Do you think moaning during sex is essential to add flavor to and spice up something very primal?  Do men moan during sex?  I know I do… (smiles naughtily) Hmmm…the last one is a real question for The Man Blog…hi, guys!


Very profound questions, the answer to which may have a large impact on the problem of the
Philippines.  But the question is not just about whether we moan or not—its about HOW WE MOAN…(rolls in laughter)


Okay, guys…let’s do this.  I found this clip in You Tube and I was laughing out loud.  This is supposed to be taken from THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES which I failed to watch when it was staged here in the Philippines.  I bet it was reaaaally fun.  Apparently, there are different ways to moan.  Uh-huh.  20 ways actually (I can’t make out of the other moan as mentioned in the clip).  These were demonstrated by female actors (I envied those biatches so much!  I should do it and I know it would be a hit. Hahahaha) but I think some men also might have done some of it (definitely not the first three):

  1. The Clit Moan
  2. The Vagina Moan
  3. The Combo Clit-Vagina Moan
  4. The “Almost” Moan (might have done this unconsciously with a lousy partner)
  5. The “Right-on-it” Moan (did this)
  6. The Elegant Moan (pa-tweetums? Toni?  Hahahaha!)
  7. The “Lost” Moan (hahahaha!  Done this a loooot of times)
  8. The Jewish Moan
  9. The African Moan
  10. The Irish Catholic Moan
  11. The Mountain Top Moan
  12. The Baby Moan
  13. The Doggie Moan (snglguy?  Hahahahaha!)
  14. The Uninhibited Militant Bisexual Moan (duke? Hahahaha!)
  15. The Machine Gun Moan (duke?  Atticus?  Hahahaha!)
  16. The Tortured Zen Moan
  17. The Diva Moan (did this…a number of times.  Hahahaha!)
  18. The College Moan
  19. The Surprise Triple Orgasm Moan

Enjoy!  Don’t forget to answer the questions ha?  Hahahaha!

I hate it when husband’s away…kung anu-ano tuloy naiisip ko…hmph.

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16 Responses to DIFFERENT WAYS TO MOAN DURING SEX – Ideas to Spice Up Your Sex Life

  1. atticus says:

    it’s called POSITIVE moan. puro yes. walang machine gun. baka magamit ko pa at maitutok ko sa mga crush ko at bigla akong makapag-asawa. hahaha!

  2. hahaha this is soooo funny. I hope they will port Vagina Monologues here.

  3. snglguy says:

    Gee, I don’t know, I seem to have forgotten. Been a long time since I’ve had one. 😀

  4. jcdaclison says:

    atticus – a positive moan? syempre dapat meron ding negative moan? at combo positive-negative moan devah? hahahahaha! bakla, na-mental image ko. hahahahaha!

    chas – i know! i hope monique wilson does a re-run on V-day.

    snglguy – (jaw drops) no, no, no…a handsome, smart, witty, single guy like you in his mid-thirties (naks) should be enjoying decent and indecent proposals! we gotta get you some play, dawg. i don’t want another fallen angel from the kingdom of straight guys. hahahahaha!

  5. K says:

    17# The Diva Moan (did this…a number of times. Hahahaha!) ‘Nieta.

    Wala bang “The Name Calling Moan”? har har har! ‘Nieta Sunday ngayon…

  6. snglguy says:

    Ugh! Try mid-forties. And too bad I don’t look like Robert Redford, I might have gotten my share of indecent proposals. Huhuhuhu. 😀

  7. Toni says:

    Hahahaha galing ng scene na ‘to! I saw it when it was staged here. It was hilarious!

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  9. ade says:

    Do men moan during sex?

    Um, Steel? Answer the question. Do I moan?

  10. jher says:

    Babe, you know men moan during sex. We moan a lot don’t we? Hahahahahahh! I miss you and I can’t wait till we moan again! 😛

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  12. Siphoeric says:

    I’m a man & i moan a lot wen i do it wit mi galfrnd, & it kind of make our sex interesting…

  13. sagapo121845 says:

    The topics great,Im still 15,I learned a lot!hehe

  14. Pirsey says:

    Not that I’m impressed a lot, but this is more than I expected when I stumpled upon a link on Delicious telling that the info here is quite decent. Thanks.

  15. I like moaning when I am jumped on

  16. ronald says:

    why does a girl call the boy`s name when kissing or doing sexual intercourse

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