Bohol in Black and White

HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO EVERYONE!  Hugs!  Pls. click this link – I dedicate it to all of us who are fathers in our own right….kisses!

Blogfriends, oh my Goooooooooooooooooooood!!!!!  I missed everyone sooooooooo much!  Although I am sad that there was only one brave soul who joined the camwhoring contest.  Well, I have foreseen this to happen.

Anyway, I just came back from a week-long training in Bohol.  Yup.  No excitement there. Stayed at Bohol Tropics Resort, which was very pretty.  We were given a room with a view of Tagbilaran Bay.  That’s the upside of our stay.  We were not able to maximize the resort’s amenities because we were sooooo tired at the end of the day.  Yup.  That’s my life.  And there’s this conclusion I have made:  Bohol is know for its beaches and NOT for its food.  Ugh.  6 days of throwing my hands in the air every time I am faced with a lackluster meal and sincerely saying to the Lord, “Thank you Lord for this blessing”. On Day 4, I ate the loneliest pancake I’ve ever seen and eaten in my entire life.  And there’s this wannabee French Toast that was soggy and sprinkled with lots of cinnamon. (shivers at the memory of the taste).  But there’s this place called Cainget’s where we had a slightly above average dinner–somehow it redeemed Bohol for us.


Sorry, Bohol!  I love the beaches, the views, the spots, the history, but not the food. Hugs and kisses to all Boholanos!

Part of the beauty of my stay in Bohol is I got to take pictures!  Opkors I was so inspired by my husband’s talent that I shot Bohol in black and white.  Starting off with me and tiger!


 Cute!!!!!!!  But because of the long week, Tiger acquired a bad habit…


…he now smokes.  Good thing its my brand so I can save money….hehehehehe.

Imagine my anxiety when I showed the pics to husband last night when we met up at Mall of Asia.  I was so nervous to show The Master.  Here are some pics. Just click on the thumbnails.  I’m glad to back!  Group hug!!!!!

dsc01256.jpg  dsc01258.jpg  dsc01261.jpg  dsc01271.jpg  dsc01272.jpg  dsc01322.jpg  dsc01270.jpg  dsc01315.jpg  dsc01277.jpg  dsc01282.jpg  dsc01280.jpg  dsc01298.jpg  dsc01307.jpg

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6 Responses to Bohol in Black and White

  1. carlo magno says:

    ei Jerome, thanks for the is not bad to dream cause that what makes us work hard and enjoy the benefits more ….

    i love to dream…but not really depend on it…it just like a finish line at the end of the race..something to look forward to ika nga…

    im glad i inspired you..well that’s one of the purpose of the blog…

    keep visiting and yours is as interesting too…i’ll add you add among my fav lists…..

    take care..keep in touch..

    carlo magno

  2. Hey Bridget!!! I just got back from a two-week stay in Manila. I remember the last time we went to Bohol, we ate at a restaurant near the Tagbilaran Port, I think it was Juving’s. The food was okay. And then we had a late lunch at the restautant in Panglao Island Nature Resort and Spa and the food was really great. We never tried eating at their restos in the city. But it’s nice to know that you had a grand time in Bohol.

  3. Atticus says:

    know what, i’ve been to bohol a couple of times and i’m lucky i had good food. i stayed at panglao island nature resort and bohol beach club for seminars.

    when backpacking, i choose those nipa huts at alona beach and so far, so good naman.

    nakalimutan ko. di nga pala ako marunong magluto kaya kahit ano ang ihain sa akin, kakainin ko. hahahaha!

  4. Dylan Gozum says:

    Was in Bohol for 4 days during the time i was still living in Cebu. Had a great time at Panglao’s famed Alona Beach. Too bad it was rainy most of the time so I never had the chance to really go anywhere else but Alona beach and Tagbilaran City. Totally pathetic, I must say.

    Looking forward to really, REALLY exploring it soon.

    Welcome back, mare!

  5. Dinna says:

    Nice pics, Jerome.. truly the jetsetter!

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