A Birthday Meme…

Yup.  Tomorrow is my birthday! Yeeeey!  As a pre-birthday churva, I would like to invite you to visit this website:  www.famousbirthdays.com.  I did and I had so much fun!  I’m posting the famous people who were born on February 6.  At least I share the same birth date with them.

Here are the people I share the same birth date with:

The Serious Famous Ones

Tom Brokaw of NBC News.  (Sosyal!)


Mary Leakey, famous British archaeologist and author of “Disclosing our Past” (Huh?)


Ronald Reagan, former actor and President of the United States. (Just like me! A leader and an entertainer.  Charing.  Hahahaha!)


Babe Ruth, Baseball Legend.  (Again, just like me!  We are fat. Although I am a “living” legend. Yeah.)


Rockers and Divas

Axl Rose, front man of Guns n’ Roses. (Rock on!)


Bob Marley (Ja, man!)


Natalie Cole


Masaharo Fukuyama, Japanese singer and actor. (Haaaa??? Sinetch??? Basta ang alam ko, cute ang nipples nya.  Uuuy!  Tumingin, aminin!!!)


Rip Torn, actor who rocked us as the head of the elite group, Men in Black.


And of course,

THE PIN-UP GIRLS OF THE 40’s and 50’s!



Zsa Zsa Gabor


I knew it!  All those born on February 6 are either leaders, entertainers, or sexy bomba stars!  Hahahahaha! I can’t wait to turn 25 tomorrow… (glares at everyone who objects)

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11 Responses to A Birthday Meme…

  1. Kuya Bear says:

    Happy 25th??? Birthday Bridget! Winner si Mamie!

  2. ate sienna says:


    HAPPY VERDEY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. nastypen says:

    Mamie Van Doren?!?!?!? Day, boobs nya pwede patungan ng wine glasses! at may Zsa Zsa Gabor pah! ang pose!!!!!!!!!! WINNER!!! Buti ka pa …. habang ako ka-birthday ko si…..


    Oha…tiklop kayo! hahahaha

    Katulad ka nga ni zsa zsa gabor na press release nya ay, hanggang ngayon, 25 pa daw siya….charruuuussssss……….. oonah…. 25 ka lang leche! hahahaha. Mag-something red ka para papasukin ang swerte.


  4. jher says:

    Happy 33rd birthday my love. Binuko! Hahahahahahaha! Di ka pwedeng maging 25 lang noh, unlike me na tinatanong pa sa bus kung estudyante at bibigyan ng discount. LOL! Wabyu! See you tonite. Mwah!

  5. kalories says:

    belated happy bday bridget! hope you had a great time yesterday. :d

  6. manilenya says:

    belated happy birthday mareeeeeeee di ako naka abot waaaahhh!!!

  7. Dinna says:

    Happy birthday, beautiful! Warm hugs and a big kiss from New York!

  8. snglguy says:

    Uuuuy 25 daw siya…. 😉

    Belated Happy Birthday, bro.

  9. toni says:

    Happy birthday beautiful Bridget! 25?! Diba magde-debut ka palang?

    Naaaaks. 😀

  10. atticus says:

    oist. happy beerday. sa susunod, mag-post ka nang maaga para makulit ka namin enough to buy us beer.

    happy 25th. taena. tagal ko nang nalampasan iyang edad na iyan. i am so effing ancient!

  11. ladybug says:

    Hey, belated happy birthday! Better late than never ang masasabi ko….haha. Sorry, MIA for more than a month eh. Hope everything’s alright with you. Miss you! 🙂

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