Bridget Confronts High Blood Pressure

Yes, dear blogfriends.  Apart from being busy, I faced high BP for the Nth time.    Short history:

  • Dad died of a stroke
  • First encounter of high BP, 1992, P.E. in DLSU-Dasmarinas.  Collapsed after doing the mandatory run of the gym’s perimeter.  Weight back then was 220lbs, waistline: 40″.  Was ordered to watch my diet and lose weight. Was not a smoker back then.
  • Second encounter, 2003, Sta. Rosa Teens Healthquarters (previous project).  On my way home, I felt my shoulders, nape, and back become heavy.  Then my heart started racing, I was catching my breath.  When I reached home, I was alone.  I called my colleague in the project who is a nurse and who happens to be our neighbor (thank god).  She took my BP:  160/125.  Calcibloc time. Weight back then:  190lbs, waistline: 34″, heavy smoker

And after our last regional sharing session, our last event for my current project, I encountered the same symptoms.  But still, I went to a whole-day meeting.  During the meeting, I felt dizzy and participants during the meeting called the technical specialist who is also a nurse (good thing i’m involved with a health projects–doctors and nurses are around).  My BP:  130/100…after the meeting, they checked it again:  130/112.  I was panting and my heart was pounding like crazy.  And I still had to go home to Laguna…from ORTIGAS!  Ugh.  I had to take Catapres.  That made my BP go down…to a level that made me woozy.  Fell asleep the entire trip.

Epiphany, darlings.  Epiphany!!!!  Let me share this email I sent to our team earlier:


Dear Team Zaturnnah, (yep! we are all gay in the team. hahahahaha!)

I heard the Health Conference went well.  I was looking forward to seeing it first hand.  But as everyone knows, age and an unhealthy lifestyle has caught up with me.

I got my findings:  high levels of cholesterol and triglycerides.  Hypertension triggered mostly by stress and contributory are fatty foods.  Low fat, low salt diet (although my sodium levels are within normal range) and less smoke plus I need to lose 30 lbs to hit my ideal weight:  150-155 lbs.  I am to take Lipcuay (Fenophiltrate) for 30 days to pull down my triglyceride and cholesterol levels.  I still have to take Natrilix (Indepamide) for the next 4 days to stabilize my blood pressure.  As of today, my blood pressure is 110/80–which is good. (Although I think its gonna be high again because mother is in the hospital, confined for 2 days, she had lots of findings that i just wish a smile would be enough.)

I emailed all of you because only now did it sink in–what Eric and I were laughing about.  I was so concerned about the health conference but Eric jokingly said, “Health conference-health conference, you’re not taking care of your health naman.”  We laughed so hard but when I was getting dizzy from the fluctuation of my BP, feeling woozy about the meds, and seeing my mom in the hospital, I said to myself, Eric’s right.  All of us should take care of our health.  We are guardians of health whose goal is to increase health-seeking behavior.  But we half-jokingly, half-seriously tell each other BAWAL MAGKASAKIT…KASI MARAMING GAGAWIN.  What’s that, di ba? Let’s practice what we preach.  Have your check up.  I am proposing that from now on, let’s be serious about our planned health activities.  I am actually very excited to join badminton and the smoking cessation (smoke-free? hehehe) program.  I want us to live by what we teach that a healthy workforce is a productive workforce.  Hell, we are productive even when we are sick!  What more if we are healthy, right?  So, I enjoin you, fellow beauty queens…(cue grand orchestra music as background)

Let us all join hands in staying fit and being healthy.  As one of the more popular Goddesses once said so eloquently, “Sa PBSP, ganda lang ang puhunan namin.”  I would like to add:  “If beauty is our main investment, health is our armor towards bringing this beauty to our organization, our community, (meaningful pause)…and our nation…thank you…and mabuhay!  (cue applause, cue grand exit music and confetti, blows kisses to left, right, and center stage, then walks out to the left…sideways…waving…with a smile…)



I love you, guys!  And I missed you too!!!! (hugs and kisses to everyone)

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15 Responses to Bridget Confronts High Blood Pressure

  1. snglguy says:

    Hey bro, the world can’t afford to lose a freakingly funny gay like you. Puwede pa yung mga politicians, isama mo pa yung mga MILF, but not you. No no no!

    Pag nawala ka, paano na lang kaming mga readers mo??

