Post-birthday Churvanels

Ok, we have to put my Chuckie to rest.  This time, let’s celebrate life…by discussing ME! Yeeeeeeey!!!  Ang bilis maka-recover???  Hahahahahaha!  Anyhoot, I have been meaning to share with you some of the things I have discovered and still want as part of my birthday.  Before, during, and after my birthday celebration, I have found some interesting restaurants, met new people, watched some interesting movies, discovered some new gadgets (which I am going ga-ga over), and lots of things to thank the gods for.  So…as my Grade 4 English teacher would say before every quiz:  ARE YOU REY-DI? (rolls in laughter)  Here are:

  1. My Favorite Places to Date
  2. Surprise Baby Shower
  3. My Birthday Wish List
  4. A Tale of Two Blogfriends
  5. Thanksgiving


Just like the Titanic, the Ayala Malls also has a system to guide its patrons as to where to make purchases for food, merchandise, and services, depending on one’s budget.  Glorietta 1 and 2 and Greenbelt 1 are for those who have 100p-2oop in their pockets, Glorietta 3-4 are for the lower and mid middle class, Greenbelt 3 are for the middle class and upper class, while Greenbelt 4 are for those who have money that can buy out heaven and hell.  We were joking that guards at Greenbelt 4 would require income statements before you can set foot in the establishment.  But as I discovered, one just has to look at prices and substitute.  Hence, I discovered it is not a mortal sin for me (having a Glorietta 3-4 but most of the time with a Glorietta 1-2 budget) to enjoy People’s Palace, Max Brenner, and Global Cafe.

People’s Palace

Before going to People’s Palace, it is adviseable to eat at Jollibee or McDo so that you are already full.  Hahahahaha! Then order cocktails. Ugh.  I so fell in love with the Raspberry Twist (which tasted like Robitussin as husband put it.  Hmph. Moment-ruiner!) and Jher ordered a Bling-Bling.  All cocktails cost Php 280. But I advise you take it outside by the couches.  Very nice and romantic.  Syempre I got to snuggle with my husband. (giggles)


Winner sa outfit, di ba?  Hahahaha! I maximized the opportunity to layer because we were under the “Big Chill” during that time.

Max Brenner

My sister and my mom decided to treat me along with their brother/son-in-law for dinner during my birthday at North Park. Para mura. Hahahaha!  We planned to go to People’s Palace after but the couches are full of people having cocktails. (Damn! I think people discovered how I do it.)  So, we arrived at a consensus to just go home since I still have sessions to run the next day.  On our way to the Landmark terminal, we passed by Max Brenner and Gilda (like me) decided to exercise her gift of spontaneity and said we try it.  Go!  And we (most specifically me) were treated to sinful greatness.  You have to try the Choco-Banana Fritters which cost Php 169.  Just ask for tap water for you to experience the passion in every chocolate dish.  Ugh.  I so wanted to pounce on husband after my first bite of the Mud Max and Choco-Banana Fritters.  Hahahaha!


Me and my Cayenne chocolate-vodka concoction.  I ordered it because it was under aphprodisiacs.  Yum.  But I did not get a birthday…(clears throat)…”gift” from husband. As in my candle hasn’t been blown yet up to this moment. Hmph. Hahahahaha!


Me going insane and ready to devour the Mud Max and Choco-Banana Fritters.  Para akong sira-ulo talaga noh? (shakes head) Hahahahaha!


My sis, Gilda, me, and my mom.  Sosyal ang mudra!


Husband and me.  Very wholesome.  I wanted to have a picture taken kissing him on the cheek baka tumambling ang mudra. It’s okay that he is accepted as a son-in-law.  I decided not to push my luck.  One step at a time. Hahahahaha!

Global Cafe

Husband treated me to a hearty dinner of Kani Salad and Fish & Chips at Global Cafe.  It was raining so we just had to stay for coffee.  It was our most romantic and intimate date, so far. Holding hands, staring at each other, watching our every move.  Mmmm.  (heart melts)  And spending 700p at that! My husband was in his A-game that night.  Looked very dashing and handsome and in control.  My hair is just so shiny and long.  Hahahahahaha!

dsc00815.JPG   dsc00816.JPG


I was so happy that I successfully surprised my straight best friend and soul brother, Ely and his wife, Ann, with a baby shower.  All of our friends were in cahoots in the press release to Ely and Ann that we are celebrating my birthday in advance which good timing for this great idea.  So, on Feb. 2, everyone went to the house for my birthday celebration.  Gifts were stashed in my room.  When the time came for the reveal, ugh.  I wish I can upload the video.  Priceless reactions especially from Ann, who cried in appreciation.  I am so great.  Hahahahaha! About me talaga???

p1000173.JPG  p1000174.JPG  p1000175.JPG  p1000179.JPG

The gifts, Ely and Ann after opening their eyes, and Ann crying her guts out. Priceless.  The entire surprise baby shower team. 🙂


As I said to Snglguy, I am gonna have a new phone this week!  And this is it, The Sony Ericsson W710i.  (jumps in glee)


Another wish would be to purchase the Sony Portable Play Station.  I know, I know.  It’s a luxury.  Walang pakialaman sa wish. Leche.  Hahahahaha!


