Bridget Jones Sings to Mark Darcy – A Love Story Told in Songs

Surgeon General’s Warning:  Think of the singing as a gift…it’s the thought that counts.  So forget the sometime’s pitchy performance and just enjoy the message. 


November 12 will always be a special date for me and Jher.  It is the day that I “found” him.  It was just an ordinary day, working away from home and searching at the same time.  Today marks that afternoon two years ago when I met my Mark Darcy on line.


Before finding Jher, I was into voracious dating. By the time I found him, I went out on 48 dates in a span of 3 months, of which my friends called me desperate.  But I blogged away and disagreed.  When I went out on those dates, it was clear to me that I was looking for a relationship—friendship at the very least.  At 30, I felt the oftentimes incapacitating effects of being single.  I was mostly lonely because I know I have an immense capacity to love but nobody seems eager to take it (both men and women).  I already started to think that there is something wrong with me.  I also missed having someone by my side. I even composed a song, I Miss Loving Someone, which we entered in Himig Handog!  Sigh.  That’s why every time I meet someone, I always have this song in mind…


Then came November 12 where I found my Mark Darcy.  I was doing an active search on Friendster for people of the same age (God knows I don’t like the young ones. Ugh!) and there I saw the handle:  FURION.  My reaction was, what the heck does that mean?  Matching it with the picture of this guy with furrowed brows under the sun with an Asian temple as a backdrop—equals INTERESTING.  So, like Neo of the cult classic, The Matrix, out of the millions out there, Jher turned out to be the chosen one ….


The first time we met was 4 days after on November 16, 2004 at Starbucks Intramuros.  20,000 points for effort!  Jher was wearing gray slacks and his favorite printed blue polo while I wore a black turtleneck shirt and gray pants.  I greeted him with sunshine, he responded with a lukewarm smile coupled by a quick, scrutinizing head-to-toe inspection.  Yes, my dears!  The way he looked at me, he was more interested in having a root canal operation.  We sat inside the coffee shop, taking a table beside the rest room.  Would you believe while I was trying to give Jher a second chance by being my usual Bridget Jones self, he kept on scoping the cute, chinito barista!!!  I took his face with both my hands, turned it my way, and I looked into his eyes and said, “HOOOOY!!!  YOU ARE ON A DATE WITH ME, SA ‘KIN KA TUMINGIN NOH!!!”  That was the first time I saw him REALLY smile…and laugh.  From then on, I have been introduced to the different facets of my husband’s personality.  I was given the privilege of witnessing how he unfolded and evolved to be a better man I expected him to be (just like how Mark Darcy comes across as haughty, with a gherkin stuffed high up his ass but really is just a nice boy)…


To be continued on November 16, 2006…our 2nd anniversary…

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53 Responses to Bridget Jones Sings to Mark Darcy – A Love Story Told in Songs

  1. Paeng says:

    nyah, bulok kasi dial up connection ko, di ko tuloy mapatakbo ang Youtube.

    galeng naman. 2 years. kami 7 years na. hehehe

  2. ladybug says:

    It’s just too bad that the sound card of my computer isn’t working. I can’t hear anything. But I truly enjoyed the video (picture lang walang sound) and the story of how you 2 met. Wow! It’s been 2 years na pala. Congratulations! And it looks like punong-puno pa rin ng romance ang relationship niyo. That’s a rarity nowadays. It’s just too bad that he’s away right now. I’m sure babawi kayo sa celebration pagbalik niya sa Pinas. Here’s a toast to the 2 of you! May you have a hundred more years of togetherness! 😀 Mwaahhh!

  3. Dinna says:

    Jerome, Jher will fall in love with you again a thousand times with each note you sang in these three clips. You two are very lucky to have each other.. and to have the love you share. Very few are indeed lucky enough to find this kind of love — not everyone is fortunate enough to find THE ONE like we have. More anniversaries to come.. I hope that when we’re all old and grey and probably blogging 3D already, you two will still be together.

  4. atticus says:

    uy. happy second anniversary. sana umabot ng 52nd, 53rd….

  5. bananas says:

    wow. galing naman. pag natuloy meet up natin dito sa davao, kantahan tayo kahit saglit lang. galing.

    happy second anniversary.

  6. snglguy says:

    Oi! Sana sumali ka na sa PI o sa PDA! Wish you and your hubby the best on your 2nd anniversary. 😀

    Great songs btw, bro.

  7. awww so sweet and I like the songs as well. Congratulations dear on both of you. I wish for many anniversaries to come!

  8. K says:

    Happy 2nd Anniversary.

    You’re a PRO. If I only have my own WOW magic microphone, I can beat you big time! Thanks, I enjoyed it. Do you have an mp3 for this so I can save it on my iTunes for FREE?


