Bridget is All By Himself…My Mark Darcy is in Mongolia

…when I was young…I never needed anyone…and making love is just for fun…(hikbi)…(voice cracks) all…by…my…se-he-helf…all…by…ma-ha-ha-hayseeeeeelffff…(gasps for air in preparation for high note)…anymooooooooooooooore 

Yes, blogfriends.  Bridget is all by himself…(forces back tears) 

Husband is in Mongolia for 10 days and I am all by myself.  (wails) We both had a send-off dinner at Friday’s last Thursday night.  As a send off gift, I wrote him 12 letters that he will read for the 12 days that we are apart.  I hate the geographical barrier which brings forth limited communication…I want him to be just a text away (stomps like a spoiled brat and throws a fit).  I don’t like the internet.  I want immediate feedback and with China, sending text messages is cost inefficient.  I hate
China. No, I’m sorry China.  I didn’t mean that.  My sister’s half-Chinese…what am I fcuking saying????  I am not making sense!!!

I miss my Mark Darcy!!!!!!!!  (plops on bed, buries face on pillow and wails)

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9 Responses to Bridget is All By Himself…My Mark Darcy is in Mongolia

  1. K says:

    You’ll survive. Do something productive. Cook something. Go out. Shop. Smoke. Bloghop. Or go the 50th floor. Jump.

    And cry for more! LMAO. Take it easy Ms Bridget. Kala ko if the cat’s out, the mice will play?

  2. snglguy says:

    10 days lang naman pala, that’s less than 2 weeks bro. Be patient, and before you know it, you’ll both be in each others arms… or legs. Mwahahaha. 😀

  3. jcdaclison says:

    k – aaaayyy!!! kaya nga ang prayer ko is “lead me not into temptation…” hahahaha!

    snglguy – bro, its 12 days. humirit di ba? but i like the in each others arms thingy. something to look forward to..(long pause)…alright, alright, inlcluding the legs na din. hahahaha!

  4. atticus says:

    grabe. nawindang mundo ko. akala ko LQ kayo ng husband mo. loko ka. wag mo na uulitin, ha?

    hamo na, 12 days will pass before you know it. mag-cross stitch ka kaya? mag-bike? sumakay ng barko papuntang coron friday night tapos balik ka ulit ng sunday night. 🙂 smile.

  5. RennyBA says:

    Here from Charles and I’m glad course you realy have a nice blog!
    How sweet of you to send this 12 letters with you man. When I am out traveling I always find notes hidden in my suitcase and it is so nice to know that your nearest are thinking of you.
    Hello from Norway wishing you a great weekend:-)

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  7. Lani says:

    Palagay ko twin sister kita, you know what, ganyan din ang ginawa ko noong umalis si hubby ng 10 days, may letters din ako para may mababasa siya everyday. But maya-maya din ang text ko kasi dito lang sa Cebu, Leyte at Gen. Santos siya nagpunta.

    Keep yourself busy para di masyadong maisip ang malungkot. But believe me, pagbalik niya sigurado walang pahingang kwentuhan at lambingan (lol)

  8. Toni says:

    Plan a welcome-back surprise for him! That’ll keep your thoughts oocupied till he arrives. 😀

  9. OJ says:

    Ngayon ko lang nakita to. Not to sound brash and arrogant, but 10 days? Try 2 and a half years, then we’ll talk.

    joke lang, inom tayo ulit!

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