About Steak and My New Boyfriend

Nice title right?  Both delicious and juicy.  (rolls in laughter)

I am back and updating!  I came back from my Compostella Valley and Cebu trip and boy am I tired!  I was supposed to go on leave but the ultimate goddess decided to organize a meeting on Wednesday (me watching out-of-town vacation flying away).  Hmph.

Anyhoo, I would just like to share two things with all of you, blogfriends.  Sort of recommendations, if you may.


Mother decided to treat me to dinner on the day I flew in from Davao.  Yes!  Straight from a delayed flight (Yes, it’s PAL.  Hahahahaha!), I met up with Mother at Mall of Asia, notwithstanding the traveling bag and oiliness.  (rolls in laughter)  So, undecided where to eat, we ended up at Highlands Steakhouse (by the Tagaytay Highlands) and two words:  YUM-MY!  We ordered the Ceasar Salad with Roast Beef Strips and Surf n’ Turf Fillet Mignon and Baked Lobster!  Ugh.  No pics, blogfriends.  A good blogger sometimes just has to whet his/her reader’s appetite.  Besides, primal instinct took over since we were so hungry so we devoured everything.  The food is a bit costly but it was worth every zero in the bill.

 dsc00720.jpg  dsc00721.jpg


Don’t you just get a Norman Bates feel from this section of my entry? (cue musical score from “Psycho”) Hahahahahahaha!  Is it a crime to love my mom so much?


Okay, okay.  This is not like the prank post.  I am talking about a new, re-vitalized, vitamin-enriched, all natural boyfriend who is now a cross between Clark Kent and Brad Pitt (in the last scenes of “Fight Club”).  Yes, dearests.  My husband has prepared for summer.  Like any other wife would do, I went with him to the barber. 

 dsc00723.jpg dsc00727.jpg

He has shaven his head off and boy is he sizzling hot! (beads of sweat building)  I am sorry husband but I have to post these pics.  Just like the fillet mignon we ordered at Highlands Steakhouse, you are a juicy slab of prime cut steak and I can’t contain it.  (shudders) I feel like there’s a fire building up in me and I will spontaneously combust any moment…Ugh.  Just see for yourselves:


Tsalap, tsalap…


Uggghhh…. Move over, Brad Pitt!  Now you know why I feel so Angelina Jolie these past few days… (smiles naughtily)

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12 Responses to About Steak and My New Boyfriend

  1. Jennie says:

    Hubba-hubba! 😀

    Nice piece of prime rump there! Hahaha!

    Well done or medium rare? >wink

  2. snglguy says:

    Masarap ba yung steak? I meant the food not the “other” meat…

  3. Talagang pinapanindigan ng PAL ang kanilang “Plane Always Late” Policy huh?

    BTW, mas cute si Darcy ‘pag kalbo.

  4. Lani says:

    Di talaga mapigilan ang tsalap! tsalap! hehehe. Ang sweet naman niyo ni mudra niyo.

  5. K says:

    yung title “new boyfriend” kala ko april fools. hinubaran mo na naman si Darcy mo.

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  7. chase says:

    Awww both of you are so sweet and ooohhh a nice steak will always make my day brighter!

  8. ate sienna says:

    naku sister… alam mo ba’ng i love looking at young bald guys? hehehe. kahit nga si howie mandel na wrangler na, mas gumwapo sa paningin ko dahil nagpakalbo na sya. kaya tell husband, gumwapo pa sya ng mga 1,000 points! sobra!

  9. Toni says:

    ooooooh nice ‘do, jher!!! love it!

    hay naku bridget, ang gwapo niyo talaga parehas ni jher. 😀 gwapo o ganda? BOTH!

  10. jcdaclison says:

    Jennie: i like it raw, honey…(rolls in laughter) oh dear, this post is gonna send me straight to hell! hahahahaha!

    snglguy: both are delish, bro… hahahahaha! huy, hindi ko pa rin nakikita yung lintek na cafe mediterranean. punyemas. nagke-crave pa naman ako sa scallops.

    empress: gurl, pinaiinit talaga ng PAL ang ulo ko. super delayed talaga sya! as in 3 hours, 4hours. goodness.

    lani: ate laaaaaaaans!!! omigosh! sa trulash lang, hindi talaga mapigilan. hahahahaha! at oo naman, labs ko talaga si mudra noh…

    k: well, what can i say? a good sculpture needs to be displayed…

    chase: don’t you just love meat? (rolls in laughter)

    ate sienna: alam mo, ate sienna, sa totoo lang, i was hesitant nung unang sabi nya na magpapakalbo sya. pero god he’s so sexy! there’s something very sensual and masculine about baldness noh? (shudders)

    toni: wow! thanks, toni! gwanda na lang. hahahaha! hugs, mare!

  11. Dylan Gozum says:

    Anyhoo, how much was your bill sa Highlands, dearest?

  12. angelo says:

    hola!!! haven’t heard from you for quite a while. ^_^ wowness. i never knew highlands would put up a resto like that. haha. i don’t eat red meat anyway. maarte ako kaya pesco/pollo vegan ako. ehehehe. thank you for posting comments on my blog by the way. i really appreciate it. ^_^ teecee!

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