  9. Toni says:

    Grabe. Ang sweet ninyo sa isa’t isa talaga. Hayyyyy I love it. Happy Anniversary to one of the most beautiful couples ever. *hugsandkisses*

  10. br0wn_c0w says:

    This just made my heart melt. Two years is really something. My longest is a year hahahaha!! You are a living proof that, yes, happiness is out there if only one gets out of his way to grasp it. Too bad I haven’t viewed the videos yet. How about dial up ako, ang cheap ahhahahaa!!! But as soon as DSL is installed, iviview ko sila agaran ahhahah!!

    I barely know you, but I’m genuinely happy for you. 🙂

  11. manilenya says:

    mare happy anniv sainyo ni fafa jhe lanya talentado ka pala composer ang lola ko gwabeh!!!

    at ang love story mare pwedeng gawing movie ha! mala Korean Novela lol!!

  12. Jennie says:

    Happy anniversary! Ano ba naman yang boses! Kaka-in-love 🙂

  13. Lyka Bergen says:

    Aaaay! Pang pelikula ang love story ha! Buti ka pa may Jher! Happy Anniversary sa inyong dalawa.

    BTW, you still going out ba with Marco? Yung na-meet mo sa Cebu? Ching!

  14. ria says:

    kongrats! two years! ang sweet ng videos. lalo na yung 3rd. go go go lang sa happiness, lola =) salamat sa pagdaan sa blog ko. aquarius ka rin? aba’y magvolt-in na tayong mga kulang-kulang and let us make this world fabulous! bahala ka muna kay paeng, hehehe.

  15. Schizo says:

    Romantico ha! Hehehe =)

    Eto ba yung surprise na post na sinasabi mo mare?

    Indi ako makapagcomment sa PI post mo. I’m happy tangal na si Ken. O divah, off topic. Hehehehe =)

  16. redjeulle says:

    pohtang boses yan, ang ganda! happy anniversary! kanta ka sa kasal ko ha…sa kasal ko kay dennis trillo. 🙂

  17. Schizo says:

    Oh my gosh! Kaw ba ang kumanta sa mga clips na itu??!!

  18. jcdaclison says:

    Paeng: thanks, pare koi! you are one hell of a guy kaya 7 years na kayo ni ria. close na kami so ingat ka. hahahahahaha! thanks for being straight. god knows pagod na ako sa mga bakla sa unit natin. (rolls in laughter)

  19. jcdaclison says:

    ladybug: thank you, mare! maririnig mo rin yan, pramis! i dont think its a rarity. a lot of people still enjoy the romance. (or maybe i’m just a hopeless romantic and will always be in love with love) basta, everything is about choice. why choose not to have romance if you can do it, right? always take care, mommy! 🙂

  20. jcdaclison says:

    dinna: mare, thanks a lot. its always a joy seeing your comments of appreciation and encouragement towards our relationship. yes. we will be friends forever, blogging 3D and everything. hahahahaha!

  21. jcdaclison says:

    atticus: wow! we will be 74-75 by then…and still fabulous, i hope…thanks, gurl!

  22. jcdaclison says:

    bananas: oo naman noh? mag-K1 tayo sa torres. love na love ko ang establishment na yun kasi mura. cheapangga talaga di ba? deadma na baka may non-compliance sa environmental laws. hahahahahaha!

  23. jcdaclison says:

    snglguy: thanks din, bro! i knew your gonna appreciate the songs. my favorite is nonoy zuniga. at sana nga makasali ako sa PI. sana magpakontes for those who did not qualify because of age for their opening act sa finals. (calling all bloggers to petition to ch.5! para makasali si bridget. hahahahaha)

  24. jcdaclison says:

    chas: my favorite friend-slash-film maker in norway! thanks, sis! and well-wishes to you and odd as well, dahlin…

  25. jcdaclison says:

    k: sure! i’ll look for your email. email you the soft copy. thanks for the greetings, my stylish friend from hongkong! mwah!

  26. jcdaclison says:

    toni: hugs and kisses back at you! from one of the most beautiful couples to the sweetest girl in town, thank you beyri much…

  27. jcdaclison says:

    brown cow: ano ba kayo ni paeng??? heniway, mavu-view mo din yan. yes, it is true. as my ex-boyfriend said, happiness is a choice. ay, namention ang ex sa anniversary post! i am so not getting laid. hahahahahaha!

  28. jcdaclison says:

    manilenya: bakla, trulash ka jan. pang-movie talaga itey. wag naman koreanovela. ampangit. gusto ko si dennis trillo ang gaganap kay jher para naman gumwapo kahit sa re-enactment man lang. hahahaha! syempre, ako si piolo. chos. thanks, gurl! ipon kami para makapunta kami jan…

  29. jcdaclison says:

    Jennie: thanks, mare! naku, i cant wait to meet you. and i hope everything doing well with the writing competition. hi to handsome fiance! yiheeee!

