Spraynet, Padded Shoulders, Primary Colors, Synthesizers, Breakdance

Oh yes.  I am gonna talk about being in the 80’s mood!  And I am so having fun, dahlins.  But honestly, I was not this giddy before.  Before what, you might ask?  It goes a little something like this…break it down….(rolls in laughter)

These past few months, Jher and my thirty something friends have noticed the 80’s slowly slithering its way back. 

It started when our actresses started wearing large, wide belts over striped, puffed sleeved blouses.  I squinted my eyes as if I was trying to wake up from a bad dream.  But no.  I was awake.  So I just told myself…NAAAAAH.  THEY WON’T BRING IT BACK.

Then there was the regular sightings of Kristina Paners, Manilyn Reyneses, and Marilyn Villamayors in the form of girls wearing hip-length blouses with large belts.  Then my friend, Weng, told me in panic that she saw a group of girls wearing the same blouses but the belts worn criss-cross/overlapping over leggings and with matching plastic clunky bangles and earrings to match!  She said:  OH MY GOD, I DON’T THINK THAT I SHOULD SEE THIS REVIVAL THIS EARLY IN MY LIFETIME!  And somehow, I agreed with her as I thought of what’s gonna happen to guys when they join the 80’s comeback wagon. (shudders at the thought of baggy, acid-washed denims with jackets to match with a shirt inside in primary colors with Chuck Taylors to match)

But that was before.  I said to myself.  There’s nothing bad about the 80’s.  Despite the big hair, ruffles, the crazy dance steps, the outlandish color combinations, and the “futurustic” clothes (God, I remember Eula Valdez’s outfit in the movie, Hotshots, where she wore a padded fuschia full dress with matching cylindrical hat, tilted to the left! hahahaha!), it was not that bad.  I guess the 80’s is awesome because unlike the 50’s to the 70’s, it is unique and can only be identified during that era.  This sparked my 80’s mood.  Evidenced by the music I play and the clothes that I wear (and plan to wear).


I downloaded lots of songs from the 80’s and boy did Jher and I have a blast!  Here’s my 80’s playlist (part of it):

The Cure:  Pictures of You, Boys Don’t Cry, It’s Friday I’m in Love

Laura Branigan:  Spanish Eddie (hahahahaha!) and The Lucky One (two facts about this song: (1)  Jher sang it in a singing contest when he was in grade school (hahahaha) and (2) I always have the image of Cynthia Patag singing this in the movie, Inday Inday sa Balitaw during a scene involving a talent portion where she competes with the star, Maricel Soriano)

Bananarama:  Venus, Walk Like An Egyptian, I Heard a Rumor

Roxette:  It Must Have Been Love, Dangerous, and She’s Got the Look (Oh my God, I saw remember the modeling contest in Eat Bulaga! Hahahahaha!)

Starship:  Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now, We Built this City

Boy George/The Culture Club:  Karma Chameleon, Do You Really Want to Hurt Me

Cindy Lauper:  Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Other Hit Songs:  Wild Boys (Duran Duran), Take this Broken Wings (Journey), Waiting for a Star To Fall (Boy Meets Girl), More than Just the Two of Us (Sneaker), Two of Hearts (Stacey Q), Head Over Heels (The Go-go’s–oh my god! I remember the steps of this one too!), I Wear My Sunglasses at Night (Corey Hart), Rock Lobster (B 52’s – good luck talaga! tanda ko pa ang sayaw!), Mr Roboto (Styxx), Designer Music (Lipps Inc.), Money for Nothing (Dire Straits), Tarzan Boy (Baltimora) and of course…WHIP IT (Divo)!

What a wonderful feeling!


Okay.  I have started with the lime green shirt with paja.  I went to the ukay-ukay store near our subdivision in search for 80’s inspired ensembles.  And I have two great finds!

The coolest Duran Duran shirt ever! And the bestest find of all….


…a classic original Fido Dido shirt!!!!  (rolls in laughter)

I am so excited to wear the Fido Dido shirt.  I hope I can find a great pair of pants. Hahahaha!

Hope you had a great read, blogfriends! (hugs and kisses everyone)

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26 Responses to Spraynet, Padded Shoulders, Primary Colors, Synthesizers, Breakdance

  1. toni says:

    Kering-keri mo yan Bridget!

  2. atticus says:

    susku. spraynet generation nga pala ang 80s. henerasyon na bumutas ng ozone layer, gaya ng mga nanay nating lumaki after the war.

    di ba sabi doon sa austin powers movie, “There’s nothing in the 80s but A Flock of Seagulls?” Aray ko!

