A Day of Petting with Husband

It’s our 30th month together so what is more appropriate than a day of petting, right? And we have pictures!  (smiles naughtily) You may now view them, brave blogfriends…


 We went to the MANILA ZOO! (rolls in laughter)

Jher and I wanted to do something different so Sunday was supposed to be museum day, our itinerary being the National Museum and the Metropolitan Museum since, as dear blogfriend Dylan informed us that museums WORLDWIDE close on Mondays.  Plus the fact that I have never EVER been to a museum.  So off we went.  The trip to the National Museum was interesting.  Husband and I went to view all 12 featured exhibits.  My most favorite was the Tabon cave discoveries which featured everything about burial rituals and the jars!  I found it fascinating and honestly… (clears throat) sexy.  I wanted to fool around with husband by the glass casing containing the manunggul (“death boat”) jar but there was a surveillance camera.  Tsk!  Hahahahaha! Nanghinayang????  Anyway, after a tiring visit, we went to the Metropolitan Museum only to find out that it’s CLOSED on Sundays. (glares at Dylan, Ayala Museum member and allegedly museum expert leche)  I was mentally drafting a plan to murder Dylan because it was super extra hot that day when husband suggested that we go to the Manila Zoo instead.  (jumps in glee)

My last Manila Zoo visit was when I was 4 years old.  I even have my picture taken with the giraffe which is a requirement for Filipino children during those times.  Yes.  It is a mortal sin to leave the Manila Zoo without having your picture taken with your mom and/or your dad with the giraffe.  So, imagine my excitement to experience Manila Zoo on a romantic level! (crickets chirp, some readers react:  Romantic? Di ba mabaho dun?) Yes, romantic.  Walang pakialamanan sa concept of romance. (irap)

Anyway, entrance fee is Php 40.00 and you get treated to reptiles, an old elephant (sadly smiles)…


…a very old orangutan playing with a plastic bag, monkeys chewing on plastic mineral water bottles, tigers that are not visible because they’re either sleeping in their lairs or they’re submerged in a pool, a hippopotamus who decided to stay underwater because it was hot, peacocks who have no more tail feathers, a lion and a giraffe which are absent because they already died.  Sulit ang Php 40.00, di ba? Hehehehehe.

But our day at the zoo got better! (no sarcasm, dahlins. Hahahahaha!)  Husband had the fabulous idea (he was on a roll, blogfriends. Imagine what he got in return…hahahahaha!)of going to this area in the Manila Zoo called the “Kinder Zoo” where they house the tamed animals (not to mention the more beautiful counterparts of those in the main zoo area).  We paid Php 40.00 extra which included photo ops, a “tour guide” and petting the animals! (claps in glee)  Like the tamed ostrich in the first picture.  My golly he (or she?) was so heavy!


Jher with the bear cat.  Husband is so handsome noh?


Me with Bodjie, the pot-bellied pig-slash-Swatch model.  I got the feeling that he felt so at home with me…


Our pics with the regal peacock.  Now, imagine the ones in the main zoo area, with erratic or no tail feathers.  Yucky, di ba?  Charing.


Our shot with the albino python.  Look at husband happily strangling the poor snake.  I, on the other hand, am fearing for my life!  I scrambled out of my chair when that fcuking snake charmer (see the hand?) attempted to give me the snake. Ugh! (shudders)  But I had to face my fear later…


I wore the snake around my neck.  Move over Max Laurel! There is a new Zuma in town…and he is gay… (ang tumawa sa Max Laurel, ka-age group namin ni Jher. hahahahaha!)


Having fun with the baby crocodile.  Was not afraid at all!  I just said to myself…this is just a bag. (rolls in laughter) Further, I kept repeating to myself:  “Lacoste, Lacoste, Lacoste…” (me covered in dirt from rolling in laughter)


Ah, yes.  Finally…BIRDS. (laughs at the sexual undertone) I was laughing out loud taking Jher’s pic because of two reasons:  first, the red birds almost vanished because it blended in with Jher’s pokpok red shirt and second, the cockatoo on his left shoulder was licking the sweat rolling down on his temples!  Ginawang drinking fountain ang husband ko, pramis! (guffaws)


