Madonna is a Man…and I am Her?



 To continue…

No, no, no!  I will not change the title of this blog, dahlins.  It represents what I will do for next year.  2007 for Bridget Jones is about RE-INVENTION.  Let me tell you about this years looks vis-a-vis my experiences:

My Baguio Get-away with Jher sporting black-rimmed glasses and in grasscut hair. Still crazy, emotera, and very much in love with husband. (giggles)

usbaguio.jpg      mebaguio.jpg     mestatue.jpg     mewooden.jpg

Different dates with husband, different looks and moods.

dsc00027.JPG  Wash and wear hair, tired from walking in mall of asia.

dsc00155.JPG  Shellane hairstyle (hehehe), in black-rimmed glasses, still makulit and annoying husband to do “something” with me while at the smoking lounge of robinson’s manila.

laptop.jpg  Seattle’s Best Smoking Area, Digital Exchange Glorietta, flirting with husband, in my professional, yuppy image:  hair to one side, white denim jacket and moss green shirt.

dsc00594.JPG  Tweetums in a flesh knit t-shirt while on our first REAL Indian restaurant date at Swagat, Rada St. Legaspi Village, Makati City.  You have to try it, dahlins.  Not being pa-tweetums, silly!  Swagat Indian Cuisine! Hmph.

naughty1.jpg  Really working on having sex with husband that night at Bali Blends, Megastrip.  Spiked hair, red knitted vest over a white shirt, and just really working to get some that night…hehehe

dsc00253.JPG  Been loving red in 2006.  Nerdy in a red shirt at Alabang Town Center, post-Milenyo date with husband.  See the tree cutters in the background?  Pensive mood, profoundly thinking of Milenyo and a very important question:  WHY ARE WE ON A DATE, WALANG KURYENTE NGA PALA SA MGA MALL???  hahahaha!

Bridget Jones is a Goat

Yes, one of the major changes in my look this year is the decision to maintain a goatee.  I actually liked it.  Makes me feel sexy and more…well, manly.  Hahahaha!  To balance the fact that I am a screaming Faggot Isidro?  (rolls in laughter)

meandkeith.jpg  akoatkitoy.jpg  This is Keith (or Kitoy as he is fondly called).  He inspired me to maintain a goatee.  He is my crush coz he is the cutest thing!  (not to mention that tongue! ugh. *shudders” hahahahaha!  Lagot na naman ako kay husband.)

Bridget Jones:  A Bitch in the Beach 

My favorite pictures taken by my fag hag, Nilda, at Samal Island, donning an all-white ensemble.  I felt effervescent and ethereal during our stay there.

samal9.JPG  samal4.JPG  samal11.JPG

Self-portraits Taken During Milenyo

storm008.JPG   storm006.JPG  storm005.JPG

Milenyo brought humility to me when it stripped me off the comforts brought about by electricity.  But after I discovered that a power blackout can provide dramatic lighting for photos, I became a diva again and shot self-protraits of me.  Hahahahaha!  This is me in my natural state (with manipulated lighting of course. hahahaha)

Bridget Jones and Babies

The latter part of the year was about thoughts on having my own child brought about by these pictures. (hmph, leche! hahahaha!)

2-men-and-a-baby.jpg   jerome-and-kid.jpg

 Bridget’s Obsession Over Cowboy Hats and Masks

howdy.jpg  Bought this cowboy hat in Davao.  Oh you wouldn’t wanna know WHY i bought this hat. (smiles naughtily)

dsc00350.JPG  Attended the Halloween Ball organized by Bed.  Found the black, white, and silver mask at Victoria Plaza in Davao and I paired it with an all-white ensemble, black flip-flops, and a string of tri-color pearls.  I was smashing, dahlins. 🙂

p1010104.JPG  p1010098.JPG  p1010106.JPG  This is the ensemble I wore when I hosted the company christmas party.  Loved the hat when I laid eyes on it!  Very Queer as Folk.  Now you have a glimpse of how I upstaged everyone during the party.  Hahahaha! Eksenedora talaga, diva?

2006 was about solid colors and vertical stripes

You know why.  I am fat.  As of January 31, 2006, I am officially 192 lbs. and 5 feet 9-and-a-half inches tall.  So, solid colors and vertical stripes help me with the illusion of tall and just-right-lean…

p5140009.jpg  Mother’s day at TGIF, wearing my favorite Prada shirt.

4ofus.jpg  Despedida at Bubba Gump with mom, sister, and her boyfriend.  This is my favorite picture of me.  If not for the plump cheeks, I can pull off the illusion.

p1100031_edited.JPG  Me in a gray Gap knit turtleneck shirt while running a training.

philidol021.JPG  with-jove.jpg  Me in a striped shirt with Mau Marcelo and channel 5’s Jove Francisco during Big Band night of Philippine Idol.

FOR 2007, Bridget Jones will evolve further into a better person.  Starting with…

p1010116.JPG  HIGHLIGHTS!!!

I am so officially a fcuking homosexual…(rolls in laughter)

I can’t wait for 2007.  Happy New Year, blogfriends!  Thank you for sharing this year with me.  Hugs and Kisses to everyone!

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38 Responses to Madonna is a Man…and I am Her?

  1. Lyka Bergen says:

    Mukhang mazaya ang 2006 ng bruha! Excited na ketch sa 2007 mo! Lalong gaganda ka ba? Huhubad ka ba sa pics? Maging kayo pa kaya ni Jher? Ching!

