My Pampanga Escapade – On Food, People, Motels, and Feeling Like A Star



My new favorite place is Pampanga.  Why only now considering that I have been to Fontana before?  Well, remember I wrote about my five days in Fontana?  It was a training-related trip.  Would you believe I was in Fontana for five days but I never seen the Water Fun Park???  Yup!  My route for five days was villa to training venue, back to the villa…on a fcuking golf cart.  At least, the upside of that was a feast of eye candy with the cutest military guys I have ever seen in my life! If I had a Miss Saigon song, it would be “Gay Military Porn MOVIE IN MY MIND”. (cue me singing the first line wearing only skimpy bikinis:  They are not nice, they’re mostly noise…they swear like men, they screw like boys…*sang that line with a smile on my face. Hahahaha*)But my 2nd Pampanga trip proved to be…(clears throat)…satisfying..(naughtily smiles)


I had to write about this first, my dearests.  My primary reason why I went to Pampanga was to monitor the grantees we trained on how to install a Family Planning program in the workplace.  Post-training observation chuvanes.  Venue was at a company called Smart Shirts Inc. in Philexcel Industrial Estate in
Clark. The highlight of our stint is a sale of shirts every afternoon! (hindi yung trabaho ang highlight?!?! Hahahaha!) I bought 4 long sleeved Nautica shirts for 280 pesos!  Talent, dahlin… Anyway, why was I a star?  Let me re-enact.  The scene was in the warehouse, employees and outsiders rummaging through class A and B shirts:

Me: (to my friend)  No, don’t buy that white shirt!  It will make you look like the Michelin man…(simangot)

I suddenly stop when somebody pokes me. I turn around and saw this sweet lady in a white smock.

Lady:  Excuse me.  You look familiar…

Me:  (smiles)  Maybe in one of our trainings we met?

Lady:  No, no.  You’re Bridget Jones right?

Me: (laughs and blushes)  Oh my God! Yes, I am Bridget! (we both giggle in delight)

Lady:  I knew it!  I always visit your blog.

Me:  Naku, nakakatuwa naman!  (blushes in flattery)  I’m glad I made a connection.  What’s your name?

Lady:  I’m Nimfa.  I work in the Dipping Section here in Smart Shirts.  I’m responsible for treating the shirts to make it non-iron.

Me:  So it’s you that traveling people all over the world should thank for making our traveling lives easier? (laughs)  I’m Jerome, by the way…

Lady:  I know.  How’s Jher by the way?  How was his Mongolia trip?

Me: (laughs)  My God! We’re like friends.  I am so touched!  (laughs again *I can’t contain it, so sue me.*)  He’s very okay.  I’m actually sad that he does not have a shirt size.  I wanted to buy him one.

Our conversation continued with more chat about me and Jher.  We ended with a beso-beso.  I am so flattered.  Thank you Nimfa!  Thank you for giving that moment of feeling like a star…(kisses and hugs)


The people from Tridev took me to two food places which I will remember for the rest of my life.  First night, they took me to Neesam Food Haus, a carinderia in Angeles City.  Ugh!  The sisig and spicy pork spareribs are to die for!!!  Especially with San Mig Light.  Mmmm-mmmm-mmmm!  My last night, we ate at the famous Lomi House in Clark beside the military barracks.  We ordered grilled pork chops, bulalo soup, and the best sizzling baby-back ribs smothered in barbeque sauce and lots of butter (forgive me for the Pavlovian response).  And for dessert?  A feast of military men having dinner…in shorts.  Ugh.  Forget 2 years of love, caring, and adventure with Jher…hahahahahahaha!


Having no cash advance, I decided to stay in a motel.  Hahahahaha!  Kuripot.  Hoy, but it was a nice motel ha?  The room was very nice and it had a big bathroom!  Very convenient for acrobatics.  Hahahaha!  And it comes equipped with cable…and a porn channel!  Hahahahahaha!  Straight porn nga lang…hmph. (rolls in laughter)  At ang panalo sa lahat–the signage reads like this:  HAVEN JACUZZI ROOMS AVAILABLE — JUST BLINK YOUR HEADLIGHTS! Hahahahaha!


First of all, a good shoutout to the people of Tridev whom I had the privilege of training.  Sir Toti and Ate Mila Uysingco, Executive Director and Program Manager, Dexter and Eva, Program Staff.  I love you, guys!  Thanks for making me feel welcome and seeing the beauty of Pampanga.  Gimik tayo next, next week when I go back.  We still have to debrief.  And I still need to be “de-briefed” by a Pampangueno.  Hahahahahahaha! (Naku, lagot na ako talaga kay Jher nito.)

One thing I noticed, it is true that there are a lot of beautiful men and women in Pampanga.  Smart Shirts has a smoking area and I think I am gonna have full-blown lung cancer for smoking too many cigies just to see more of the men and women of Pampanga! (well, mostly men of course. Hahahaha)  I am not kidding!  They are the prettiest girls and the hunkiest men!  Kanin na lang, lunch na talaga.  Hahahahaha!