We went to the butterfly aviary before we decided to end our petting spree at the Kinder Zoo.  But of course, after petting all the animals, I had to pet my husband…in the butterfly aviary.  (rolls in laughter)

I officially declared April 15, 2007 as THE PERFECT DAY.  It was the most wonderful and romantic date we have had so far.  It’s up there in my list.  I just love my husband… (fans eyes because tears are welling) 

I bought a bubble maker for Php 10.00 and blew bubbles away to pay homage to an easy, laid-back Sunday afternoon…


I swear on my father’s grave…I did not color-coordinate! (rolls in laughter)


Happy 30th, my darling, my partner-in-crime, my best friend… (kisses)

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34 Responses to A Day of Petting with Husband

  1. chase says:

    Wow super bongacious with the pictures huh! It is so nice to see you both having fun and enjoying each other’s company!

  2. redjeulle says:

    kelangan capitalized ang WORLDWIDE at ang CLOSED. eheheheh… oy wanna go to Avilon naman? medyo malayo nga lang. i want to take pictures of the hayops…

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  4. More months, more years and even decades for the two of you! Maligayang “bati” sa inyong anibersaryo!!!

  5. …natawa ako kay Max Laurel, pero mas matanda ba ako sa inyo?

  6. jher says:

    I hate you Jove, di ka na nagpupunta sa blog ko. hmph! Joke.

    Oo mas matanda ka sa amin kasi naging kaklase (o ka dorm?) mo ang boss/barkada ko. hahahahaha!

  7. nastypen says:

    omg balak ko rin i-revisit ang manila zoo as in!!! pwede ba ilagay ang peacock sa ulo ko habang naglalakad???? tapos ang mga parrots sa aking shoulders?!?!? Day, pang-miss mexico na costume yata yan!!!!!

    happy month-sary!!!!

  8. toni says:

    “This is just a bag.” ROFL. Kaloka ka talaga, Bridget.

    Ooooh awesome date!!! Nag-date na rin kami ni H diyan pero parang hindi kami kasing-sweet ninyong dalawa ni Jher. Hehehe.

    Ang tapang ng asawa mo ha! Taking that snake by the neck! *faints* Hindi ko kaya.

    Happy 30th you guys!

  9. snglguy says:

    Hahahahaha! That’s me laughing at Max Laurel and the reference to ‘Zuma’… wahahahahaha! Sino nga pala si Zuma?? ;-D

  10. atticus says:

    tama ka. walang nakaligtas sa mga giraffee ng manila zoo. meron ako niyan. naka-dress pa ako. katabi ko ang ate ko. pareho kami ng dress. aaaarrrggghhh! those were the days parents thought it was nice to drag kids in public wearing the same clothes, making them look like twins separated at birth.

  11. melai says:

    ang sayang 30th monthsary yan mare…congrats! 🙂
    kala ko pa naman makakakita ako ng real petting,,nabitin ako lol!

  12. Dylan Gozum says:

    Oi, true naman talaga na museums WORLDWIDE close on Mondays or Tuesdays kasi nga Sundays are when families are out together.

    It is unfortunate na sarado ang elitistang Metropolitan especially since government property ito at nandito ang gold collection (or parts of it) ng Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas.

    But then again, baka tamad mgatrabajo sa Sundays ang mga taga Makati who run this museum.

    Siya, at least enjoy naman kayo sa Manila Zoo (I am disappointed na it opened only in 1969 and not as old as Mehan Gardens). Hey, I didn’t know you could baby crocs like that! How exciting! Makapunta nga!

    Oi, ‘di ako museum expert. Marami lang akong alam. Chos! *glares back at yah*

  13. Dylan Gozum says:

    Bakit di ko kilala si Max Laurel? I had to Google him. Seriously! Kala ko kasi si Bembol Roco yung may hawak ng title role ng ZUMA eh. The role of Galema pala was by the young Snooky Serna (1st film only). In the sequel, Anak ni Zuma, (o, ‘diba?!), Galema was played by an unknown actress named *drums roll* Jenny Lyn.