    Happy New Year Lolah!

  2. snglguy says:

    It’s been a good year for you it seems. Put it there, bro… not there! I meant my palm! Wahahahaha ;-D

    Happy New Year to you and Jher.

  3. K says:

    Akala ko this 2007 mag mamadre ka na yun pala highlights lang.

    Happy New Year!

  4. Jennie says:

    What an excellent recap of the year throung pictures! Wishing you all the best this year, dah-link!

  5. jcdaclison says:

    lyka: maghuhubad? hmmmm…. (drums fingers while seriously thinking) hehehe.

  6. Dylan Gozum says:

    Parang ode to thyself itong post na ito, ha? Lagyan natin ng joss sticks at altar na siya!

    The higlights look good! I envy you for being able to do such things to your hair.

    Re paghuhubad, pagisipan mo munang mabuti yan. Like a million times.

  7. jcdaclison says:

    snglguy: it was a good year, bro. and starting the year by…(clears throat)… “putting it THERE”… believe me, i put it THERE. hahahaha! all the best this year, brotha…

  8. jcdaclison says:

    k: magmamadre? hmmmm…. ano kaya ang hitsura ng madreng naka-hubad? hahahahaha! yuuuuuckkk!

    happy new year, my dearest! mwah!

  9. jcdaclison says:

    tweenapay: thanks, pangga! hugs and kisses!

  10. jcdaclison says:

    jennie: thanks, sweetie! may God grant your heart’s desires this year. hugs and kisses!

  11. jcdaclison says:

    dylan: kurak! hindi naman masyadong halata ang narcissitic qualities, diba? hahaha! get well soon, darling. hugs and kisses!

  12. ricci chan says:

    hi bumped into this website and all i can say is ang cute mo 🙂 hahahaha

    happy new year!

  13. Paeng says:

    Wag niyong paghubarin si Bridget, para niyo siyang nakitang nakahandusay sa lababo habang lasing. Hahaha!!!

    Wala bang pic nun?!

  14. Dinna says:

    Happy, happy new year! Can’t wait to see what this reinvention will bring about. I say go for it! *HUGS*

  15. Nancy Kerrigan naman in Fairview ang highlight no, ne! Ako nga, iniisip ko ngang mag-semi. Hindi semikal, huh! (that’s so kanto, joke) Semi-mohawk. Hindi kaya ako mataga ng mga indian? Ahihihi!

  16. nastypen says:

    Ganda mo, deng! Love your shellane hairdo! It’s so….swirly.

    Happy new year!

    Mabuhay ang mga magaganda tulad natin at mamatay sa inggit ang mga nagmamaganda!


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  18. kalories says:

    happy new year, dear. just got back from a looong vacay in bacolod. missed your blog! 😀 may this year bring you more love and fun! ang dami mong entries!!! hehe.. have to catch up!

  19. jher says:

    I love your “just after sex” hair. Mmm…

  20. ganns says:

    Happy New Year, Bridget! Here’s to a 2007 with more looks and less stress! God superbless!

    ganns, cathy & nathan

  21. Lani says:

    Ibulong mo naman sa akin ang reason ng pagbili ng cowboy hat, secret lang natin talaga, hehehe.

    Cute ka pa rin kahit anong ayos mo. Siempre talagang ganyan ang mga magaganda.

  22. baktin says:

    happy new year jer! pakalbo ka by june 😉

  23. Bong says:

    happy new year! susmaryosep. kamukha mo mommy mo pala. alam ko na hitsura mo 20 years from now. hahaha.

  24. jcdaclison says:

    ricci chan: thanks! 🙂

  25. jcdaclison says:

    paeng: hay naku. nanghinayang nga ako wala akong pic nung nakahandusay ako sa lababo sa cr. yun ang eksena talaga dapat. hahahaha!

  26. jcdaclison says:

    dinna: happy new year, d! regards to the family and hugs to angel…

  27. jcdaclison says:

    empress: go for it, mare! 🙂

  28. jcdaclison says:

    nastypen: it IS swirly. ganda di ba? mabuhay talaga tayo…

  29. jcdaclison says:

    karol: gaaaaaaaaang! susmaryosep hindi na tayo mag-abot sa davao man o sa vacolod! di bale, pasasaan ba’t magkikita din tayo. always take care, mare! 🙂

  30. jcdaclison says:

    jher: ganon talaga ang comment. pang-bakod talaga. panget.

  31. jcdaclison says:

    ganns: thank you, my dear ganns! god bless you and your family… 🙂

  32. jcdaclison says:

    lani: o, lapit ka na ibubulong ko na sa yo…

  33. jcdaclison says:

    baktin: thanks, bro! hey, i hope to finally have coffee with you soon when i go back to cebu ha? always take care! 🙂

  34. jcdaclison says:

    bong: hay naku, sinabi mo pa. not only that, i am turning into her! vicious cycle na itoh. lol

  35. ie says:

    belated happy holidays. 🙂

    highlighting your hair definitely is one fab way of starting your new year. ha ha. 🙂

  36. br0wn_c0w says:

    Grabeh, magkakamukha kayo! Ahahaha!! Your sister is pretty!

    I like the yuppy image hair to one side look on you best.

    Cheers to 2007!!! More fabulousness and fagness to all of us! Hurrah!

  37. toni says:

    and you just grow even more beautiful!!!

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