I nailed Speech No. 4 yesterday.  Yup…

I am a member of our Toastmasters Club.

I am a certified “Heroes” addict.  That’s why…

I came in late (in the afternoon) today because I watched “Heroes” up to 5:00 a.m. in the morning.

I am running out of money.  So…

I filed reimbursements of my transportation fares for the small meetings I had in the last two months and realized that…

I am desperate.

I am very, very busy once again.

I am going to Maguindanao tomorrow and I shall be returning on Saturday.  So…

I am going to see my husband tonight.  And…

I am going to miss him so much.  And…

I am gonna miss you all…

(hugs and kisses everyone)

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9 Responses to “I”

  1. chase says:

    What a busy diva you are darling! Anyway hope you have more juicy stuff on your adventures!

  2. ladybug says:

    Hey….adik na rin ako sa “Heroes.” Kasalanan niyo ng husband mo….hahahaha. 😀

  3. Dylan Gozum says:

    Maguindanao?! Whoah! Please let me know kung anong maganda sa place na yun. I’ve only read in in textbooks. You’re going around Mindanao more often than I am na! Good for you. *inggit*

  4. snglguy says:

    What? Biyahe na naman??

  5. atticus says:

    inggit ako. biyahe na naman sa exciting na lugar.

    congrats sa toasmaster membership! (did you really talk about sausages and pigs?)

    ingat lagi, saang lupalop ka man mapadpad.

  6. Madadaanan mo ba ang bagong Province of Shariff Kabunsuan?

  7. jher says:

    I… miss you my love… 🙂

  8. toni says:

    …and we are going to miss you too!

  9. himantayon says:

    nice, cozy place you got here :)..

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