    Kulang talaga sa imahenasyon sa pagbibigay ng pangalan sa mga artista noon. Haaay…

  14. Okey, natawa ako sa Max Laurel…shucks napaghahalataan ang aking edad!

  15. Lyka Bergen says:

    Ang sweet naman! At juice! Parang pangit ang vibes ko sa mga pictures nyo sa ahas ha! Ingat!

  16. kalories says:

    happy monthsary! i love the pix with birds. 🙂 ang cute!!

  17. jher says:

    May pagka nega star si Lyka Bergen no?

  18. K says:

    Hahaha Anak ni Zuma!

    Seriously, di pa ako nakarating sa Manila Zoo. I was 4 when our family visited Manila from Bicol, sa Luneta Park lang kami nun.

    Ang pangit ni “Bodjie”. Swatch model sya?

  19. jcdaclison says:

    chase: it is super bonggacious. we actually give ourselves a pat on the back for our conscious effort to be creative with our dates. hugs to you, dahlin. regards to your beau…

  20. jcdaclison says:

    redjeulle: mare, dapat lang CAPITALIZED. at saan naman yang Rita Avilon na yan?

  21. jcdaclison says:

    jove: hoy!!! musta ka na, kapatid? namiss ka namin ni jher. thanks for the greetings. at oo. matanda ka na. chos. hahahahaha!

  22. jcdaclison says:

    nastypen: naku, you should go there. mage-enjoy ka pramis. ay you can do a walk-off with the animals. yung crocodile nga parang gusto ko talagang maglakad na naka-long padded black dress with elbow high gloves, big Jackie O shades at black sun hat…tapos imbes na black poodle ang dala ko sa catwalk, ning…crocodile. hahahaha!

  23. jcdaclison says:

    toni: hay naku, mare. pati ako tawang-tawa sa mga pinagsusulat ko jan sa entry na yan. actually sobra ang tawa ko dun sa “i swear on my father’s grave, I did not color-coordinate.” hahahahaha!

  24. jcdaclison says:

    snglguy: ikaw talaga. if i know, hindi lang si max laurel ang kilala mo. hahahaha!

  25. jcdaclison says:

    atticus: naku, mare. sobrang staple na nyan. buti na lang wala pa ang sisterette ko nuon kung hindi, para kaming pamily von trapp nyan. (yoddles)

  26. jcdaclison says:

    melai: ay sus! matinding petting naman talaga yan eh. charos. thanks for the greetings, gurl! hugs!

  27. jcdaclison says:

    dylan: the length of your “2-page” comment is insignificant to me… (walks out) charing. hahahahaha! pero its true, blessing din naman na closed ang metropolitan museum. havent thanked you pa nga for the museum tips eh. o, sige. partial appreciation na lang tutal nakapunta kami sa national myushum. hahahahaha!

  28. jcdaclison says:

    empress: okay lang. graceful naman ang aging. chos. hahahaha!

  29. jcdaclison says:

    lyka bergen: parang kay dylan, partial appreciation lang din ang ibibigay ko sa yo, bakla. yung other half kasi may pagka-talangka. hahahahahahaha!

  30. jcdaclison says:

    kalories: gaaaaaaaaaaaaang!!! susko, namiss kita, gurl! anyway, re: pics with birds, super tuwang tuwa ako talaga sa reaksyon nila kay papa. akala siguro nila talaga mapapawi ang uhaw nila…

  31. jcdaclison says:

    k: naku, you should go there, darling. masaya sya. as far as bodjie is concerned, yes he is a swatch model. mukha lang chaka sa picture but when you get to carry him and you rub his tummy, ay super adorable!

  32. jcdaclison says:

    husband: luv yu! tsup!

  33. Lani says:

    Yan ang tinatawag na “smart date,” nag-enjoy ka na may natutunan ka pa (charoz!) Ang mahalaga magkasama kayo kahit pa sa Africa iyan at hinahabol-habol kayo ng mga leon at tigre. Ang Avilon Zoo ay dito sa may San Mateo, Rizal. Iyong dyunakis ko pa lang ang nakapunta roon, maganda rin daw, next time doon naman kayo mag-petting (hehehe).

  34. angelo says:

    wow. how sweet naman you two… petting. ^_^
    haha. gawd i so miss zoos…
    happy 30th to you both. ^_^

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