    At oo, nagsuot din ako ng punyemas na blouse na may shoulder pad na iyan. (*eeew. nahiya*)

  3. ladybug says:

    Fido Dido???? Nako, naalala ko tuloy yung Pido Dida….yung pelikula ni Kris Aquino and Rene Requiestas…

  4. Jennie says:

    Wow! I love the 80’s! Everytime we have 80’s theme parties here with friends I always turn up in ala Siouxsie Sioux/Robert Smith get up… you know, teased big hair, bright red lipstick, pasty white skin and all black ensemble? It’s the absolute tops!

    And how I love 80’s music! The Cure is my absolute favourite (obvious ba?) and of course The Smiths and who can forget Depeche Mode? Master and Servant? People are People?

  5. nastypen says:

    dapat naka-siete (mullet hairdo) kah, mama!!!! at wag kalimutan ang day-glo violet na bermuda shorts!!!!

  6. The 80s had its share of campiness and coolness at the same time. Sobrang saya ng memories ko ditey.

  7. Dinna says:

    Jerome, panahon ko yan. My batchmates are incidentally having an 80s party at Corinthian Gardens kung saan kami naghahasik ng lagim noong high school.. if you’re interested, e-mail me. (Uy, free plugging pa..)

  8. Wicked3 says:

    Bangles po ang Walk Like an Egyptian, not Bananarama…

  9. redjeulle says:

    sana lang wag ulit mauso yung bangs lang ang kulot, ala Menudo.

  10. next stop wonderland says:

    The eighties was the last decade of orginality and creativity. Almost every week may bagong kanta at may bagong pelikula. Ngayon lahat na lang ng pwedeng marevival nagawa na.

  11. jcdaclison says:

    toni: kahit hindi ko keri, isusuot ko pa rin sya… hahahahaha

  12. jcdaclison says:

    atticus: wag na mag-drama, bakla. ok lang yan. once you get the hang of it, unti-unti mo ring matatanggap na maganda ang 80’s at sobrang ganda mo noon nung naka-shoulder pad at naka-wave at cobra ang buhok mo. hahahaha!

  13. jcdaclison says:

    ladybug: …at ang pagkahulog ni kris nung nagpromote sya ng movie nya! davah???

  14. jcdaclison says:

    jennie: sistah! oh no, oh no! when we get to meet, i will expect us to go on an all-80’s night out! that would be fun…

  15. jcdaclison says:

    nastypen: mare, may buntot na ang buhok ko. malapit-lapit na talagang maging 80’s…

  16. jcdaclison says:

    empress: plang! naku ako din kaya…sobra ang memories ko ng pagsayaw ng ROCK STEADY at A NIGHT TO REMEMBER…hahahahaha!

  17. jcdaclison says:

    dinna: naku, jher and i read about it nga! kaloka ang saya siguro nyan…

  18. jcdaclison says:

    wicked3: aysus! totoo ka. what happened to me???? sacrilege! thanks for the reminder, darling. keep on dropping by…

  19. jcdaclison says:

    redjeulle: ito naman. para kumita ulit ang mga parlor. lalakas sila dahil maraming magpapa-perm using pagoda coldwave lotion! hahahaha!

  20. jcdaclison says:

    next stop: omg! i was saying that to my friends! i hate the fact that artists are not coming up with anything original and trend-setting. Noh? frustrating. thanks for dropping by, dahlin!

  21. chase says:

    I like some music in the 80s but not the fashion style. I prefer retro or the 70s instead

  22. ate sienna says:

    i love the 80s!!! (and the 70s!!!)
    … wala. wrangler na talaga ang lola mo… hehehehe

  23. snglguy says:

    Hey wasn’t “Walk like an Egyptian” sung by another all-girl band? The one that also sung “Eternal Flame”?

    Oh and you forgot to include the acid-washed denims of the mid to late 80’s… 🙂

  24. Schizo says:

    Naman, how can you forget the great 80’s movies! And prolly the greatest 80’s movie of all … no ’tis not Himala. Temption Island! LOL! =P

    Pamatay na mga linya sa movie na itey!

    “Walang pagkain. Walang tubig. E di magsayaw na lang tayo.”

    “What are beaches for than to beach around with other beaches.” (pronounce as spelled, LOL!)

    And my personal favorite:

    “Late entrance, early exit. Yan ang dramatic.”

  25. Great Fido Dido shirt! Would love to feature this in Nostalgia Manila! 😉

  26. Lani says:

    Favorite ko rin noon ang Tears for Fears at siempre pasayaw-sayaw ako ng Whip It, na pakiling-kiling ang ulo. Sa totoo lang hanggang ngayon dala ko pa rin ang sayaw noong 80’s. Iisa daw ang dance step na alam ko sabi ni dyunakis, puro luma (hehhe). Atleast hindi chacha o el bimbo devah?

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