I’m Back! (and Going Away Again…)

Yehey!  I am baaaaaaack!  Back to pack my bags for Pampanga for a post-training monitoring.


(cue meditation music, monk’s chanting, bells clinging, water slushing)

…in everything, give thanks…

More stories when I really get back…thanks for your comments, dahlins!  Hugs and kisses!

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4 Responses to I’m Back! (and Going Away Again…)

  1. snglguy says:

    Err, hello and goodbye…. again?

  2. ate sienna says:

    sobra.. sobra ng pagkabusy yan. all work and no play makes jill na maganda a tired girl… 😦

  3. manilenya says:

    welcome back at ingat ka ulit mare

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