WELL, that’s it.  I can’t wait to go back next, next week.  I missed making you laugh with my adventures, blogfriends!  I hope you enjoyed reading my entry.  (hugs and kisses to all of you)

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22 Responses to My Pampanga Escapade – On Food, People, Motels, and Feeling Like A Star

  1. snglguy says:

    Hay naku bro, SIKAT ka na talaga. Imagine, even in the most unlikeliest of places may nakakilala pa sa yo.

    “HAVEN JACUZZI ROOMS AVAILABLE — JUST BLINK YOUR HEADLIGHTS!” – Now THAT’s a very subtle way of asking, haha. 😀

  2. redjeulle says:

    artista ka na ning! oy antay ko yung send mo ha…

  3. br0wn_c0w says:

    Ayyyyy!!!! How about celebrity ka na talaga!!! Aahhahahhaha!!!!

  4. Toni says:

    Kulang nalang magpa-picture and autograph! Star ka talaga, Bridget!

  5. Lani says:

    Ibang klase ka, dearie. Talagang sikat na ang sistah ko. At pati Megamall na-invade na rin ng beauty mo, inggit tuloy ako.

    Sarap naman ng trip mo sa Pampanga, balak ko tuloy punta diyan sa December at magpakalango sa cholesterol, fats, at calories. Ang sarap ng mga pagkain, naglaway ako sa kwento mo pa lang.

  6. Schizo says:

    Oist! San yung motel na yun ha? Hihihihi =P

    Gusto kong place sa Pampanga is Apalit. Meron ako pinupuntahan dun na very special place.

  7. Nimfa Quiestas says:

    Uy, special mention ako dito ah! Thanks a lot and it was really nice meeting you in person. I’ve been a lurker here for a long time now. I enjoy reading your blog.

  8. manilenya says:

    wow! sikat lola ko at si Nimfa hindi nan siya silent reader ngayon…ayan at nagkomento na 🙂 … wala bang link back kay Nimfa di mo tinanong kung may blog?

  9. jcdaclison says:

    snglguy: sobrang flattered talaga ako, bro. and hahahaha to the motel di ba? kaloka talaga.

  10. jcdaclison says:

    redjeulle: na-send ko na, gurl…

  11. jcdaclison says:

    brown cow: its leik…i’m a celebrity…that’s hot…

  12. jcdaclison says:

    toni: parang artista na talaga ako nun, mare. basta super appreciate ko talaga si nimfa. ayan nagkoment na nga.

  13. jcdaclison says:

    lani: my goodess, the philippine idol experience was awesome! i-blog ko yan, mare.

  14. jcdaclison says:

    schizo: its called HAVEN EXECUTIVE SUITES. sosyalan di ba? hahahaha! basta masarap ang motel, bakla. yung tricycle driver nga na naghatid sa kin, kanin na lang dinner na talaga. hahahaha!

  15. jcdaclison says:

    nimfa: hello, ms. nimfa! thanks for dropping by. you are my most favorite lurker. honestly, you really made my day. it feels good that i have touched someone one way or another through my entries. thanks for your warmth too… always be happy, keep the faith, take care always…

  16. jcdaclison says:

    manilenya: naku. si ms. nimfa ay wala daw blog. lurker sya. nevertheless, i appreciate her from the bottom of my heart. reader talaga sya!

  17. atticus says:

    HANEP! sikat na sikat ang jerome at jher. ang susunod: HOLLYWOOD!

  18. manilenya says:

    uunga actually kakukuwento ko lang kay younger sis nitong istorya ng buhay mo ang madamdamin nyong pagtatagpo ni Miss Nimfa 🙂

  19. Mekeni Rogers says:

    Hi Bridget,

    I got your link from the PI website. Little bit surprised that after months of browsing their site, I only got your link today.

    Anyway, I truly enjoy your blog entries especially your Pampanga escapade. Coming from there (Dau), I could not help but roll in laughter with your experience. You made me miss the place (as I’m working in Riyadh) and the men of course.

    Since you said you are going back there in a forthnight, I can’t wait to hear your next (mis)adventures. With lots of beautiful and hunky men, I won’t be surprised if it will be titled your “Pampanga sexcapades” (lol).


  20. jcdaclison says:

    hey, mekeni! thank you very much for dropping by, my friend! i still have to explore pampanga but based on my expereince, things are really looking like christmas. (winks) hahahaha! always visit ha? always take care. spread the love!

  21. Dinna says:

    Definitely, you’ve arrived! Imagine being recognized in public as Briget.. di na kita mareach!

  22. ner says:

    wow, that was a grand escapade indeed! buti you enjoyed your stay here in pampanga! ito ba ung sabi mo sa’king post that you love it here? 2006 pa pala no. sayang hehehe… di tayo nagpang-abot 😀

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