    So take better good care of yourself, don’t work too hard and… hinay hinay lang sa kama ha? Bwahahahaha! 😀

    PS: dalasan mo naman update mo… 🙂

  2. toni says:

    Stay healthy Bridget!!!

  3. ladybug says:

    Hey jerome….welcome back!!! We missed you. (actually, matagal rin naman akong nawala eh…haha 😀 ) Anyway, please take good care of your health and eat right. Tama si snglguy…pag nawala kami, paano naman kami???? Take care! *hugs!*

  4. Dylan Gozum says:


    Missing you, dearest. Parehong Moms ninyo ni Jerome ay sick!

  5. ate sienna says:

    sister, sobrang trabaho yan. alam mo, hindi na masaya ang buhay kung puro trabaho na lang at walang s*x. Oi, no joke. stress buster talaga ang pag-ibig. :B

    teyk keyr koz i keyr. *mwah* *mwah*

    pagaling ka na, gurl!

  6. chase says:

    Oh no dear we cant really afford to lose someone like you. I totally second what snglguy wrote. Hope things go with you dear!

  7. Atticus says:

    tsk. tsk. tsk. mag-ingat, puwede? marami ka pang story ideas na puwedeng ipasa sa akin. paano na lang iyon?
    (ay apo. work-related ang dahilan?)

    seriously, if you’re sick, who’s going to take care of jher?

    siya. ang ibig ko lang sabihin, may silbi ka sa mundo, sa datu paglas, sa cebu. you’ve created a need for you, and you are helping a lot of people. so stay healthy because many need you. kasama na ako roon.

  8. Dinna says:

    Jerome, let me put it this way — it should be enough incentive to stay healthy thinking that you haven’t quite fulfilled your Diva-esque mission in this world yet. You have so much more to do, educating our kababayans, spreading love and beauty and being there for your loved ones. SO PLEASE TAKE CARE!

  9. K says:

    I think we should learn to “walk the talk”. Sometimes I want to give advices but even myself can’t take of my health. Sorry about your dad. My dad too died of diabetes so I’m sure it’s hereditary. I might be suffering 20% of the disease but I can’t stop eating “chocolates”. I wonder how am I gonna survived reaching 60 and still looking “gorgeous”. I hate to be in my own coffin, looking all dry and ugly. Hahaha. (Knock on wood).

    Seriously, we should watch the food that we eat. When we get older, our body cycles changes. Sometimes we are irritable, tired all the time and I guess, a happy (and I know you are) and healthy lifestyle such as walking our dogs in the park is enough than hitting the treadmills to sweat it out. It doesn’t mean, the more you sweat, the more fats you burn. Balance diet such a (mmmmm hotdogs on stick, hahaha), of course is avoiding the tempting foods (salivating here). Do you like to try going on a week detox? No rice, pure vegetables & No meats.

    Pero may kasabihan daw, ang “masamang damo, hindi madaling mamatay”. Hahaha. Jokes. We are not getting any younger so kelangan, mag ENJOY!

  10. duke says:


    ay skurry. hehehe. e mejo kse hindi ka na slim. tanggalin mo muna lahat ng soda mo. then recheck your cholesterol profile in 6 weeks. it’ll go down. ay..di pala ako duktor mo. ganito na lang. sundin mo duktor mo. yun. hehehe.

    lose 10 percent of your weight in 6 months. don’t try to lose it drastically. 6 months is the ideal time. no rush. at sundin mo duktor mo. heheheh

    duke the pogi

  11. Jennie says:

    Ayan, nagka-wake up call ka na. Hope you take care of yourself from now on and don’t abuse yourself too much. God knows I can’t preach… keeping my weight as it is… a major task on it’s own!

    I missed you too, sistah. Hope you get well.

  12. brennan says:

    I have this mantra lately – 1 pound a week. That means Loose a pound every week. Keep the suggestions coming in your blog. Sabay ako sa health program mo jer.

  13. Naku, kahit akets kinakabahan kapag nakakaramdam ng sakit sa batok. Buti nga hindi na gaano ngayon.

    Anyway, stay healty. Alam kong mahirap (taken from experience).

  14. Lani says:

    Word of advice from a fellow hypertensive, hinay-hinay sa kalalamon, hehehe. WEll, sinasabi ko iyan pero ang hirap gawin. Kailangan talaga ang discipline at determination.

    Basta iwas-iwasan din ang sobrang pressure, at always remember you’re gorgeous kaya iyang sakit kayang-kayang mawala, heheeh.

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