Bridget Jones Plays Judge No. 4 of Philippine Idol Finals

Bridget’s Note:  My comments are from the perspective of someone watching from the comforts of their living room.  I acknowledge the fact that it may have appeared and sounded different in the big dome.



GIAN opened the show with IMPOSSIBLE DREAM.  I agree with Mr. C.  It was an excellent performance:  FIRST NOTE and LAST NOTE.  If you read between the lines, what Mr. C said was it was an okay performance, the strong point of which is the FIRST and LAST note.  Don’t get me wrong.  Gian is nice to listen to.  But with his first song, he was not able to connect.  I would just like to borrow this from Lea Salonga when she commented on Mau”s performance of “And I Am Telling You” during the movie/musicale episode:  MEDYO KULANG SA EMOTIONAL INVESTMENT.

JAN performed SAY THAT YOU LOVE ME.  In fairness, Jan was very charming and confident and had the most impact.  However, it was a pitchy performance and he seemed like stretching the first notes of each line. It lacked the escalation and crescendo as demanded by the song which made it somewhat flat and dull.

MAU performed LOVE TAKES TIME.  Ugh.  Singing a Mariah Carey song in the finals???  It was a risky move.  Still vocally good  but timing was soooo off, which is expected in this song.  Moreover, it lacked the magic that will make people drop their jaws in awe.  I am a Mau fan but objectively, it was a detached performance, alienating the audience.

Bridget’s opinion?  Round 1 goes to…JAN!


GIAN sang VOLARE.  Oh…my…God! Gian showed such professionalism and experience in the performance.  Very, very good!  But once again, as Mr. C said, it lacked the most important element that should have been present in the performance and gotten him the votes:  SEXINESS.  He was in his element, true.  But the connection was not there because Gian forgot that in this song, it was not about the dancing, the stage presence, and the clear enunciation of the Spanish words (pang-call center ito).  It was about the SENSUALITY of which Gian did not pull off.

JAN sang SWAY.  He was not as confident entering the song as he did his first song.  The dancing was hedious and off-timing, a big contradiction to the message the song, SWAY, wants to invoke:  to sway with me.  I think they attempted to duplicate the La Vida Loca magic, but it failed to deliver, both vocally, physically, and kinesthetically.  But still, he remains charismatic.

MAU sang BALUT, PENOY! Sabi ko na!!!  It was a show-stopping performance !!!  Very nice!!!  Pitch problems here and there but objectively, the overall performance was great!  Right emotion, grandiose and fun performance, big finish.  I feel the big problem was it was not well-received.  Primarily, she has done it in Megamall with “Waray-waray” and there was nothing new.  Nevertheless…

Bridget’s opinion…Round 2 goes to…MAU!


GIAN sang FLYING WITHOUT WINGS.  Nice opening smile.  Off-key on the 3rd and 4th lines.  He struggled throughout the song after that and it was obvious that it was a strained performance.  In my opinion, he lost the song upon entrance of the chorus.  I am sorry, but the connection Francis, Mamita, and Mr. C referred to did not translate to our living room.  I agree that this was his best among the three songs.  Maybe Gian’s performance took a toll from the fatigue because he was not able to shine tonight.

JAN sang EVERGREEN.  The song was not Jan’s range.  He was not hitting some of the high notes.  Although, I have to say that the feelings and emotions were there.  More heart-felt. But overall, it was a charming but pitchy throat performance.

MAU sang ON MY OWN.  It was magical.  She sang as if her being depended on it.  It was definitely not as great as Whitney Houston’s version but she conveyed to everyone her personal message…sang through the song, ON MY OWN.  Good thing that she sang last, performing excellently and pouring out her whole heart and soul.  It was a fitting finale message that I believe will resonate among all viewers at home and in the big dome. 

Bridget’s opinion, Round 3 goes to Mau!

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This is my final note.  The final 3’s careers will definitely be served in silver platters once the curtain closes on Philippine Idol.  Those who will not clinch the title will definitely make it.  But objectively, based on performances, Bridget’s opinion is: 

MAU should win. 

But my fearless forecast based on what I think which way the voters will go? 

JAN is going to win simply because he is the most charismatic and most charming on stage and on TV.