Primarily because of the Virtua Tennis World Tour game for the Sony PSP! 


 Jher is witness to my addiction to the Sega Virtua Tennis PC game.  Ugh.  The only thing with my PC game is its limited players.  It does not have Federer, Blake, and the more popular ones and the women players.  But with the Sony PSP Virtua Tennis World Tour game, everyone is already there.  Hwaaaaaaa!!!  I want it.

(4)   A Tale of Two Blogfriends

I was so thankful that I got to meet up with two of my blogfriends who are exceptionally funny, witty, intelligent, and cute!

Bananachoked of Life in Between a Banana Split is a wonderful guy who has his principles intact.  He has the passion for environmental issues and I was so honored that I was still in Davao when the City Council approved the resolution to ban aerial spraying of chemicals for plantations.  He was able to share with me their group’s success after months of lobbying.  Under that social consciousness is the heart of a true diva and a stand up comedian!  Hahahahahaha! I will see you again soon, mare!  I was addicted to San Mig Light with lemon slices. Hugs and kisses!  It’s a shame we did not have a pic noh? (pouts)

Kuya Bear of Recontres De Ma Vie lives up to his handle.  He is so cuddly and cute, armed with a wit and sense of humor that is worthy of playing intellectual tennis with.  Not to mention that we share the same passion for ukay-ukay!  Hahahahaha! Congratulations to your first day of “school”, kapatid!  I will see you and The Diva this week.  Hugs and kisses.


(5)  Thanksgiving

Hmmm.  I have a lot to thank for.  So, as a thanksgiving, I will be opening a new blog.  You have to wait for its launch within the week, blogfriends. 🙂

For now, thank you for sharing the past year with me.  It has been soooooooo much fun.  I love you all! (blows butterfly kisses to all)

Thanks to and for the pics.  Visit their sites for more of their products.

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19 Responses to Post-birthday Churvanels

  1. Schizo says:

    Ateeeee!!!! You’re back! Tagal ko di nakavisit ditey!

    Belated Happy Birthday! Sorry late na mare ha. Ika nga nila “Huli man daw at magaling … kung matinik ay malalim”.

    Hugs and Kisses din! =)

  2. duke says:

    belated belated! lagi akong late. pero better late than…ano ba kasunod nun? basta yun. belated.

  3. Lani says:

    Sorry dear at nahuli ang bati ko, happy birthday. Medyo ngarag lang ang lola mo ngayon at maraming kainitan ng ulo, hehehe. Kaya noong nabasa ko itong blog mo at bday mo pala bigla kong nakalimutan ang mga kabuwisitan.

    I wish all the best for you kasi good person ka.

  4. toni says:

    Nakaktuwa yun Max Brenner pics niyo. Parang may sugar rush ka, hehehe. I want to meet you sometime!!!!!!

  5. Shucks… Tapos na ba ang workahoe episode mo? Ako naman ngayon nagsisimula… Can’t complain. Kabuhayan ito.

    Oh well, salamat sa birdie greeting mo. We Aquarians rule the world! [It feels so right whenever I say it…]

    Velated Hubba Birdie Bridyet! Have Fanst!

  6. manilenya says:

    uy mare bakit ang tingin ko sa mga nauna mong pics before your pics with your mom and sis e kahawig mo na si fafa jher? ano ibig sabihin nun? lol!!!
    belatedddddddddddddddddddd uleeeeeeeeeeetttttttttttttt muwahhhhhugzzzz!!!!

  7. this is late but anyway…

    elevators terrify me:

    1) you really have very little control if, for whatever reason, you find yourself desperately needing to escape from a moving elevator; 2) you fall and you rise so fast and yet you can only vaguely understand the dynamics of it; 3) you have no idea who’s face will surprise you when the door opens and you have no idea when a stranger who’s there for the ride is going to leave.

    it terrifies me the way a certain feeling does. nonetheless, i find myself wishing that my love story would begin and end in an elevator.

    so happy valentine’s day and belated happy birthday, soul brotha.

    seventh floor, please.


  8. Vida says:

    Happy birthday, dahling, many more fabulous days full of fabulous-ness to come. *Mwah*

  9. Vida says:

    Btw, love the Max Brenner shots! Ayan, inggit ako, want that sugar high!

  10. ganns says:

    If you’re meeting up with Toni, sama na rin kami ni Vida and Cathy. 😉

  11. atticus says:

    ang saya ng birthday mo. sa susunod, magsabi ka nang maaga para makasali kami. eyeball tayong lahat sa araw na iyon. 🙂

  12. OMG! Hanggang Greenbelt 3 lang ang kaya ng pera ko! Hindi talaga kayang bumili ng P101,000 na pantalon.

  13. Dinna says:

    Fabulous as always! Hindi kita ma-reach.. but I love you all the same.. =)

  14. snglguy says:

    Wowow!! That’s one cool phone! Bait naman ng mommy mo…

  15. brennan says:

    happy birthday jer.

    nagtetenis ka ba before?

  16. bong says:



  17. Lyka Bergen says:

    Josh Groban! Bat walang picture ang Bananas?

    Happy Birthday Lolah! Tse!

  18. Dylan Gozum says:

    belated happy birthday, dearest.

  19. f i l l says:

    Global Cafe… hmmmm…

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