Bridget Jones Goes to Philippine Idol…plus something about the final 3

I am glad I was able to watch Philippine Idol live last Sunday night with my Mark Darcy! Thanks to dear, sweet Noemi and the Philippine Idol of the news world, Jove.  Naks!  Autograph naman jan!  Hehehe!  But seriously, thanks to both of you for being generous.  From a frustrated Philippine Idol contestant, it was a rare treat, darlings…

philidol005.JPG         philidol007.JPG      philidol009.JPG     philidol015.JPG

  philidol019.JPG        philidol020.JPG     with-jove.jpg   

With Apple and Drae, two of my favorite Idols!  Parang naging straight ako kay Apple kasi mukhang bagay kami! Parang close na close naman kami ni Drae, di ba?  Hahahaha!  Anu ba talaga, kuya??? (rolls in laughter)

philidol016.JPG      philidol023.JPG



Imagine how nervous I was last night waiting for the results!  I was so nervous for Jan, Gian, and Mau.  After the show last Sunday, I felt it was anybody’s game.  When Ryan made Miguel and Gian take a seat, I was fcuking dizzy.  I felt Mau was going to be booted out, then Ryan made Jan take a seat.  One loud curse rocked San Pedro, Laguna.  Then the corny drama of “semantics” where Mau ended up safe and Miguel was (finally) booted out.  Miguel was so sweet when he said to Mr. C, “Yung pramis nyo po ah.”  Then the drama of semantics continued when Mr. C said, “what I said was I will sit down with you because you can play the piano.  I will help you while you write your own song.”  Ang ganda.  The poor kid has courageously taken bullets the entire season and now that he has taken his ouster like a true trooper, i felt a simple “okay” or “let’s talk later” would have sufficed.  I was never a fan of Miguel’s singing talent (because he has none?  Hindi naman.  He just has not found his song yet.  Besides, he has the talent in playing the piano and smiling.)  But him graciously taking a bow and accepting his departure, I am happy for the kid because he has taken it like a man.  I really felt that he has conceded to the fact that he will not deserve the title of Philippine Idol.  That is humility.  Bravo to you, kid!!!  You are on your way towards becoming a better person.



Okay.  Everyone knows I am a Mau fan.  So, I am inviting everyone to vote for her.  Watching her during Big Band night was a delight! I, along with everyone (including the fans of Miguel, Jan, and Gian. that’s how great she was) gave her a long standing ovation.  You go, gurl!


Why?  Simply put:  she is the best, vocally.  Now that she has found a stylist (I believe in the person of Ricci Chan?  Bravo, bakla!  Saludo ako sa iyo kung ikaw nga.), she now has the COMPLETE PACKAGE that everyone is yakking about.  Before, I was looking at Gian to represent the
Philippines in World Idol because of the proverbial “complete package” (to all of you, blogfriends.  Seeing the three guys in person, I would have to say Gian is the fairest of them all! Shet, ang gwapo ni papa Gian.  It is such a shame he is not as telegenic as Jan).  But with Mau having the exotic beauty and the powerful voice, I am gonna root for her.  Although, a personality development course would help her too.  Socialization and speech improvement classes will further make her world class.  I agree with Noemi that Mau might find it difficult to warm up with the Western audience. Click here and here.  So take the lessons, gurl. Go Mau!



It is still anybody’s game.  The finals will be very exciting for the following reasons:

  • I feel Mau will draw the ire of Miguel fans and will just vote for the other guys.  Remember, she was the one made to pick Miguel.  If PI is eyeing Mau to win, that circus you made Ryan pull was definitely a wrong move, PI.  Minus 10 points kayo sa kin.


  • It will be a tight race for the girl votes between Jan and Gian.  But in the end, I think Miguel fans will vote for Gian.  Animo La Salle! 

  • I feel that the Ateneo-La Salle angle will be played up again just like what happened when Jan (after his best performance) landed the bottom three for the first time.  Reaction to the comment, “Tonight, Ateneo won over La Salle.”  I have a strong feeling that that’s what happened.  Hindi pumayag ang mga berdeng indian pana.  If this happens in the finals, good for Gian and Jan…bad for Mau.

  • The gay community is definitely for Mau.  But I feel that the lesbian community is going to vote for Gian considering Pow is close to Gian’s heart.  If bisexuals and transgenders would join in the bandwagon of voting, Mau will definitely have a chance.  (studies show that 75% of Filipinos are not straight.  charing lang. hahahahaha!  gawan ng bogus na statistics???)  But again, may ibang mga bakla na sa mga papabols nakatingin! Sampalin ko kayo dyan, mga bakla!  Let the divas take the spotlight for a change.  Saka na ang mga lalaki.



Overall, congratulations Philippine Idol!  You have managed to pull it off!  I’ll see you in the finals…


Bridget Jones, out!

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29 Responses to Bridget Jones Goes to Philippine Idol…plus something about the final 3

  1. merman says:

    ako bilang bakla ay forever Mau fan dear Bridget. 🙂

  2. jcdaclison says:

    merman: (cue song: we are family! i got all my sistahs with me!) kurak ka jan, mare! magsanib pwersa dapat ang buong populasyon di ba? nai-imagine ko na gagawa sya ng disco-slash-clubbing album para lang sa gay community. shet di ba? pero i’m sure, a lot of straight people are voting for mau simply because she is the best. thanks for dropping by! hugs and kisses!