  30. jcdaclison says:

    lyka: thanks, bakla. you were wrong. james ang pangalan ng mineet ko sa cebu. cheh.

  31. jcdaclison says:

    ria: susme, aquarian ka den??? its a miracle that you lasted this long! alam ko na. paeng is in the quiet side of the aquarian spectrum and you on the other hand is at the other hand. balance pa rin. hahahaha! hay naku. straight talaga ang jowa mo. biro mo, nahulog ang wallet kagabi, ninenok ko na, hanggang sa pauwi ako, hindi alam na nahulog! kinutusan ko talaga. thanks, gurl! ako bahala kay paeng.

  32. jcdaclison says:

    schizo: anniversary gift yata sa min na natanggal sa topic (o di ba? swak pa rin sa topic? hahahaha). yes, dear. ako yan. thanks, kapatid!

  33. jcdaclison says:

    redjeulle: shet, hindi matuloy-tuloy ang red box natin, bakla!!! next week talaga. magsked tayo ha? thanks, gurl! kisses to you!

  34. ate sienna says:

    powtah!! kung ganyan kaganda ang boses ko, may i sing to death din ako kay bossing ko! hehehe.. may k ka naman magrecording. kaya lang sister, boy na boy ang boses mo. parang gusto kong main-love! buti na lang i know better na sisters tayo 🙂

    Happy anniv ulit sa inyo ni Jher. Kaloka.. two years na kayo. sana maraming-maraming-marami pa sa SU-sunod (ala Boy Abunda!) hehehehe

  35. jcdaclison says:

    thanks, ate sienna! basta sing to death din sa bossing. para sa kin, its the message of the lyrics that counts. hoy, boy naman ako noh…i still have a penis…a big one. (screams like a faggot) hahahahahahaha! na-eskandalo ako dun ah.

  36. Lani says:

    Naloloka ako sa kakaabang na mapanood ang youtube, alam mo naman ate mo naka-dial up lang pero kapag may tiaga may nilaga devah?

    Ang sweet naman talaga, happy anniversary, dearie.

  37. jcdaclison says:

    lani: kurak. at hindi lang nilaga. may iba pang putahe. chos. hahahaha! thanks, mare!

  38. jher says:

    Babe thank you for the wonderful gift of love, caring, music, sex (!), food, movies and everything else. I love you! Happy 2nd anniversary!

  39. melai says:

    bakla pa mhin si fafa piolo parang mas bagay siyang gumanap kay fafa jher ano …. at ikaw si dennis trillo nyahahahahaha husay gumanap na girlash ni dennis diba 🙂

  40. Jenn says:

    Congratulations and Happy Anniv to the both of you!!! Wishing you more years of happiness and love. Ang sweet nyo talaga. Asan na ang Nov 16 entry? =D

  41. br0wn_c0w says:

    OHMYGAD!!!!! At dahil naka-DSL na ako, I was able to listen to the songs na!!! I super love Sana Nga!!! Forever theme song ko ‘yan for that someone, no joke hahahha!!! I have The Company and Regine’s version ehhehehe!!!

  42. konti pa, inggit na para sa fave g-couple ko ang mamamayani sa utak ko, hehehe.

    happy A! anniv not a_ _ _ ha!

  43. charles says:

    lol! just dropping by to greet you a nice weekend!

  44. iba talaga pag may sountrack na. tnx for this delightful post. happy anniversary.

  45. jcdaclison says:

    jher: hey babe! thanks for everything…

    melai: pwede rin, mare!

    brown cow: glad you liked it, girl! hoy, in fairness, daming nagre-request ng mp3 copy ng songs. hahahaha!

  46. jcdaclison says:

    Jenn: thanks, gurl! eto na ipo-post ko na ang nov 16 entry. had problems with youtube eh…

  47. jcdaclison says:

    Jove: hoooooy!!! shet, i cant wait to meet you, kapatid!!! tapos na ang happy a_ _ _ noh. hahahaha!

  48. jcdaclison says:

    wilfredo pascual: thanks, soul brother! i went to your site and you blew me away. thanks, thanks, thanks. always drop by! i linked you up…

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  50. angelfire says:

    soooooo kilig… grabe. im so happy for u guys. more annivs to come 🙂

  51. kalories says:

    d ko ma open youtube. 😦 naka firewall kami dito. anyhoo, na miss ko blog mo, bridget! hapi aniv ulet. 😀

  52. ladybug says:

    hanep….finally napakinggan ko rin! Grabe….nakaka-in love pala boses mo!!!!! 😀 Sana kantahan din ako ng ganyan ng asawa ko. Happy anniv ulit!

  53. balbahutog says:

    am soo touched with your vids

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