Can one be gay and still be spiritual?

If technology’s original aim is to make things convenient and for us to save more time, what happened to the time we saved?

 Why are there people who still choose to be lonely when they can always choose to be happy?

Why do people still focus on each other’s differences and not our commonalities?

Why is it that some people gear their efforts towards getting married and do not know what to do after the wedding day?

How can someone still bear to love the person who betrayed him/her?

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11 Responses to AN ADVENTURE OF INTROSPECTION – Some Questions I Pondered On

  1. Dylan Gozum says:

    Hmmm. Profound questions in time for the season. Having a Kafka moment, dear? 🙂

  2. Dylan Gozum says:

    Q1: Yes. I think i’ve known many to be more spiritual than straight ones. Or maybe they just think and ponder too much on their issues in life. In that case, it’s not exactly being spiritual.

    Q2: Have we really saved time using technology? It has allowed us to waste more actually. Instead of making life easier, it has complicated things. Have you ever experienced leaving your phone for at least a day? Do you freak out or do you savor the quiet moments? If you do the former, technology has swallowed you whole.

    Q3: Who says being lonely is…lonely?

    Q4: Because commonalities is boring. Why bother focusing on what’s common? It’s the differences that bring on the bickering, the fighting, etc. Talk about preemptive response.

    Q5: That’s true. Being in the wedding business for a year now, one hardly hear couples talk about their life plans.

    Q6: Because prior to the betrayal, there were good moments worth saving. Awww…

  3. kalories says:

    hi bridget! I’ve missed your blog! 🙂

    1. yes. i think spirituality is not based on gender preference.

    2. i think that the time we saved is used for other things..haha. i don’t really know whether time is saved or not. i think, things just get done more efficiently with technology. haha. gulo ng sagot ko.

    3. ewan ko rin. sometimes, it feels nice to wallow in misery. pero you have to go back din afterwards.

    4. mas masaya pag nag aaway. mas may spice. 🙂

    5. this one i don’t know…have no plans of getting married pa and i’m the type na i know what i want, so i have to achieve my goals first before getting married…

    6. kasi love is bulag. hehe. seriously, it’s because one loves unconditionally. in other words, nagpakatangga. hahaha. joke.

  4. jher says:

    kelangan talagang sagutin lahat ng questions? 😛

  5. chase says:

    1. I also agree that spirituality cannot be based by gender issues.

    2. That I dont know. Since even today I am still swamped with work even though technology helped me quite alot.

    3. It is their choice.

    God I think I give up for now since my brain cant think of the right answers yet. LOL

    Happy Easter to you and to your family dear!

  6. nastypen says:

    Why are there too many questions and not enough answers in life?

    yun na yun…..

  7. atticus says:

    Q1: Susku. Walang spiritual sa mga straight friends. Wala sa gender. Nasa GMRC.

    Q2: We used up the time saved blogging. And improving our writing skills.

    Q3: Baka takot silang sumaya. Kasi sanay na sanay sa sad times.

    Q4: Hmmm…pogi points? Example: “Siya hindi nagdadasal. Ako laging nasa simbahan.”

    Q5: Story of the world, story of the world. Another answer is:”para yumaman ang mga divorce lawyers.”

    Q6: Love is the question. Ergo, love is the answer. Doesn’t apply to me, though. Hah. Huwag siyang matutulog nang nakapikit. Puputulan ko siya. Hehe.

    Happy Easter, Jerome!

  8. Michelle says:

    Hi! Nice blog you got here; Cool title also. 🙂 I tried answering your questions but I’m too complicated to put some of my thoughts to words. hehe Great post though!

  9. jher says:

    May answers talaga?

  10. Lyka Bergen says:

    Can one be gay and still be spiritual?

    IMO, being gay is possessed at birth, spirituality is by grace… and that’s for all people, gay man o hindi.

  11. Lani says:

    Ye, you can be gay and spiritual. It’s not a gender issue it’s a faith issue.

    Time? I don’t have much even with modern technology (lol).

    Siguro gustong mag-inarte.

    Hindi kasi nawawala ang prejudice e.

    I don’t know the answer kasi noong pinlano kong mag-asawa, talagang pinaghandaan ko pati iyong after ng wedding day. Daming adjustments pero nakaya naman.

    Ewan ko nga ba, siguro nga love is masarap, hehehe.

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