  3. bakit pareho tayo ng mga naiisip, bridget?! magkasundo ba talaga tayong tatlo? hehehe kitakits sa araneta.

  4. gdbangit says:

    Very interesting reasons, lalo tuloy akon naging solid Mau fan.. anyway, how do we get hold of tickets for the finals?.. me and my officemates would like to cheer for mau also at araneta..

  5. Schizo says:

    Bridget Jones, out?!

    Di ba matagal ka ng OUT? Wahahahaha! =P

    Fave ko si Mau! Vote for Mau!!!!

  6. ging says:

    go mau…

  7. Lyka Bergen says:

    Ay Bongga! Pakisabi din kay Mau na love ko sya! Sya lang ang may karapatan sa naiwang tatlo para sa title. Sana si Mau na nga!!!!

  8. K says:

    JC, I like your shirt, very English (Brooks Brother). Asar wala akong cable, can’t watch the show.

  9. noemi says:

    for a while I thought…who is Bridget Jones? Hehe you pala! See you at the Araneta!

  10. Miguel says:

    Hi miss bridget jones,

    it’s fun to read your blog…like you i am an avid fan of Mau. I will support her all the way to the finals night.

    see you at araneta ate!

  11. mau fan here but i will bet my ass on it…she’s get the next kick. we all know how pinoys favor the aesthetics over talents.

    sana mali ako…sana mali ang hula ni madam auring.



  12. mau fan here but i will bet my ass on it…she’ll get the next kick. we all know how pinoys favor the aesthetics over talents.

    sana mali ako…sana mali ang hula ni madam auring.



  13. snglguy says:

    Talagang PI fanatic ka talaga, bro. You even went to see the show live and had both you and jher’s pics taken with the contestants. 🙂

  14. jher says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed watching PI live with you my love. Syempre salamat kay Jove and Noemi. Dapat sa finals manood din tayo! Laki ng space sa araneta siguradong may makukuha tayong tikets. 🙂

  15. balbahutog says:

    thanks for dropping by dear.

    il link you up ah?


  16. jcdaclison says:

    jove: syempre! great minds think alike kaya? charing! hahahahaha!

  17. jcdaclison says:

    gdbangit: hi! naku, i was able to get tickets through a friend. as far as i know, you can just fall in line and they will let you in. malay mo may magbigay sa yo ng tiket while you are there. pramis!

  18. jcdaclison says:

    schizo: hinihintay ko lang may mag-comment ng ganyan. witty ka talaga, bakla! bravo! hahahaha!

  19. jcdaclison says:

    ging: kurak! go, mau!

  20. jcdaclison says:

    lyka bergen: kurak, bakla! iba pa ang galing ng baklita sa live performance. grabe talaga! sana nga sya na….

  21. jcdaclison says:

    k: hi, k! thanks! i have a secret about some of my clothes, dahlin…i am gonna blog about it. wait for it! mwah!

  22. jcdaclison says:

    noemi: kurek! i am also struggling with my weight and my waistline, mare. hahahahaha! although, as Sharon (Bridget’s friend in the movie) said, i am “…thinner, with slightly bigger breasts, and a smaller nose…” hahahahaha! see you at the araneta!

  23. jcdaclison says:

    miguel: thanks, miguel! hindi kaya ikaw si heartthrob idol, miguel mendoza? hahahahaha! thanks for dropping by, gurl. always visit, k? hugs and kisses from Ms. Bridget Jones…

  24. jcdaclison says:

    bananas: my feeling is it is going to be gian. miguel’s votes will definitely be transferred to him, primarily being a lasallian. nevertheless, mas marami kayang bakla kesa sa lasalista. chos. hahahahaha! basta vote for mau, and campaign in davao to vote for her…

  25. jcdaclison says:

    snglguy: not only that, bro! i had my picture taken on the red carpet, outside cinema 3, on the stage, on the left side of the stage where ryan usually does his opening spiel. sayang i was not able to have my picture taken on the judges table. nasa kabilang side eh. mas importante ang pic with my favorite idols.

  26. jcdaclison says:

    i also enjoyed it because i was with MY philippine idol…tsup!

  27. jcdaclison says:

    emman: hello, dahlin! of course! let’s link each other…dont forget to vote for mau! 🙂

  28. Lani says:

    We love MAU. Uhhmm, di kaya jeling si Jher noong medyo naging boylet ka sa tabi ni Apple? Exotic ang beauty ng loka, kaya maraming nalilink sa kaniya.

    Bilib din ako kay Miguel, mababang loob ang bata. 3 or 4 years from now, siguradong sobrang husay na ni bunso. Aba, ihanay mo nga iyan sa mga contestant doon sa iba diyan, shet, ang kokorny doon at di mahuhusay ang mga hitad. Sigurado Miguel will win kung doon siya napasali.

  29. br0wn_c0w says:

    Ay, bakit kay Tita Gretch, hindi ka nagpapicture, gurl?! Charot! Ahahahahha!

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