To the staff and crew behind Philippine Idol and ABC 5, congratulations for making this first season very interesting!  And the finals?  Basil Valdez opening Phil. Idol?  What a great start!!!  Basil managed to refresh our memory why he IS Basil Valdez and reminded the idols that they still have a looooong way to go.  A little side comment though.  Paging the stylist of Ryan Agoncillo.  What’s up with the green bib…errrr…ascot tie?  Ugh! I predict that in the upcoming Star Awards for TV, the winner for Best TV Host of a Musical/Variety Show is:  THE GREEN ASCOT TIE!!!  It stirred attention away from Ryan’s efforts and to the glaring green ascot tie.  Not to mention the audio problems encountered the whole time. Well, as Ryan’s green ascot tie said, “that’s live telecast for you!” (flashes smile)


Nevertheless, congratulations Philippine Idol!  Here’s to a better and more exciting second season! Cheers!

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17 Responses to Bridget Jones Plays Judge No. 4 of Philippine Idol Finals

  1. nestor c says:

    i think the contest last night was compromised by francis m. and pilita c.’s prediction about the first philippine idol being a male. it set the mode of the night, i.e. showdown between gian and jan. mau was left as a sideshow, an afterthought, which shouldn’t have been the case. it’s mau’s fault na nawalan siya ng confidence, but i think the judges’ comments even before contest began contributed to it.

    anyway, i hope mau wins this one.

  2. Schizo says:

    Bwisit!!! Brownout sa bahay kagabi kaya di ko napanood. Nung nagkaroon ng kuryente wala namang service ng cable. Bwisit talaga!!!! Grrrrr ….

  3. leo salonga says:

    I totally disagree onyour raving over Mau’s performance. Nagkalat siya sa first two rounds. Gawd , you have an awful taste and you don’t deserve to be blogging if your opinion is so faulty. Jan was the king of the night and even the judges were all unanimous in communicating that.

  4. Lyka Bergen says:

    Gosh…. sana si Mau na! Pls… wag lang si Jan.

  5. jcdaclison says:

    nestor c: i also do hope that mau wins. i do agree that the comments were a bit “displaced”, if you may? but it is about the voters anyway. i hope you voted for mau, dahlin! thanks for dropping by. 🙂

  6. jcdaclison says:

    schizo: kami din! sabi nga ng wi-max announcement nung bagyong milenyo, systems are down due to nationwide POWER OUTRAGE. hahahaha! kami naman, momentary brownout pero buti na lang nagkailaw agad.

  7. jcdaclison says:

    leo salonga: ay, kuya! hindi mo nabasa nang maigi yung entry ko. i actually said that actually, lahat sila ay nagkalat nung first two performances nila. at saka kung nabasa mo din, i said i think jan is going to win because he has the most charisma.

    naku sorry, kasi nga naman hindi ko nilagay yung sabi mo na JAN WAS THE KING OF THE NIGHT, nahirapan ka tuloy magbasa. Question: are you related to Jovito or Leah? very analytical yet profound kasi ang comment mo kaya i had to ask.

    thanks for dropping by, leo! drop by ka lagi ha? hugs and kisses!

  8. jcdaclison says:

    lyka: sana nga, mare…

  9. nastypen says:

    Day, taray mo kay leo salonga. hahahaha ligwakin ang byuti. Notice ko lang masyadong sensi ang mga fans ni jan! Bakitch!?!?!?! Ma at pa.

    Care ko sa earth nila, basta ang importante maganda pa rin tayo. Bow.

  10. Dinna says:

    Jerome, thanks for blow by blow account and the very objective review. I know you bitch when necessary but give credit when credit is due. I’m holding my breath with excitement and hope that my “manok” wins. Again, as I said in my blog, all three deserve a standing ovation for having gone this far..

  11. Dylan Gozum says:

    Who that &*^%%% was that commenter?! Juice ko day. I finally got to read about that gay pageant death. It was notoriously funny but then again, what to do, di ba? Napaka-surreal naman kasi ng kwento.

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  13. jcdaclison says:

    nastypen: mare, i was sweet. (tucks imaginary hair behind ear)

  14. jcdaclison says:

    dylan: sabi ni ruby, may isa pang gay pageant tragedy in davao. nasunog ng kandila ang isang contestant kasi santacruzan ang theme.

  15. jcdaclison says:

    dinna: you said it, sistah! bitchin’ with a purpose? hahahaha!

  16. jher says:

    leo salonga – this is not just about taste, this is his personal opinion. besides this is his blog, laitin man nya ang idol mo, it’s his prerogative. now go and write your own blog if you want to exult your idol to high heavens. and what gave you the right who should or shouldn’t be blogging? this blog does not need you, and you can go and read other blogs which will suit your so called taste.

  17. atticus says:

    juice ko! ngayon ko lang nabasa ito. way to go, jerome and jher. LOL!!!!

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