounds like quite an experience. Sheeee.

    For me, well, I’ve always deviated from activities like that, and I hope we can agree to disagree on the topic as friends. It’s not about being closed-minded, or doubting that your encounters can be real, but dabbling in that kind of activity can be really dangerous. My two cents lang po. Have a great day!

  4. Dinna says:

    Bridget, I so agree with you that it is important for one to keep an open mind. Otherwise, you tend to lose out on many opportunities and experiences that others turn their backs on out of a sense of narrow mindedness. Mabuhay ka!

  5. Dylan Gozum says:



  6. Jennie says:

    Wow! What a unique, scary experience! I remember Julie Vega as well in that episode of Lovingly Yours, Helen. Super scary! That gave me nightmares for weeks!

    It’s just so sad for one so beautiful and young to pass away like that.

  7. bananachoked says:

    hahahaha…kaloka. but yeah…pwede.


    I met you just tonight
    But I keep wond’rin’ why
    It seems I’ve always known you all my life
    I held you only once
    But I keep wond’rin’ why
    It seems I held you forever

    Can it be true?
    Could I be wrong?
    That somewhere in my past
    I fell in love with you
    Can it be true?
    Could I be wrong?
    That somewhere in my past
    There was also me and you

    I kissed you only once
    But I keep wond’rin’ why
    It seems I kissed your lips so many times
    I’ve known you only now
    But I keep wond’rin’ why
    It seems I’ve known you forever

    Can it be true?
    Could I be wrong?
    That somewhere in my past
    I fell in love with you
    Can it be true?
    Could I be wrong?
    That somewhere in my past
    There was also me and you

    I met you just tonight
    But I keep wond’rin’ why

    It seems I’ve known you all my life
    I’ve loved you only now
    But I keep won’drin’ why
    It seems I love you forever

    Somewhere there was you and I

  8. Lani says:

    Would you believe that I have the same experience as yours when i was in Elementary grade? Kaya lang mas bilib ako sa iyo kasi sa amin ilang questions pa lang ang sinasagot nagtakbuhan na kami, kasi ang sabi spirit daw ni Satur ang pumasok. Siempre bad spirit iyon.

    Open-minded naman ako, I believe in supernatural beings.

  9. Anna says:

    Luv Ko Si Kris nga ba yun? ha ha ha

  10. I tried spirit of the coin back in high school with some neighborhood kids and it didn’t work. How I wish it worked though.

    So siyempre I got really excited when the glass spelled Julie Vega. I was like OMG susyal ng ouija session niyo!

    P.S. The answer’s “Luv Ko si Kris”. Ka-love team ni Kris Aquino noon si Jeffrey Santos na kuya ni Judy Ann Santos. Tama ba hula ko?

  11. HouseWife says:


  12. ate sienna says:

    syet.. di ko tinapos basahin ang entry mo.. natakot na ako… tsaka na. hehehehe

  13. lyn says:

    scary!! it could be other spirits who pretended to be d 2 personalities.

  14. maxx says:

    *lyn* could be right, it could be other spirits pretending to be their spirits since it was 1986 and the memories were still fresh.
    I went to St. Joseph’s QC and Julie Vega was my schoolmate. I was in grade school and she was graduating HS. We passed by her and her friend Digna Cocho (who’s also a co-star in Annaliza) having a break sitting on one of the plantboxes under a tree. Can never forget her beautiful beautiful face. She smiles at everyone. When her eyes look at you, it seemed like she reminds you of your sins… LOL… that’s how intense her eyes were… like that of an angel.

  15. Rijal "Mankid" Canare says:

    diko man ina butan si julie pearl but nung first kung mapanuod ang movie nya na “my daddy’s little darling” yun naging crush ko na siya siya lang ang first crush ko nung 5year old ako mag pasa hanggang nga yon siya parin ang crush ko….

  16. che-che says:

    I really like Julie Vega since I’m little child up to now. Sayang nga lang maaga syang kinuha ni Lord but I think there’s a good reason.

    Wish ko lang na mag-upload kayo ng maraming pictures nya.


  17. SHE LAU says:

    basta ang alam ko walang makakatapat kay julie vega wala syang katulad ever since nung laliit pa ako sya na aNG PINAKA THE best n young star s balat television

  18. Jone says:

    Nakakatuwa naman.. Ngayon lang ako naging aware about Julie Vega… Nalaman ko lang sa officemate ko kasi nagkaroon kami ng kwentuhang “multo” nung nagpunta kami sa La Union… Tapos na-open na yung pag-mu-multo ni Julie Vega sa Recording company kung saan dating nag-work yung nag-kwento sa akin… Creepy! Pero nakaka-amaze… Hahahah!!! Galing galing naman…

  19. BLue92 says:

    actually guys….i saw her story sa maalala mo kaya in abs pro d ko msyadong maintidhan kung bakit xa namatay..hihi

    guys meron ba kayong copy ng somewhere in my past ni julie?…d kc mpakali ang icp ko kakahanap ng kanta pra sa competition namin sa skul…untill bigla nalang pumasok ung kanta ni julie sa icp ko…and as keep on singing the chorus…it feels medyo creepy kc tumatayo ang balahibo ko ng d ko alam ang rason kung bkit….hihi

    guys meron ba kayo copy ng SOMEWHERE IN MY PAST?….

    kailangan lang talaga ehh…hihi

    d ko kc mahanap ung lyrics d2 sa net ehh…mailap ata ayaw magpahanap…hek2

  20. May says:

    Hello, I’ve done that with friends , only with an old coin. It sacred me to death and never in my life would touch or fo it again. We ask what kind of spirit it was and it spelled. DEVIL though we ordered a good spirit. I know it really moves without really pushing it. Really scary

  21. May says:

    Sorry for the wrong spelling! sacred = scared ad Fo =do

  22. quirsten says:

    i believe in them too.
    sana po dinetailed nyo pa po lung ano pa po napag-usapan nyo with them.

  23. Em-EM says:

    Open minded ako, kahit n hindi pa man ako nkakaexperience na makakita ng mga kababalaghan… I do believe… saan ko kaya pwede mapanuod ung lovingly yours helen ni julie vega?

  24. Warlock2k10 says:

    Hi…we did that spirit of the glass before when i was still young…the thing is,the glass spelled JULIE VEGA but something went wrong…after a few minutes,our lesbian friend starts growling in whisper…when we asked her if she’s alright…she looked up and we saw her black eyes rolled up till all white is visible…we were so scared that time,in our panicked moment we just let go of the glass…then our lesbian friend fainted.
    After 3days i think…our lesbian friend got news from herr province saying that her grandmother died…then one of our friends relatives also dies…from that moment we started going to church every after class…nothing happened since then.

  25. roberta fan says:

    kung di sana sa lugar na iyon sila nag-shhot ng lovingly yours.. malamang buhay pa sana siya.. sayang nga lang at nagkataon pa.. at malamang mother role siya ngayon sa dwarfina ngayon or sa abs-cbn..

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