Bridget Jones is In a Different Time Zone…again.

To all of those who celebrated my birthday with me, THANK YOU, MGA P’RE! (naks!)  Special shoutout to dear friends Addie and Nastypen whom Jher and I had dinner and coffee and had loooooooooooots of fun with last Friday (It’s rare to find someone who rolls in laughter upon hearing the word CHARMIS. hahahaha!).  And thanks to the Fanatical Teacher (<-very Ron Ely in the movie, Tarzan with the 3rd-person reference! *stacatto-like speaking* “Tarzan…loves…Jane.  Hahahahaha!), for making us feel like dancing (because he looks like Paolo Valenciano) and for making me feel like screaming ala Sharon Cuneta, in the movie, Nakagapos na Puso (Oo, ate! Oo, ate! Puro na lang ako “oo, ate!” Iginapos mo na ang katawan ko, pati ba naman puso ko’y igagapos mo pa rin.).  Because the fanatical teacher also looks like Tonton Gutierrez (the time when he modeled for Close-up with Dawn Zulueta. Hahahahaha!)

Anyway, I am in a different time zone again. (crickets chirp) I know, I know. So what. What’s new. Hmph. I Am having breakfast (or as my friend says, BRAKEfast. Hahahahaha) right now in Cebu! Flew in yesterday. Here’s my schedule again. Haaaay.

Feb. 18-20: Consultative Session in Cebu

Feb. 21:  Flight to Davao

Feb. 22-24:  Consultative Sessions in Davao

Feb. 25: Travel to Malaybalay, Bukidnon

Feb. 26: Attend Launch of Workplace FP Program in Malaybalay, Go to Compostella Valley in the Afternoon

Feb. 27-28:  FP Peer Educators Training in Compostella Valley

March 1:  Flight Back to Manila

Sigh.  Take care of my hubby wuvvy for me.  I’m gonna miss you, Bana!

Happy Birthday to my kumpare, Paeng of Tambayan ni Paeng! Pakain ka naman, tol!

(butterfly kisses to everyone)

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8 Responses to Bridget Jones is In a Different Time Zone…again.

  1. ate bridget! sensya na po, been busy too with work stuff. aba, ikaw din pala! sorry ngayon lang ako mag-greet (i originally typed babati, kaso parang na-arouse ako bigla sa word so pinalitan ko, hahaha!) – belated happy birthday! may you have all the best this world can give! cheers to another year full of love and laughter!

    and by the way, how about a gay bloggers’ EB? think about it, and give me a holler. mwah!

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  3. curacha says:

    belated happy birthday po! i thought im the only one so busy as a bee, kaw din pala! enjoy your “tour”.

  4. snglguy says:

    Buti ka pa, pa-trip trip na lang….

  5. shiella says:

    hey, i had fun reading your entries. got the link from bananas (i dont really know who he/she is but she’s from davao like me and she’s an online friend of my friend’s girlfriend… hehehe)

    anyhoo, i hope you enjoyed cebu (as cebu is my 2nd home and i am here)…and davao (mighty mighty davao… 🙂 my hometown) hehehe

  6. Lyka Bergen says:

    Di ka ba napapagod sa mga biyahe mo Lolah? Sa sobrang alis mo nyan baka naglalaro ng Ken ang Jher…. Choz!

  7. Dinna says:

    Jetsetter talaga.. di kita mareach. Kelan ka punta NY? =)

  8. chase says:

    Belated Happy Bday dear!!! I didnt know we share the same month huh! Anyway, you are sucha busy girl as always! Mwuahhh!

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